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My Latin American odyssey began in the only English speaking country in Central America. This was an added bonus as I had yet to learn any Spanish however I chose Belize because of the great reports of diving on the second largest reef in the world. I based on the backpacker island of Caye Caulker and it proved to be an ideal place to qualify for my PADI Open Water certificate. I had managed to time my visit to the island at the height of the rainy season (mid-October) and in fact the day I landed the plane had to circle several times waiting for a storm to pass over the runway. On the mainland there were floods right across the country with most roads into Guatemala impassable. On the island, I had pre-booked a fancy ... read more
The aftermath of the storm
Caye Caulker condominiums
The eyeless beast

In 2003 I was working a tour leader for a Canadian adventure tour company and my route took me through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. That is how I ended up in Caye Caulker for the first time. On one of my trips, I went with a local friend to rent some snorkel gear and met this lady that had a cat sanctuary. She was renting snorkel gear at the time. That is how I first met Madi from P.A.W. (Protecting Animal Welfare) cat sanctuary. Of course, at the time, I was working as a guide and traveling so much that my focus was not on animal rescue although I have always loved animals and have rescued many from the streets where I live in Mexico. I visited the small island of Caye Caulker many times and ... read more
Jaguar Cabana
The Dock

When we arrive in Belize we went straight out to the islands with Bob and Miriam and spend the first 2 nights in San Pedro. The appearance is of a small European city, but the atmosphere is all Caribbean. Instead of cars everyone drives golf carts, so of course we had to rent one for a night and rip around the island. Everything here was slow paced, grooving to the reggae music coming from every doorway. Then there’s the chicken drop… And it really is just how it sounds, they put a chicken in a fenced off square with a numbered grid. Ahead of time people have bought numbers and if the chicken shits on your number you win $100 Belize ($30 Canadian)!!! The catch is that you have to wipe up the poo with a ... read more

Photos from Mexico. Guatemala, Belize. Every one have a happy fall and great times everywhere. Patricia... read more
Patzcauro Lake, Mexico
Someone selling something? Fruit Juices
mexico city

I was able to go to Belize through a course I was taking at my university. I have posted the research below that was done through my visit to Belize. Kyndall McDorman Dr. Erik Terdal Coral Reef Zoology July 30, 2009 Fish Prevalence in Corals or Grass Flats? Caye Caulker, Belize Introduction Ocean creatures live in certain areas or near certain objects for various reasons including survival. I am interested in researching this topic because it may explain why corals are important for fish and their dependence on them. This would, in turn, explain why we need to protect our corals. I would also like to know where the richest fish life exists so I will know where to look while diving or snorkeling. I hypothesize that I will find fish prevalence to be greater in ... read more


Flores, Guatemala. A touristy island many stop at on the way to Tikal or Belize. It’s very quiet and nice view with a lake surrounding, but very expensive and catering to tourists. On one street is all of the souvenir vendors who sell the same items (shirts, postcards, handbags, small crafts or Central America memorabilia) for comparably the same prices, though a few shops you can get them to barter the price down a bit. To get here, we took a ‘luxury’ bus across the border, just needing a stamp and passport check to cross, easy enough. Then we took a bus to the town of Santa Elena where we took a 5 minute drive in a tuk-tuk to Flores. Flores is an island connected to the mainland by a road bridge. The roads are being ... read more
Flores sunset
Cueva de la Serpiente

I am without photo uploading capabilities or a lot of computer time on this trip, so I'll be keeping these updates brief and expand when we get back. Wes and I arrived in Belize on July 18th and headed straight to Caye Caulker for some relaxation and island time. Our first night we went for a quick swim at the split, a beer at the Lazy Lizard, and then spent the evening enjoying the breeze on the balcony of the Mira Mar Hotel. Grilled lobster and snapper made me glad we came here during lobster season! We spent our first full day getting our bearings and starting to plan our week. Wes signed up for a Scuba certification course with Belize Diving Services and they got him in the water right away to do his confined ... read more

Many extraordinary creatures were seen while I dove and snorkeled but I couldn't get pictures of a few. I have added some online pictures that I found though. I have never seen anything like the Cyphoma Gibbosum. I couldn't get enough of it!... read more
sea cucumber

Belize is amazing. I have been back for 3 days now and am missing the laid-back lifestyle that I was living for my week there. I will post all pics from the trip later this week but for now I want to talk about the whole environment of Caye Caulker, Belize. There are very few cars on Caye Caulker unless they are doing some kind of construction and need a truck. To go somewhere, you have 3 choices: golf cart, bike, or your own 2 feet. I really appreciated the quietness of no cars roaring by and an unpolluted air. The people are the friendliest that you might ever meet. If you meet someone and tell them your name, they won't forget it. As you walk down the street and pass a stranger, they will surely ... read more

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