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Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok September 11th 2013

Saludos varios, fenomenos! La entrada anterior la dejé en Bangkok, después de pillar un tuk-tuk desde Khao San hasta nuestro hostel. Sí, hostel! Yo pensaba que habíamos caído en un hotel, sin "s", pero no, al pillar una tarjeta con la dirección comprobé que mi reputación de viajero gumial sigue intacta, menos mal! Pues nada, nuestro primer paso por Bangkok ha sido anecdótico, como tenemos que volver a la capital para pillar el vuelo de vuelta, lo hemos dejado para explorar la ciudad últimos días del viaje. Así que a la mañana siguiente el reloj ha tocado diana muy pronto, a las 7:15, para pillar un tren que nos ha dejado en Ayutthaya, donde hemos visitado los templos y restos históricos. La visita a los puntos de interés están muy bien, todo el mundo lo hace, ... read more
Divisando el terreno...
Noodles-Bomba estomacal
Mono-Dioni con MIS cacahuetes...

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok January 14th 2013

The main reason I stopped in Phitsanulok, or Phi-lo, how it is called here, was that I needed reliable Internet access to work a bit. That is your destiny when you run your own company - sometimes you cannot avoid to work a bit even while travelling. But the trip has to be paid nonetheless. But after a long evening and a short night I was ready to look around the city a bit. In the morning I got some cheap fresh fruits from a stand near the hotel and started with a visit of the folk museum. I am not so much into museums but this one was quite interesting which lots of information about live and work of the "old" thais. I highly recommended it! I continued with a stop at the Buddha Casting ... read more
chilling at the Nan river
the train - my preferred method of transport here
how buddha statues are being made

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok August 13th 2012

Another long weekend here in Thailand, this time it was the Queen's Birthday, which apparently doubles up as Mother's Day here. I took the opportunity to make an even further trip up north this time, travelling some six hours plus to Phitsanulok, almost at the halfway mark to Chiangmai. The main point of the trip was to visit the nearby Sukhothai Historical Park. The two cities, along with Ayutthaya and to some extent, Lopburi, are of considerable historical significance to the Thai Kingdom. Sukhothai was an ancient capital, and Phitsanulok was the king's preferred city of residence then. Phitsanulok today, like Lopburi, is an unassuming, quite typical Central/ Northern Thai city, devoid of the madness that accompanies the kitschy tourist traps. Having said that, the odd farang and/ or Japanese/ Korean tourist was almost always in ... read more
Pitsanulok Night Market
Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahatat

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok August 8th 2012

El tren en el que iba se accidentó, y entre repararlo y que andaba más lento de lo normal se tardó casi 4 horas más de lo estimado, con lo que llegué a Phitsanulok a las 9pm y sin esperanzas de llegar ese mismo día a Sukhothai (a una hora más en bus). Me metí en el primer hotel que ví y salí a dar una vuelta por el mercado nocturno que no estaba muy lejos; esa noche decidí que me quedaría en Phitsanulok en lugar de dormir en Sukhothai, me gustó el pueblito, y a parte de que el alojamiento es más barato que en Sukhothai, igual tengo que volver para tomar de nuevo el tren al sur. Al día siguiente me fui temprano a Sukhothai para ver las famosas ruinas, el día fue perfecto, ... read more
aquí se quedo el tren varado un par de horas mientras lo reparaban

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok July 25th 2012

We besloten om doorheen onze maandreis met Jan's mama (Karla) het rustig aan te doen. Ook voor ons is het zoveel leuker als we niet hoeven te zoeven van de ene plek naar de andere. We namen dus opnieuw een trein en de ticketverkoper zei 'je kan de goedkope trein nemen: 3e klasse en een ticket kost 30 baht voor 3 uur of je neemt de express trein met airco en je ticket kost 400 baht voor 2 .30 uur.' We waren niet stom hoor! Natuurlijk werd het de 'trage' trein! Deze is trouwens veel plezieriger dan de frigo bak waarin je terechtkomt. De frigo trein is trouwens totaal niet sneller. Want in bijna elk station wordt hij gecontroleerd en er loopt gegarandeerd altijd iets fout! O ja: een uur vertraging of zelfs 2 uur vertraging ... read more
Everyone who works there is a volunteer/iedereen die er werkt doet is een vrijjwilliiger
Toilet in trainstation...yes this is some cutted limes


Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok March 19th 2012

We left Bangkok behind and started our roadtrip up North. First we visited the summer palace for the royal family. We then continued on to Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand. Ayutthaya had some impressive ruins including Bang Pa-In Palace which included a Buddha statue head intertwined in a Bodi tree (tree Buddha mediated under to reach enlightenment). Finally we finished up in Lopburi to visit some more Khmer ruins. The high point of this stop was the massive entrage of monkeys that live in the city. We ended the day by staying the night in Phitsanulok, a nice little town in the lower North region of the country... read more
Summer Palace
Summer Palace
Summer Palace

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok February 11th 2012

Starting to make our way down to the South and the first stop was Sukhothai/Phitsanulok for a bit of culture! The new town was so quiet except for the hundreds of birds in the evening. We went to the old town to the Historical Park to see a load of monuments. We hired bikes to go round the park which Rachel was so unsteady on much to the amusement of Paul and he felt like he should have been in the Sound of Music on those old style bikes so he sung the whole way round!!!!!! The park was quite cool with all these monuments from the 13th century, we didnt pay for the audio guide so all we can do is show some pictures with no helpful info about them! Enjoy....... read more
Paul and a very tall buddha

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok July 31st 2011

I made it through 10 days of noble silence at my Vipassana Mediation course. It was pretty intense. I found it very challenging but worth it. I don't want to describe too much as I don't want to project any of my experiences on someone who has not yet gone through the course. All I have to say is it was worth it. The facilities were clean, the food was very good and the meditation practice itself if awesome. I was able to sit still and focus while in the center, now I have to take that diligence into the real world. I also met some amazing new friends from all around the world. We shared a cab back to Khao San Road after Vipassana was over, had some laughs and ate a wonderful dinner together. ... read more
New Friend

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok March 28th 2010

Returned from a weekend road trip to Chiang Mai this evening. Two days and 10 hours on the road total. A bit hot in the afternoons as you might expect with some light rain in the late morning on the way back. I ride around Thailand on a Honda Wave 125 and I manage to cruise between 100-110 kph most of the time. This trip down from Chiang Mai's Railroad Station on Sunday started early at 07:25 with the odometer showing 13,248km. Headed south along the tracks towards Lumphun for 28 km, where I turned east at 09:00, and fueled up again with another 2.17l. Cost was 70 Baht and the meter showed 13,350 km. As I have noticed everywhere I ride, roads are constantly being improved and widened. From the most southeastern border town of ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok May 11th 2009

it must be or it would be otherwise... i spent a couple of days in bangkok (which is actually a western basterdization of the name of a village that used to exist there called bang makok... the official name of the city is, are you ready for it, 'krungthep mahanakhon amonratanakosin mahintara ayuthaya mahadilok popnopparat ratchathani burirom udomratchaniwet mahasathan amonpiman avatansathit sakkathattiya witsanukamprasit' , which translated roughly means, 'great city of angels, repository of divine gems, great land unconquerable, grande and prominent realm, royal and delightful capital city full of nine noble gems, highest royalty dwelling and grande palace, divine shelter and living place of reincarnated spirits'..) planing my vipassana meditaion schedule while here in se asia... first course scheduled to begin on the 13th of may so i went and bought a train tic... read more
bridge over the chao phraya... bangkok...
not sure on the chao phraya...
junk yard or treasure chest...

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