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Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat June 8th 2009

8 June (Monday) - We departed Saigon about 8:30 for the 300 km drive to Dalat. At 100 km/hr that should have taken 3 hours. However, with the heavy traffic getting out of Saigon, the poor road conditions enroute, and stops along the way to take pictures of things we had remembered from our last drive up this road in 1960, the trip took until 5:30 PM. Out first stop was to take pictures of the rubber tree plantations and the harvesting of the white rubber sap. Then it was th large boulders near the half way point. Then it was for late lunch in the region where they grow coffee now. Not being a coffee fanatic I didn't buy any, but Barb did. Finally, about 10 km before arriving in Dalat we stopped at Prenn ... read more
Rubber plantation on way to Dalat
Ruth, Johnny, Bob, and Barb at rubber plantation
Boulders at half way point

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City June 7th 2009

7 June (Sunday) - We had an early breakfast as we were to go to a Vietnamese Tinh Lanh church near our hotel. Our tour guide for our time in Vietnam escorted us there in time for the 8:30 AM service. The place was packed out. We ended up on the second row where there were earphones for simultaneous translation. Unfortunately, mine didn'r work, but after the service Barb provided me a summary. The order of service was right from forty years ago, with hymns and not 7-11 choruses. They had the words in both languages so we sang English while everyone else sang Vietnamese. However, there were some African and some other Asian nationalities who also sang English. After the service we took a quick tour of their seminary, and then returned to our hotel ... read more
Ruth with Van Gogh

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Railay June 6th 2009

Breakfast was at 9 AM and we said farewell to our friends from Manchester, England who were headed to Phi Phi and then on to Malaysia and Indonesia on their honeymoon. We caught our longtail at 9:30 AM whicch met a taxi at Ao Nang to take us to the airport. The 12:05 PM flight was uneventful, and on time, which got us to Bangkok at 2:15 PM. We picked up ouir baggage and then checked it in immediately for the 3:55 PM flight to Saigon. We had just enough time for lunch...spagetti and mangoes and sticky rice, what a combination. I was a bit concerned whether the advance approval letter we obtained from Vietnam-visa would work, but the Air Asia agent told us that many passengers used this document to get a visa when they ... read more
Looking back at Railay East and our resort
The captain of our boat with Railay East receeding in the distance

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Railay June 5th 2009

5 June (Friday) - The weather wasbetter today so I headed to Pranang Beach to get some better pictures of a sunny beach. Will had suffered sunburn from our day of snorkeling at Phi Phi, so spent most of the day in our room. I spent most of the morning there and then headed back for a dip in the pool before lunch. Perhaps this is a good time to talk about some of the people I met. The more interesting we those with kids, and still weren't constrained in their desire or ability to travel. One Danish couple had been to Vietnam and Thailand three years earlier after their first child was born. They had two months of maternity leave and one month of vacation, so decided to travel those three months in Southeast Asia. ... read more
Pranang Beach
Pranang Beach
My German friends from Karlsruhe on Pranang Beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Railay June 4th 2009

2 June (Tuesday) - My spreadsheet showed a 10:20 AM departure from Bangkok to Krabi, so right after breakfast we took a taxi to the airport. When we approached the ticket counter I was informed that we were too early to check in for the 1:45 PM flight; to which I responded that I was booked on the 10:20 AM flight. Apparently, my original intention was to take the earlier flight, but by the time I finally booked the tickets the earlier flight was now much more expensive, so I booked the later flight without changing my spreadsheet schedule. I quickly reviewed the rest of my schedule against ticket confirmations to make sure I hadn’t made this same mistake elsewhere; which I hadn’t. Consequently, we had a four hour wait until our flight, which Will spent ... read more
Approaching Railay West Beach in longtail boat
Bob wading ashore at Railay West Beach
Karst mountains on Railay peninsula

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 1st 2009

1 June (Monday) - I got up early to sort through our laundry and set it outside the room to have it washed. Then I had breakfast while Will slept in, and who should show up but my cousin Larry who had taken the night train from Chiang Mai where he and his wife Nancy live. She is also a Facebook friend, and had casually mentioned to him as he got on the train that we might be here. So we had a great day talking to him about his projects. He recently completed his PhD with a disseration on Thai "Face." By 9 AM I had to head to the hospital for my root canal. Mom decided to tag along; perhaps to see more changes in the many years since she had been here. The ... read more
Alliance Guest Home Bangkok
Bob on steps of the Thai style home he and Linda lived in from Mar 73 to Feb 74
Bob in former bedroom of his former home

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 31st 2009

30 May (Saturday) My last blog was written from Hong Kong on May 31 en route to Bangkok. We arrived in Bangkok a half hour early...about 3:30 PM, and cleared immigration and customs, and headed for the taxi stand, then remembered that we were supposed to meet Will, who had flown separately via Singapore, at baggage claim. We soon discovered that there are three separate baggage claim areas, A, B, and C. We arrived at C, and the arrival board showed that his flight had arrived a half hour late at 4:37 PM at area B. So we were just in time to meet him at B, where we proceeded. By 5:37 there was no Will. So I left Mom at area B and walked back to area C, and met him on the way there. ... read more
Lambourghini at the Bangkok Paragon Mall

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island May 30th 2009

Right now I am at an internet cafe at Hong Kong Airport...a very beautiful airport. We made it safely from Xian to Shanghai yesterday afternoon. We stayed on the 43rd floor of the Novotel Atlantis looking over the river and the Bund, but is was too far away and hazy to get any good pictures. We awoke at 4:45 to catch the 7:40 AM Dragonair flight here. The flight to Bangkok leaves at 2:25 PM. Will is taking Singapore Airlines via Singapore and gets to Bangkok 5 minutes before us assuming there aren't any delays. Caril gets there sevaral hours later. We will get to the guest home in time for dinner. I hope there are other guests there! I will blog about our first day in Bagkok tomorrow, and upload the pictures that Will took ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an May 29th 2009

I noticed that I can back date my entries, so while I am writing this from Bangkok on May 31, I have posted it for May 28, the day we took the tour of the wall in the morning before our afternoon flight to Shanghai. This blog is just for our pictures. Will rode a bike the entire circumference...14 km and Mom and Carol took a 6 passenger golf cart. I was back at the hotel writing my blog and nursing my foot.... read more
The Wall is pretty wide
...and high
View of a succession of guard towers

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an May 28th 2009

28 May (Thursday) - We planned for an early start so that we would beat the crowds at the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, so after breakfast and checking out of the Ibis Hotel, we met with Jack our driver/guide. He dropped our luggage off at the Mercure Hotel, and we proceeded to Bang Po Village, the remains of a 6000 year old village (on the way to the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum). By now my foot was really painful...a reoccurence of the gout. They didn't have a functioning wheelchair so I hobbled around leaning on Will's shoulder. The museum was interesting; more for the age and skeletal remains than for anything else. Our next stop was a terra cotta factory where they make reproductions of the warriors. Of course, there was also the obligatory souvenir shop, ... read more
Dim Sum Lunch in Xian
Overview of the Bang Po Neolithic Village
Skeletons found at Bang Po

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