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It's not just going on holiday it's the planning that's important too!

Europe » Greece » Thrace July 29th 2014

Bansko to Drama today. Got up tidied up the apartment and watched with much amusement the work on the block across. Looks like some Bulgarian had dragged a massive piece of equipment over half of Bulgaria only to find once they arrived it didn't work. One of them then tried to get it working and when that failed called his Mate who seemed quite handy with a hammer. By the time we left they still hadn't started it and it was almost worthwhile waiting around to see what they did next... So once everything was in the car we headed off via Dobrinshte and the E19 towards the Greek border. Very reasonable road all the way so we made good time. Needed passports at both the Bulgarian and Greek borders - but no one asked about ... read more
Drama park
Waterways with fish
Fish reflection

Europe » Bulgaria » Blagoevgrad Province » Dobrinishte July 28th 2014

Up early - well we were. Everyone else strolled out of bed after 10, 11 etc. Phoned Anton and he arranged to drop of the key at 11.30 and true to his word the key arrived. I had already nipped out and got some fresh bananas and bread. We were on our way out when Anton gave us the key so we just popped down to check the key worked and we could get into the Gym. Looks very nice, nice boxing bag fixed to the roof, table tennis table with bats and balls, cycle, weight machine and cross trainer. Changing rooms have been provided as well and I think I can see where the Sauna will go. Then we drove over to Dobrinishte and uptowards Bezbog hut where we are going to get the cable ... read more
Hotel at Gotse Delchev
Uncle Bulgaria on tour

Europe » Bulgaria » Blagoevgrad Province » Bansko July 27th 2014

27thJuly 2014 Today we are going to see the bears at the Dancing Bear Sanctuary near to Belitsa. Got up at a reasonable time and while the kids slept Catherine and I headed down to the local supermarket where we picked up a few fresh supplies – including a very interesting bread with cheese in it…. Looked a bit like Lardy bread… The kids woke in turns and struggled out of bed – showers for everyone – 2 bathrooms is great Paul. Both working fine. Then we headed out of Bansko on the Razlog road and stopped at Lidl for a few supplies. The local beer is 40p a litre – and when it’s cold it’s not bad. Picked up ham, after sun, cakes all sorts of stuff. We’ll be leaving some stuff behind in the ... read more
Uncle Bulgaria and Bears

Europe » Bulgaria » Blagoevgrad Province » Bansko July 26th 2014

As Catherine un-folded it from her carry on bag! Uneventful trip to Heathrow Terminal 5 - taxi was 10 minutes early and as Mathew was still in the shower we left at 6.00 am. on the dot. Nice big van this time with space for all of us and our luggage - with the schools broken up traffic was very light until we reached the M25 - but we were still at Terminal 5 by about 6.30. We had checked in so dropped the bags and went through South security which was very straightforward. Wandered around for a bit as Terminal 5 does not have a priority pass lounge then sat at A6 while waiting for the gate to be called. A6 was called while we were waiting and was for Leeds Bradford... I mean really? ... read more
Road to Virhen hut

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » High Wycombe July 24th 2014

It's that time of year - the schools are breaking up and we are getting ready for our summer holiday. Looking forward to a bit of heat as we head into Bulgaria, Greece and perhaps Turkey (getting car insurance for Turkey is a real challenge). We fly into Sofia on the 25thJuly accompanied by Great Uncle Bulgaria... with the aim of having him appear at least once in very Blog. Not planning on stopping long in Sofia as it's your typical communist block capital with a small bit of old culture thrown in. Hired an "intermediate" sized car - that should be fun with the boys in it. - we'll see how that goes. Should at least be fuel efficient! After Sofia we are driving to Bansko where our friends the Nannerys (hello Paul, Mary, Caoilin ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela August 6th 2013

Lazy day or Geocache day? We decided to have a quiet day before we moved on to Santiago de Compostella. Getting up however at a reasonable time is getting more difficult as the days go by! People got up at various times before 11 and we had a bit of brunch - weather is colder than it has been. We decided to have a look round Melide so after uploading a blog and getting some co-ordinates for geocaches we headed off. Arrived in Melide and wandered about the town. The Camino runs straight through it so its littered with small hostels and bars... Most of which were closed like the shops as it was the middle of the day. Looks for a geocache in the centre of town but couldn't find it... It did take us ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra August 2nd 2013

Tuesday 30th July - Relaxing Had a great day relaxing around the pool. Those who wanted to swim swam, those who wanted to read read. Those who went Pink went Pink! In fact most of us went a little Pink - and we had run out of after Sun so that will be on the shopping list for tomorrow! A great day in the Sun with the temparature hovering around the high 20 C's. We decided to eat out tonight and on the way back via Curtis I spotted this very nice restaurant (Parillada A Meson) on the road into Arzua so we took a short drive out too it. It looked closed i.e. there was no-one there at all - but it wasn't so went in. Inside it was very nicely decorated and a nice ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela July 30th 2013

Mr Catherine - always a good way to check in! Taxi arrived at 11 (Charlie's) always on time and even with a little queuing on the M25 we were at the airport by 11.45. Plenty of time as the flight wasn't until 2. Straight through check-in (even though Catherine was down as Mr Catherine Ludlow - no none seemed to care) then security and we went to eat in Giraffe - really good for airport food. Not cheap but at least we had a great view. Then we wandered down to get on the plane. For some bizarre reason they boarded from front to back -but hey doesn't really matter - one man seemed to have the kitchen sink in his hand luggage. im not sure how some people get away with this? Bit delayed taking ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » High Wycombe July 17th 2013

It's that time of year - the bags are coming down from the loft - the sun tan cream is being taken out of the drawer - I'm getting a hair cut - well had a hair cut. It's the summer one - 3 on the side with a 4 on top - just in case anyone is interested. We leave Thursday for Madrid and spend a couple of days there before picking up a car and heading to Galicia and an organic dairy farm. Eleanor is getting her herding skills warmed up! Then after a week we move closer to Santiago de Compostella - which is supposed to be where St. James is buried and is the end of the "Way of St.James" - But before we get in the car and leave Madrid ... read more
Nice Shirt
Ready to Go

August 8th - Canal anyone? Got up at a reasonable time for Costa Rica @ 7 am. - this could be a problem in the UK as that's 2 pm. Not sure I'm looking forward to going back.. Fresh bananas for breakfast again. The bunch that Jeff picked are ripening nicely. You just go along and twist them off. The are the sweetest bananas I think I've ever tasted. Saw another poison dart frog - this time hopping around the side of the house. Being bright green and black does attract attention - being incredibly toxic does save you from predators! After breakfast and as we are so close to Panama we decided to drive to the border. This takes you back a little way towards Limon and then a left and left again towards Sixola. ... read more
Bananas on the way to you!

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