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Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 20th 2013

Today I am going to Namsan Park to hike and get a good view of Seoul. I will also take the cable car which costs seven dollars round trip. The cable car goes to the top of Seoul Tower which will give a great view of Seoul. img= read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 20th 2013

Today I am going to walk along the cheonggyecheon recreation space. It used to be a road but the road was removed and the stream cleaned up. It has been made into an art and nature walkway. I will be able to see the unique art styles and nature of South Korea. read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 20th 2013

Today I will walk around Seoul and buy any souveniors I want. In the evening I will go see the Nanta Theater. It is a performance set in a kitchen basod on the rhythm of a traditional Korean precussion quartet. It will cost $40. read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gwanak-gu March 5th 2013

Well, my time in Korea is rapidly coming to an end. I thought I was ready to leave, but as I sat with my students on my final day of work, I felt myself welling up. The kids were being extra kee-owa (meaning "cute," the first Korean word I learned,) and I started thinking about the daily routine of my life in Seoul that I had grown so accustomed to. How had it become normal for me to receive daily hugs from adorable little Asians as they said "I love you Yenny teacher!"? How was dancing with a group of kids to "Summer Lovin" and singing at the top of my lungs part of my daily life? How was walking into a classroom with twenty pairs of eager eyes staring expectantly up at me, just an ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Itaewon March 2nd 2013

It's March 2nd 2013 and it's my last day in the country that has been my home for the past 3 years. Korea we have had some good day, bad day and God damn strange days hahahaha. So today I am going to the boat to China and the lovely Anna has been invaluable in helping me get my ticket for the boat and also lodge a cheque my landlady gave me. What was she thinking oh Korea ^^. So anyway I was leaving the apartment when the landlady wanted to get more money out of me because I didn't have Dave's key. He forgot to leave it and so he gave it to his "Friend" hahahaha. So there was a little argument but I gave her some seaweed (that she gave us a few months ... read more
1. lobby
2. staircase
3. reception


Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 23rd 2013

I arrived in Seoul from Canada at 4pm last Thursday. (quick note: Air Canada was 50 minutes early upon arrival... a miracle!) The plane ride didn't seem that long, I watched Looper and Wreck it Ralph, as well as a Top Gear episode I had downloaded on my laptop. It also helped that the guy who sat next to me was a fairly decent looking Korean guy. We ended up chatting for a good length on the plane. Turns out he had just finished a semester of exchange in Mexico city, and he has travelled to both Vancouver and Toronto in Canada which was pretty cool. Once we arrived, he offered to help me figure things out, which was really nice of him. He guided me around the airport which was much appreciated since we had ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 23rd 2013

We traveled to Seoul for some more sightseeing and to see my favorite band, BAP, in concert!!!... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 20th 2013

We had a great time on our trip to Seoul . . .... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Yongsan-gu January 13th 2013

Hello! It's been absolutely ages since I blogged, so as the title suggests, this will encompass before Christmas, Christmas itself and a few weeks after Christmas too! So there were 2 weeks in Korea between when I last blogged and when I flew to England. To be honest most of that was taken up by Christmas shopping, whenever I wasn't at work!! Myeongdong, Sinsadong and Insadong were the shopping areas of choice and I spent all my hard-earned cash on Korean tat and some non-tat! There was also the Key Stage 1 Christmas meal, where we enjoyed a huge amount of meat at a Bulgarian restaurant, and the Christmas concerts at school, which were all getting me into the festive spirit! Then there was the excitement of snow day of course.... It snowed for about 4 ... read more
Snow Angels!
Me in the snow :-)
Katharine posing

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam January 2nd 2013

Wow, what a year! 2012 has proved to be full of adventures for me here in Asia! I just realized I haven't written a blog since August, so Christmas vacation seems like the perfect time for an update. The last few months have flown by. Christmas in my school was a riot! The kids began talking about it mid-November, and didn't stop until December 25th. We had the privilege of receiving a visit from Santa himself, on December 21st. One of my older students aptly pointed out, "I know he's not real. The real Santa comes to my house through the chimney." (This was said in complete seriousness). Either way, most of the kids seemed to be in complete and utter awe of Santa when he bumbled through the door into each classroom. Some students were ... read more
Santa Comes to School
City Hall Skating
Happy New Year

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