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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jung-gu » Myeong-dong May 27th 2013

The North kept issuing threats but the South Koreans are unfazed. Those threats have become so regular that life remains normal here despite the newspaper headlines. Shops and night markets remain open, karaoke bars still blaring, glasses clinking as soju (Korean vodka) bottles are emptied, and restaurants and food stalls a-steaming with their specialty dishes! LOSING ONE'S SOUL IN SEOUL? Totally wasted. Completely zonked out. We'd likely never do this again. That is, taking a midnight flight to arrive 4am in Seoul. Good thing Incheon Airport is so welcoming. We stayed, glued to our seats in the airport's Cafe Pascucci , sipping our fav black liquids to start our day. No luck. Our energy level hit rock bottom for lack of sleep. Took a taxi to take us to Nine Tree Hotel in Myeongdong, a good ... read more
More bibimbap in another resto
Ginseng Chicken for ENERGY
Galbi Tang

Asia » South Korea » Seoul May 21st 2013

Flew to South Korea on 1/1/11 :) isn't it a cute number ? Oh well, now its 2013! time flies! I am not a travel writer or such but today i feel like i wanted to create a journal about my trip to South Korea even though it was about 2 years ago :) However, I can say that I had a good luck in South Korea. I found a warm and friendly family in Gangneung which is located in Gangwon-do province yay! And the other good thing was, i was invited by her sister who lives in Seoul to stay with her for free! That's too much than I expected! So as I landed at Incheon Airport, I tried to catch the last bus to Oryu-Dong and i was lucky again because the bus almost ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul May 3rd 2013

Day three in Seoul was another early morning, because we didn't want to fight with our hostel mates over the one bathroom. We started, once again, with Dunkin' Donuts - because you don't waste that opportunity when you have been jonesing for it for so long - and decided that we would head towards Changdeokgung Palace because supposedly there was a changing of the guard every hour, and we thought it might be cool to see. However, while we were sitting in Dunkin' Donuts, we had our first encounter of the day with how outgoing Koreans are in contrast to Japanese. A young man came over and started with, "Excuse me, ladies," and then proceeded to talk to us about Dokdo Island, and how it's Korean territory, not Japanese. He did the entire thing in English, ... read more
korea 121
korea 123
korea 126

Asia » South Korea » Seoul May 2nd 2013

The second day of our vacation was the one where we really got into Seoul to see things, and also marks where you get a lot of my thoughts about the country and culture along with the recap - this might get long, but I swear, it's... well, marginally interesting, haha. Anyway, there were two main themes to our Korean trip, and they were: 1) MAKING FRIENDS!!!, and 2) I don't know what is happening right now. The first thing we noticed about Korea was, as we had been warned, that it is a great deal dirtier than Japan. However, I think that because our frame of reference was from Japan and not somewhere like America, that it seemed dirty, but Michele commented that if we'd come from Thailand, where she lived for three years, it ... read more
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korea 025
korea 026

Asia » South Korea » Seoul May 1st 2013

Well, here is the first entry from our trip to Korea! We started out early, because it takes about 2 hours to get to Narita from where we are (ugh) and we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time since it was Golden Week, and therefore everyone was traveling. Turns out, we got there a bit earlier than we needed to, but it gave us some time to comment on how awful Narita actually is (we had to go to the information desk to find where our check-in counter was) and exchange some of our yen to Korean won! Going over, the plane ride from Tokyo is shorter than our 2 hour trip to the airport from my apartment, which I found both awful and hilarious. It was still light when we got there, ... read more
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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong April 13th 2013

Back to cooking school I go! After really enjoying my first cooking course at the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine, I signed up for the spring and summer course that they offer. The dishes would be different to those that I had previously learned. This course lasted nine weeks like the other one. Each week we learned how to make three different dishes. The weekly menus were devised so that the dishes could be eaten together as a whole meal, or you could just have one dish by itself if you wished. Each class follows the same pattern; the first hour we watched the chef demonstrate how to make the dishes. The chef usually speaks in Korean and there is a translator to translate and ask any question we have. We are also given recipe cards ... read more
Week One: Oi Songsongi (오이송송이)
Week One: Kongnamulguk (콩나물국)
Week One: Bulgogi (불고기)

Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 20th 2013

Today I'm leaving for South Korea! I am leaving at 8:04 AM on Sunday, June 9th at the Denver International Airport. I should get to Seoul, South Korea at 3:05 PM. I have a layover in San Fransisco for an hour. I'll probably find something to eat there. When I get there it will be the next day which is going to really confuse me. The flight costs $1,329 and I don't have to pay anything to check a bag in. The flight is supposed to be sixteen hours.. I don't know what I'm going to do for that long, probably sleep. I have my passport and I don't need a visa because I'm not staying there for more than 90 days. The passport costs $135. In order to get into South Korea I got four ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 20th 2013

img= center I got to South Korea at 3:05 PM today. It was a really long flight but I slept through most of it. I will take a taxi to the Marriot Hotel in Seoul. The cost each night is $157 so the total will be $1,884. After I get everything situated I will have dinner at the hotel and relax at my hotel so I can make sure everything is ready for the next day. Hopefully I won't be terribly jet lagged.... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 20th 2013

Today I plan on walking around Seoul. I got a map from the hotel and have a budget of $200 dollars to do any attractions I see. I know there is a Trick Eye Museum which is one of the main places I plan on visiting. Today I want to experience an everyday life in Seoul and see what Koreans do on a typical day. Hopefully I will also be able to try some of the food they eat everyday as well. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 20th 2013

Today I'm going to visit the War Memorial of Korea. Being able to visit this memorial will help me understand how South Koreans feel towards North Korea. It will also help me understand more of what happened during the war. There is no admission fee. I'm also going to go the Changdeokgung Palace. This palace is known for its amazing architecture. The admission fee is three dollars. ... read more

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