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Wheres me monkey? Worked out that today was Saturday and we wanted to see some animals a bit bigger than frogs and parrots. Further down the coast is the Park National Manuel Antonio it's a bit of a drive about 50 miles each way but we think it will be worth it. Particulalry as we'll see lots of coastline as well. Popped in the pool before breakfast to cool down a bit even though it was actually reasonably pleasant – as soon as I got in the pool the dawn chorus of Scarlett Macaws passed over and landed in the tree outside. Got some good pictures – at one point must have been 10+ in the tree! Had a good breakfast – Ramon arrived to turn on the pool filters and we got away not long ... read more
Parka Manuel Antonio

Up reasonably early today and into the pool before breakfast. The Scarlett Macaws leave the National Park early in the morning and come down to the mangrove swamps by the sea. This means they fly past or in our case land in the tree outside – 5 giant parrots eating whatever was in the tree outside.and lobbing the rinds on the floor – it was like some scene out of a science fiction film. Particularly as I wanted to get close and take a picture and when I looked right I noticed a giant squirrel hanging from the electric cables. Stupid animal had decided to hold onto both cables – certainly curled it's hair! Great swim – more butterflies – everyone is different – I imagine this is what the UK was like before we killed ... read more
Silly Squirell

A Mummy went a Mowing Just as the day was breaking – large amounts of snoring was heard by Eleanor – which she likened to the sound of a large lawn mower... need I say more? Paid for the Holiday Inn in San Jose and then the car was delivered by a nice guy from National Rent a Car. Decided to take the GPS as the app on the iPad was rubbish. Nice car big 4x4 Toyota Prado – which easily took all our luggage and passengers. Not as nice as the Tank though J GPS directed out of San Jose – via a few back streets and then on a 60km road to almost our destination. Stopped off for some shoppingin a place called Ortina – at a biggish supermarket and then looked over the ... read more
Not the Pool
Poison Dart Tree Frog

Just as the day was dawning... Up bright and early after a great sleep about 6 ish which isn't bad for the second night and a 7 hour time difference. Catherine was already in the exec breakfast area chatting to a couple from Louisiana - who once they had declared themselves as democrats without any friends in Louisiana were interesting to talk too. It's a State I haven't been too and think it might be worth exploring particularly down on the Gulf Coast. A continental breakfast was available so we eat that had some great coffee and then headed out to do the walking tour of San Jose which is supposed to take about 2 hours but I think we could have done in about an hour. San Jose is not the most interesting city in ... read more

Getting an afternoon flight is sometimes a good thing. Packed the night before just had to get up and sort out the last few things before the Taxi came to pick us up at 10.30 am. Charlie's the Taxi company were bang on time as they always are and we had moved the bags down to the bottom of the garden so we cold be away quickly. Left Fred and Barney working on the new "shed". Be interesting to see how they've got on when we get back. Leaving from Terminal 4 was an absolute pleasure - checked in on line so just baggage drop. Wanted to be reasonably early as the plane was over booked and I didn't want them bumping us onto another flight. No queue to drop bags - yes that's right no ... read more
I'm not asleep

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire July 16th 2012

Nearly ready to go.... Sorting out the bags and what needs to go in them. Going from one rain forest to another! Leave on Sunday for Atlanta and then onto San Jose in Costa Rica - couple of days in San Jose and then off to the Pacific coast then mountains and back to the Caribean coast before flying home.... Taking the camera you have been warned!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Speightstown September 1st 2011

27th August 2011 - After breakfast we went to Harrisons Cave - which has been completely renovated since we were last here. A very good undergound tour - including about 1 mile of an electric train. We then went to the Flower Forest - which was lovely but incredibly hot. Back to Almond Beach Village and in the pool - followed by Sunset watch as it was a very nice day we got some good pictures of the sunset. Also as Saturday night was fine and warm - the Bajan buffet was in the courtyard. Food was again excellent - Catherine said that the lemon cake was a good as hers which is a bit of a compliment! Then back to the room for guess what - yep a couple of games of Rumikub - picked ... read more
Feeding Time
2 Monkeys

25th August - breakfast at Horizons today and then pick-up the car. Not surprisingly its a Toyota Corlla - about a 10 year old one with very little suspension but for about £30 a day I can't complain. Catherine had booked a packed lunch which we picked-up - its a great idea as we can go out for the whole day and then come back for the evening meal. Today we went to the Animal Flower Cave in St. Lucy - went swimming in the cave and then travelled over to Farley Park for lunch which has stunning views of the East coast. One of my favourite places on the island as you get a lovely breeze - and the Wildlife reserve is on the other side of the road (14:00 is the best time for ... read more
Lots of

Woke up on the 21st to bright blue skies - lovely and hot. Popped down to the lobby and updated the Travelblog. Then into Enids for breakfast - thought I'd have an omlette which was a good idea but hand-made to Caribean time. Starting to adjust to both the pace and time. Didnt wake up until about 7 am. which was great. This morning we played golf - which was supposed to be a 3 par course (maybe for professionals) - we managed one 3 between us - boy was it hot! Saw some monkeys at one point. We also played with Cayman balls - first shot straight in the lake! But we finished the day with 7 more than we started so plenty for next time! The best bit was when Catherine brought out cold ... read more
Thats my ball
Dr No?

Within 50 minutes of leaving the Travelodge we were in the North Terminal lounge - No 1 - very new/very posh and a great way to start the holiday. Managed to play a bit of Travian to stop my warehouses from filling-up :). Our plane was called and we went to the gate - boarding was quick and easy. Dinner was very good on the plane a chicken curry and then it was down to watching 2 or 3 films - Thor/Fast and Furious and Sucker Punch (though they managed to turn the entertainment system off 5 minutes before the end of this.... we'll have to find out what happened). Arrived in Barbabdos at the time expected and apart from leaving my hat on the plane we got through customs/immigration and picked up our bags and ... read more

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