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Saturday 14th Jan - Placencia, Belize A barnstorming day of weather again in the region of 30 degrees and it felt like an opportune moment to do a spot of sunbathing. Unfortunately we'd brought along a bottle of out of date suncream with us from a well meaning but probably forgetful family member who'd forgotten that the cream donated had been sat at the back of the cupboard for the past 20 years or so. Now you might think its hard to purchase suncream in latin america, however it isn't in the big cities but as we regretfully found out it is in sleepy beach resorts. Placencia is an amazing place with a really nice laid back and rustic feel to it. There aren't any big modern monstrous hotels, generally just small family run guesthouses albeit ... read more
Our new friends

So there's a big beak bite on my back. I can barely see it in the mirror, but I feel its presence and the infection is affecting my entire body. Every time I retell the story, I feel the weight of the turtle concentrated on that beak mark. Every time I reenact the attack, my spine shivers with the twisting. This is an interesting injury, because it seems to be affecting my entire body - including my mind. So after the attack, I stayed on the cayes for two more nights to finish the project with my team. The pain would come and go, but was increasing each day. By the time we returned to Placencia on Wednesday afternoon, my friend Rita said the bite was black and yellow and "Not lookin good, gal." I went ... read more
Covered in The Tree of Life
The scarring left

I know I've been publishing past adventures, but this one is actually current! Miss you all! If you took New Years, Christmas, and the 4th of July and put them all in one month, you’d have September Celebrations in Belize! What a wonderful time to be home on the peninsula….it’s slow season so the faces are all familiar and our favorite restaurants take turns closing for weeks, BUT there are many holidays and things to celebrate! We’ve got St. George’s Caye Day, Independence Day, and our very own Placencia Assassins football team took the national championship last month! I just got back 30 days ago, but of course it feels like I never left…. My first order of business in Placencia was to get underwater, despite the recent news of terrible visibility due to an unusual ... read more
You'd never guess it's our garbage truck!
Speakers taller than a person!
The festive boys that live below me

Hi family! I’m happy to report that I am back on the blogging scene with numerous adventurous tales to share! I have a lot to catch up on, so I’m going to try to double blog - share what’s going on now while also publishing pictures and stories from diving and cave snorkeling in Mexico, holidays in Belize with my family, and learning how to fire dance in Guatemala! We’ve a lot to catch up on!! Although I had a fantastic visit with all of you this summer, I am ecstatic to be back home! My first few days were a whirlwind of visitors and social engagements….and of course the debut of my pink Mohawk. It was an instant hit in the village, and many strangers call out “Hey gal, I like your style” or “Hey, ... read more
Angel slides another morning
My favorite sight.
Getting ready for my first dive in 7 months!

(Day 799 on the road) Our last few days in Belize were also our most adventurous in certain ways. Whilst up to now we had travelled mostly on the beaten path with fairly good infrastructure, we left all this behind as we headed first inland and then south, away from the touristy island of Caye Caulker. Bus services were thinning out fast, and soon we found ourselves hitch hiking to get anywhere. Over time, I have become a big fan of hitching, not only because it is typically a lot faster (and cheaper) than those ominous chicken buses that are used for public transport in many countries, but because I tend to meet a lot of interesting characters this way. Or, failing to do the latter, hitching more often than not certainly makes for great memories ... read more
No manatees (sea cows) to be spotted, but a beautiful afternoon nonetheless
Sunset at Gales Point
Hitching a ride on a rubbish truck (Tino was not impressed).JPG


First 2 weeks of school was a success! All my classes are good so far, and Im especially loving my Spanish and fish biology courses. My Spanish teacher always picks on me in class though…I think he likes laughing at my awful pronunciation, and how much I struggle with some words. Last Wednesday Danielle and I we finished classes just after lunch, so decided to go for an adventure. He hoped on the bus and headed for St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park. It is only about 15 minutes away from Belmopan, but unfortunately we still got there to late to make the hike into the blue hole. So instead we took on a shorter hike to St. Hermans cave, and after dosing ourselves with bug spray, and renting sweaty smelling headlamps we were on our ... read more

It sounds like I made it up, but no, the hokey pokey water taxi to mango creek is the name of the boat trip that was the final leg of our journey from Granada, Nicaragua to Placencia, Belize. There was a bus ride on offer for less money than the boat, but with a name like the above there's only one choice really! It took three days to reach Placencia, much of the way using the bus company Tica Bus and backtracking through most of the Central American countries we've visited so far. Long days in the bus over nighting in sorry looking transit hotel rooms provided by Tica Bus. The type of rooms you enter feeling sticky and tired, and leave in the morning feeling worse. The highlight being the twin room where Lynn woke ... read more
another crushingly horrible day on the boat
sublime sunset

As soon as I got back from the Great North, we had one week until Aly and Zach moved back to Wisconsin and we knew we had to maximize every minute! Karaoke (called Karleoke here, after our gracious host, Karl) was the usual spectacular of performances, and we met some legendary people that week. One in particular was a girl that was rapping with Zach all night long, Angela from SF who is traveling around central america for 8 months. The next day when she walked into Barefoot, all of us started cheering and yelling for the amazing new rapper and asked her to join us and maybe be our new best friend? She was meant to stay in Placencia for 3 days, and ended up here 6 weeks and traveling to Mexico and Cuba with ... read more
No Diggity, No Doubt
Angela and Z's first rap union!
Jim and Cindy's first karaoke night!

I tried uploading some pictures, but it didn't work so you'll have to wait a bit longer for them sorry! I'm in Placencia at the moment, which is a beach resort about 2 and a half hours from Punta Gorda. It's very nice here - chilled out, lots of sand, palm trees and sunshine! We are staying two nights in the Seaspray hotel which we managed to get pretty cheaply. After arriving last night we went to the bar nearby for some dinner and a few rum and cokes and some dancing which was fun. Today we have been on a snorkeling trip. We took a boat to a little tropical sandy island surrounded by reef. There were lots of brightly coloured fish and coral. I decided I'm still not a big fan of snorkelling, but ... read more

April 22, Wednesday Happy birthday to me. I've never been 51 before, so I'm not sure how to act, but I'll just keep on faking it as I've done for the last 50 years and everything will work out fine. I decided to sign up for the Open Water Scuba course at the Splash Dive Shop. Cost is $350 USD and it includes all gear, books and 4 dives out on the reef. Today was all academic work, I read some of the manual and watched 5 videos. Patty, the owner, who has certificates plastered all over the walls of both "offices", including one that praises her for having 100 certificates, is my academic instructor. She quizzed me after each video section, then gave me a final quiz at the end. PADI, the sanctioning body for ... read more
Plata on Ranguana Caye
Ranguana Caye
Ranguana Caye 2

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