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Asia » South Korea » Seoul October 1st 2013

finally getting back to my blog... the last i wrote was 2 years ago... ok... here i go! Seoul. It's just everything that i expected and more. Exactly like the way we see it on dramas... there is hardly anything not to like about it... from the time you touchdown, wait at the airport.. its all so shiny and new... jaws didn't drop but of course, you can't help but gasp at the gloss and glitter of the airport interiors... hmmmmmm... am going to try not making comparisons with other airports.. just giving you my first impression as a first time traveler from India/Nepal. Immigration was a whiz... all the signs in English are exactly where its supposed to be... helping you exit out the right door..... so while waiting for my friend to show up... ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Yongsan-gu September 21st 2013

Hello :-) I don't normally blog about my time in England but considering it is now a holiday destination for me, I thought I would include a little bit about my summer activities (plus I had photos I wanted to put up!) I can't actually remember the order I did things in now but I had a great cream tea with Mum at Springfields (where I spent as much money as I always do when I'm there!), attended 2 weddings, and spent time with loads of people including Claire (on the way back from the airport in my Skoda!), Debra (back from Zambia), Kate (on many occasions but most importantly we had great Vietnamese food in Sheffield), Sam (for our usual lunch at the Spirit in Boston), Carly and Abdallah (so nice to meet you!), Stacey, ... read more
Hand held
Afternoon tea

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 11th 2013

Today I returned to Dongmak to see if I could find anything new. Literally right outside the exit to the Dongmak subway station was a small flock of Oriental greenfinches. Very nice birds indeed! (Although they were mostly juveniles, which aren't pictured in the field guide, so if an adult hadn't joined them I would have been all confused again). On the lagoon were much the same birds as last time, except now there was a very large flock of waders instead of just a few scattered individuals. There were loads of common greenshanks in the flock but I couldn't tell what else with the binoculars (need a scope!). I knew there were mudflats around somewhere close (the Songdo mudflats) but I wasn't sure where. I'd had a look at a Google map before leaving New ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 6th 2013

Today was a zoo day. Seoul Zoo is huge, a whole-day sort of zoo. Unfortunately summer is not the best time to visit because it is not only appallingly hot but it is also the rainy season. When it rains you've got a choice of just getting drenched by the rain or wearing a rain poncho which then acts like a sauna and cooks you from the inside so you end up almost as wet with sweat. There was a huge thunderstorm when I was there which kept everyone under cover for over an hour and turned the roads into torrents of water. South Korea now tops my list of places I've been with the heaviest rain! I missed quite a chunk of the zoo entirely because it is so big but I saw the most ... read more
six-banded armadillo (Euphractus sexcinctus)
six-banded armadillo (Euphractus sexcinctus)
Ezo brown bear (Ursus arctos yesoensis)

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 5th 2013

Aaaand, go! Yes, I am off on another wildlife-hunting trip. This one is a bit different to the others because the first four countries of this trip I have never been to before, which is exciting (well, five countries if you include Hong Kong airport.....and count Hong Kong as a country.....). But I’m not going to say what those countries are or where else I’m going or even how long I’ll be travelling for. This will be a thread of surprises – not least for me, because I haven’t really had a lot of time to do as much prep-work as I would have liked!! As usual I will be travelling alone, no guides, no language skills, no hope..... I can promise some very interesting and exciting animals along the way though (or, at the very ... read more
Phone box tank
weird cage for Prevost's squirrels
computer tank for pinecone fish


Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Songpa-gu » Jamsil July 20th 2013

I had seen Color Me Rad on Facebook. It looked like fun, but not really my cup of tea. I mean me and running don't exactly go together. I have only ran once before in my life, when I was about 14 in one random P.E. lesson. I don't know what was the matter with me, as I usually spent most of my time skiving. So yeah, me and running ain't exactly bezzies. So one Sunday night, after a fab weekend with the girls celebrating Malia's birthday, when a facebook message was going around about doing Color Me Rad, well I gave in to peer pressure. Well everyone else was doing it, it seemed like a good idea to be a sheep in this case. So after many reassurances we would not be running, it's summer ... read more
The Start
The Start
Think Pink

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Hongdae June 9th 2013

My third trip up to Seoul and this was the first time I would see much of it! As my school gave me an optional day off work, I headed up by myself on Friday afternoon, taking the 5-hour bus for cheapness sake. We were staying at Base Camp hostel in Hongdae, the university area, and it has a really cool set-up: basically bunk beds in enormous canvas tents, in one large room. It was already very hot outside, a good 5 degrees hotter than in Busan at least. I headed off to Namsangol to see a traditional Hanok village. This area mostly consisted of five traditional Korean houses from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), recovered from different parts of the city and relocated to the northern foot of Namsan (mountain). The interiors of each of these ... read more
Rocking the park
Haewoojae - Toilet Park

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 7th 2013

드디어 시작이다 나에 서울탐방! 15년만에 한국에 온것도 기쁘지만 서울은 나에겐 새로움 그 자체나 마찬가지다. 아직도 6학년때 본 서울에 모습은 있지만 지금 만 27세에 본 서울과 그떄와는 엄청난 차이가 있기 마련이다. 2쨰날 난 사진기도 들지 않았고 우선 카페베네와 은행계좌를 틀려고 길을 나섰다. 동작구 건영아파트 105동 804호. 이민오기전 생생이 기억난건 베란다에 들어오는 63빌딩이다. 그 63빌딩이 이렇게 가까울 줄이야! 한국서울은 내 손바닥이였다. 미국이라는 넓은곳을 사방으로 돌아다닌 내가 서울은 내발로 정복할수있는 장소였다. 5월초에 서울은 시원하고 맑았다. 공기도 좋고 기분도 쨰지고. 어떻게 서울을 정복할지만을 생각하고 난 거리를 나섰다. 왜... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Yongsan-gu June 6th 2013

Hi everyone! I'm just going to write a quick blog to document the last few weeks since my visitors left, then the next one I write will probably be about my Summer travels as it's only 3 weeks until the end of term and there's nothing particularly exciting happening in those 3 weeks! So, as the title of this blog suggests, the weeks have been very much work-filled. I have settled into a routine of work from 7am until about 6pm each day in order to get everything done; then Mondays and Wednesdays I have Korean class after school, Tuesdays I have pilates and chiro, Thursdays I play netball and Friday I go to salsa. So my life has been very structured recently - just how I like it, let's face it :-) But such long ... read more
So excited to be at the lantern festival!

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu » Gwanghwamun June 4th 2013

Getting off at City Hall station, I walked into a street that was right next to the 덕수궁 wall. There were mixture of Korean architecture with Spanish-European style catholic church right next to each other, which I felt mixed feelings about Western and Eastern culture colliding together. I walked toward to 광화문 to see King Sejong and Admiral Lee Sun Shin statue, which are iconic symbols of Seoul. I stopped by at the 국민은행 to make $1,000 deposit in Korean won. I am now in front of 교보문구 (Kyobo Bookstore). 5월 8일 수요일 한국에 온지 4일째 되는날 이때 본격적인 서울탐방이 시작된다. 월 화 이어진 선들때문에 마음과감정이 어수선했지만 이제는 자유롭게 내 마음대로 할수있어서 홀가분했다. 아직도 내가 한국에 갔다왔다는게 믿겨지지가 않는다 지금 6월 11일 저녁 한달전에 ... read more

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