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Loving Caye Caulker more and more as I'm here longer! Have had a great couple of days! Wednesday was a day just chilling in the sun and the sea by the beach as we were feeling a little tender from OCEANSIDE nightclub the night before! Was a very funny night and a late one! Have got very friendly with the group of 11 that we met on the bus from Guatemala - they are all couples/one group of three that have met along the road. Paul (english) and nic (australian) are from London and have been travelling for years, have some great stories and at 38 Paul is the dad of the group! Then there's Allie and RoseMarie, Both doing medicine for their 2nd degree at St Barts london. Allie went to bristol first so has ... read more

Belize!! Got to Caye Caulker at about midday today after getting up early AGAIN! Travelled on a bus with 11 English travellers to the Guatemalan border, and then across to Belize city for the water taxi. The weather here isnt great today, quite windy and rainy but still really warm and nice to be out and about in! Went for a walk around the perimeter of the whole island today, half of it through mangroves and tried some sea grapes, given to us by some local children! The island is very laid back, with Rastafarian and African American vibes. · Just taken our clothes to the laundry (cant. wait to get them back!!) and bought some Rum for later tonight with the English group. Bumped into Rodrigo and Sarah (the norweigans from Flores) too which was ... read more

Disclaimer: Due to the terrible way this website works we are unable to rotate photos so apologies for those that are sideways or upside down! We went from Antigua to El Zonte in El Salvador, a beautiful little fishing village on the coast. There our surfing lessons began, we both managed to stand up a few times but Marshall had more success than Heloise. Our hotel was lovely with a pool and parrots and amazing fresh seafood, Marsh ate a whole fish! The surfing was great fun, but we were very tired when we got back to Antigua a couple of days later. Now it was time to go north, we headed out of Antigua up to Semuc Champey, turquoise pools in the jungle. As we were trekking through we heard howler monkeys and then we ... read more
El Zonte
El Salvadorian fish
All gone!

(Day 797 on the road) I am not sure what to make of Belize. It seems to be a very complicated country somehow: An ex British colony (independent only since 1981), member of the Commonwealth, the only country in Central America that speaks English (and also the only that does not have access to the Pacific Ocean), a good amount of Spanish-induced slavery, a strong Maya culture to this day, high levels of violent crime, often battled by natural disasters that have prompted the capital to be moved inland (to Belmopan), an amazing array of wildlife, the second largest barrier reef in the world. As with many countries I visit on this trip, I had very little idea what to expect. One thing I did expect however were fairly reasonable prices given the poverty in the ... read more
The Heritage Cruzer 2
Pelican at sunset on Caye Caulker
Our snorkelling boat out on the reef

From Havana, I flew back to Mexico, (Cancun) and traveled onwards to Playa del Carmen, a town I had been before when I was traveling with my friend Jan in 2002. It's a very touristy place, but offers good accommodation, restaurants, nightlife and organized activities like diving, something I intended to do here. After 5 days of walking around Havana, a few days of chilling out were also welcome. In this part of Mexico (the Yucatan peninsula), there are a lot of "cenotes", or wells, big holes in the ground, filled with water. And you can dive them! Interesting, and something I had not yet experienced, so I booked a morning trip to dive two cenotes. It's strange at first, because you jump into the water, surrounded by rocks and trees, whereas normally you just jump ... read more
Entrance to the cenote
The cenote
Clear waters in the cenote


Coming from a country where your borders are pretty well defined by a couple hundred nautical miles of ocean, I've always found the idea of land borders a pretty strange concept - the fact that things can change so dramatically just by an arbitrary line someone drew on a map a couple of centuries ago is just weird to me. And nowhere has this difference between neighbouring countries been so apparent than crossing the border from Guatemala into Belize. Let's compare and contrast: - the national language of Belize is English (being a former British colony), making it much easier to communicate with everyone (though it took a day or two to change back from si and gracias) than in Guatemala and the rest of Central America, which predominantly speak Spanish. - the population density of ... read more
Into the caves
Checkin out the scenery
It's a tough life

The tally so far... hostels/hotels: 22 we´ve changed beds 32 times bed bugs: once (read down) long haul bus trips: 16 Not many photos for this episode due to some punk stealing our camera.... Finally we reach Belize... ahhhh the Caribbean. Caught a shitty minibus from Chetumal, on the Mexican border. Nice and cramped with no air-con.. lovely. I got the usual greeting of a mosquito bite as I was waiting in the queue at the border, definitely getting over being a blood donor for the little vampires. We discovered that we could actually read the signs at the border and were greeted in english by the officials...hurrah a break from Espanol! We boarded our minibus for another 3 joyous hours sitting in our own sweat. Our first glimpse of Belize was of myriad decrepit houses. ... read more
snorkelling under the jetty
snorkelling under the jetty
snorkelling under the jetty

Central America here we come! After spending almost half our time away in Mexico, we felt very ready to tackle the real Central America and make progress on our route - and entering Belize felt like we were on our way. The plan for Belize was to spend as little time as possible here, and yet see a few things, as it's rumoured to be the most expensive country in Central America. That's not exactly how it worked out for us... First, a few notes on Belize: It only has about 300,000 people; its capital is NOT Belize City, but the small, unknown Belmopan due to a hurricane almost destroying Belize City in the 60’s; and for good and bad, the Belizean dollar is 2:1 to the American dollar… The best advice we were given was: ... read more
Interesting houses in Belize City
Interesting houses in Belize City
Belize City lighthouse

Wow haven’t updated for quite some time now. This past week of school actually managed to get pretty intense, with three midterm exams and an assignment due. But I got through it, and am currently laying in a hammock on the beach of beautiful Caye Caulker. This island is one of the only places I have been to where to can ask someone what they did that day, and ‘absolutly nothing’ is a totally acceptable answer. Although this caye is a little bit too touristy for my liking, the super-chill-paradise vibe is has going on totally makes up for it. It is a place where no one wears shoes, drinking gallon upon gallon of water a day is a must (which I learned the hard way), and after being here for about three hours, you’ll feel ... read more

So it was Chad’s birthday on Saturday, but things didn’t go quite according to plan… We had decided to treat ourselves for the occasion to a snorkel trip at the Hol Chan Marine reserve - known to be the best in the area for turtles, stingray, nurse sharks and lots of coral. We headed down to the office at the nicely respectable time of 10.15am having lathered ourselves in sunscreen, and being grateful it at least seemed it would stay very cloudy day, but better safe than burnt and sorry after 6hrs on a boat in the reef. So we got to the office and it appears that no one else was happy about this cloudy day to go snorkeling (damn tourists wanting every day on this island to be clear sunny skies - sometimes cloud ... read more

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