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Before i get into how beautiul this beach is, let me start with the negatives. First, it took us for fucking ever to get here! we drove (4hours) from honduras to puerto barrios, a port city in guatemal. We were hoping to catch a boat to punta gorda, belize but we got to puerto barrios too late. puerto barrios was ugly, dirty, hot, full of dust and smog from the freights and buses and there were 10000000 men and like, 2 women. so, we decided to take a trip to livinsgton, guatmala, and stay the night there and leave to belize from there the next morining. Livingston was nice. it was cool to hear black guatemalans great me with a "que onda, rasta". after a 30 min boat ride, we found a hotel, had dinner and ... read more
from our cottage
in livingston A couple of months ago, a good friend of mine bloged his trip to Europe (what-up Mark) and I found my self checking it almost daily. I’m not saying that you will be that interested in my travel blog, but for the couple of you that will be, here it goes… I’m also doing this because I realized that I have a nice digital camera and an even nicer video camera and I don’t have either pics or vids of my favorite trips and adventures. I went to Idaho last year with Tarik and had an amazing time snowboarding and just chillin’ and the road trip was just as good, but I only have some blurry ass phone camera pictures to show for it (check my space for them). So, I am doing this to ... read more

Lasting all of about 17 hours, my stay in Belize was the briefest of any country yet. A good thing that too as it was at least twice as expensive as any other place I have been thus far, and the local brew (Belikin) was rather flat and flavourless. Despite this damning assessment, my time in Belize was noteworthy for the emotional dockside reunion that took place there between myself and Luke "Nordberg" North. Having not see anyone I knew prior to my departure from Melbourne in around 4 1/2 months, it was fantastic to catch up with one of my best mates, and even more so one who had himself travelled through South America. It was a great opportunity to swap a few stories, and tell a few tales of my own which had ... read more
First light in Placencia
Bustling tourist mecca
Local wildlife at the Guatemala border

I have spent the last week or so in lovely Placencia. It's a small island with long and beautiful beaches. Between afternoon volly ball and late night rum and cokes I've a had a pretty amazing time here. Again, lots of people to meet (and more importantly travel along side for a while). Perhaps the highlight of my travels so far was visiting the jaguar reserve about an hours bus ride away from the island where I stayed for one night. I went as a group of five in total consisting of myself, Therese and Jahn (a genuinely insiring couple from Norway), Simon (Swiss) and his lovely girlfriend (Dutch) whos name I cannot pronounce and have subsequently forgotten. We arrive in our delapodated cabin to find we have a sixth roommate - and enormous spider, the ... read more

I'm finally getting to a point in school, where it's so busy I'm overwhelmed. What happened to that vacation I was enjoying!? I will never figure out why professors seem to coincide their most demanding work to be due on the same day/week. By these standards I must procrastinate and update my blog. In other sad news, there will also be no pictures for a while, until I replace my flash drive. Ahhh, technology. Anywho, we are returning from a lovely weekend in Placencia, on the Southern(ish) coast, and the only nice beach on the mainland, so I'm told. All of us had unfathomable amounts of work to do, but put if off to attend an arts festival. "Festival," was used in the broadest sense of the word. To be fair, artistic ventures aren't popular in ... read more
Caribbean Perfection


Hi there everyone, This is a very short entry since just like the rest of Belize, the internet is really expensive. So, we are here in Placencia and it is a really beautiful place. Everyone in Belize speaks English and they are the friendliest people we have ever met. Everyone says hi when you walk down the street (which is said to be the narrowest street in the world) and they have really great accents. The sand here looks like unrefined sugar and the water is a beautiful turquoise. We feel like we are on vacation from the rest of our trip. Unfortunately we can't post any pictures because it takes up to much time. We just wanted you all to know that we are here and love it! We will post pictures when we get ... read more
The making of the Hut
Beautiful Belize
Lucas' fish

Hi all I´ve had a load of messages since last time. Thanks for all the good wishes = it´s great to hear from you all. I left the jaguar sanctuary and headed for my final destination in Belize. It was a short bus ride to the small town of Independence. From there, I boarded the Hokey Pokey Water Taxi (real name) for the 15 minute hop to Placencia. The village of Placencia is on a peninsula (try saying that after a few beers) that sticks out of the southern end of Belize´s Caribbean coastline. It apparently appears in the Guiness Book of Records as the home of the world´s narrowest road. In fact, it isn´t really a road at all. It´s a small strip of pavement that runs straight through the middle of the beach. All ... read more

Needing a rest and needing to cross a border to get a new 90 day tourist stamp we deside to go to belize for a week on the beach. Just our luck it starts raining as we wake up on our first day off but after about 6 changes in our plans a boat going to livingston turns up and the rain dies down so we jump in for a ralaxing 2 hour trip up the river. Livingston is a great little garifuna town and as we can never seem to go anywhere without seing someone we know we bump into some ex volunteers from casa who we spend the day exploring with. The next morning we have an early start for a full days traveling to placencia, first a two hour boat ride to punta ... read more
Placencia beach

We headed ever south after Corker and stayed in another beach place called Placencia, the beach here was gorgeous, the stereotypical Caribbean postcard, swaying palms, blue ocean, golden sands. Doesn’t beat Piccadilly gardens on a sunny day though!! We did nothing but chill out and I got to watch Utd v Chelsea so more than happy apart from the result that is. That was it on our tour of Belize, short and sweet, which it needed to be as very expensive. Enjoyed the place and culture as all very different and the language of Garifuna, which is a mixture of English, Spanish and Swahili. Listening to the locals was just like the lilt adverts so brought a smile to our faces! The food her was also brilliant the standard of rice and beans and some jerk ... read more

Placencia - Omar's Place Saturday morning we were up bright and early. Broke down camp (and wasn't at all sad to be rid of the smallest, leakiest tent ever) and packed everything onto the boat. We had spent the evening drinking rum punch and watching the moon rise. So great. We had breakfast on the boat and set off for our first snorkel spot out on the reef. It was quite beautiful - shallow patchy reef formations teeming with fish. I could have stayed there all day. Lunch was on the boat - fruit and bologna sandwiches. Then we struggled to make good time to Tobacco Caye. Along the way we were quite successful with fishing, including two enormous barracudas. There was no shortage of food for the night and we were looking forward to barracuda ... read more
Morning Rainbow on Rendezvous Caye
Farewell Rendezvous Caye!
Ragga King's Sails

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