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Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Sin-do August 7th 2007

So the monsoon season has finally come, bringing flooding in North Korea, and many days of Wellies and umbrellas here in Paju. Between the rain and the dentistry, it's been far too long since we had a proper weekend away, and time is starting to pass really slowly. So, instead of being driven mad by another weekend of emails, pancakes and TV, we packed up the regular camping gear plus two small umbrellas and caught the bus to Incheon. From bus terminal we caught a subway out of incheon, and then another bus out to Jeongjongdo, the semi-artificial island that holds Korea's huge international airport. But due to a lack of funds, we were not heading to the airport, rather to a small pier, where we were just in time to catch the last ferry to ... read more
Landing on Si-do
Looking for a campsite
Our spot on the sand

Asia » South Korea » Incheon June 28th 2007

*Sabrina and Ashley say* Hey everyone, Well, we finally made it to our first stop - South Korea. We had a great flight, albeit quite long, but it was filled with fun entertainment like tons of movies and some swollen feet. We even got to eat our first "authentic" Asian meal - Bibimbap Bowl - it was a rice, beef, veggie, and hot pepper sauce delight. We have not slept much at all though, so we can't wait to board our next flight within the next hour so we can arrive in Bangkok already and get cozied up in our hotels. This next flight will only be 5 hours, compared to the last which was 14 (plus an hour on the runway) so this will be a walk in the park. Oh, and the Subway restaurant ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon April 28th 2007

I was invited to a Korean wedding so I jumped at the offer because I have never really been to a wedding - Korean or North American. Although I have never been to a traditional wedding back home, I still believe that I know what it would be like. Needless to say, this Korean wedding was VERY different. The ceremony took place in a wedding hall, with about 150-200 guests. The actual ceremony was only about 20 minutes, because after the wedding I attended, their is a whole other group of people waiting for the next wedding. It was all rush, rush. During the actual ceremony, it seemed that a lot of the guests were laughing ang talking - some even on their handphone (cellphone)!! I'm pretty sure that this wouldn't fly back home, but ... read more
Bride and her friends
Bride and her mom
More girlfriends...

Asia » South Korea » Incheon April 18th 2007

Once again we slept fantastically in our new tent. The evening was much warmer, and we hardly woke up during the night. Having trekked around most of the Yongjongdo coast yesterday evening in search of food and the best place to camp, we opted to head catch the bus over the huge bridge back to the mainland town of Incheon. I managed to find another coffee machine while Cathy woke up gently. With the hot coffee inside us we did the quick trick of getting our entire campsite into our two daypacks. We jumped off the bus at what looked like an interesting part of Incheon. The next hour we spent wondering around the local covered market, which turned out to be selling mostly raw fish and the usual foul-smelling very local food. (stuffed pig ... read more
Our beachside campsite
Packed packs
Cath makes the switch

Asia » South Korea » Incheon April 17th 2007

Incredibly, the only reason we eventually stuck our heads out of our fantastic little tent was because it was already 9am and we still had a good deal of exploring to get done before sunset. Sleeping on the sand without matrasses, we each woke up one or twice during the night, but if we hadn't we would have missed the soothing breaking of the waves which were now 20m away from us rather than the distant 200m when we climbed into bed at low tide. All in all, almost 12hrs of sleep is a great way to break in a tent, and put a 6day work week far behind. Our fantastic little home quickly folded away into my daypack, and we strapped the sleeping bags onto the bottom. Man, what a way to travel. It's like ... read more
The narrow path to Silmi-do
Toothbrushing bliss
Slurpable breakfast


Asia » South Korea » Incheon April 16th 2007

THREE DAY BREAK AGAIN! And this time it was off to Incheon!! Unlike our Mokpo trip, this one seemed to be characterised by IMMENSLY good timing!! We exited English Village just in time to take the free early morning shuttle bus in to Ilsan. We took the subway into Seoul where we decided we should buy a tent. (The conversation went something like, "where should we stay tonight? ..."I know! Lets buy a tent!") I love it! Thats the best thing about travelling with no reservations or concrete plans and a day pack as your luggage -plans change, and it's great! After some brief discussion and an internet search at a nearby computer we decided to head into the massive market of Namdaemun (It's crazy, there're a few computers in the subway with a high ... read more
Welcome to Mu-ui do
Scissor Music
Fish Markets

Asia » South Korea » Incheon March 5th 2007

Greetings from South Korea!! Well we're not bad children (taking so long to contact you) but for some random reason there is no phone service here?! So now we're back at the airport for day 2 and we thought we'd give you a little run down on The A team's adventure thus far..... Ok so the flight over was great. We got under way right on time and the plane would have been less than half full. None of the middle (4 seaters) rows were taken at all so it was a free for all amongst those "polite" people to grab them willy nilly. Adam and I were quite happy with our seating (Adam got the window seat) because we weren't over the wing not to mention the fact that there was copious amounts of leg ... read more
Morning Walk
Morning Walk 2

Asia » South Korea » Incheon February 6th 2007

Hi again. Well this is actually the second time I've updated this blog. Apparently the computer wasn't as reliable as I expected and swithed off half way through. Anyways.... Yesterday morning saw us wake an an absurd hour (3.30am) and head off to the airport to board our first of 2 10/11 hour flights. Yes a few tears were shed (mainly by us girls) but it was generally excitement buzzing around. On the flight we discovered that Tyson has the amazing ability to sleep for long periods of time in uncomfortable surroundings. (5 hours in a small plane chair) Sam slowly mastered Soduko and crosswords and attempted to watch a Korean movie with English subtitles (not successfu. lThe afternoon part of the flight was a little more successful with an English with Korean subtitles film being ... read more
Mmmm Airplane food
Sams Korea Air Badge
Temperature in Korea

Asia » South Korea » Incheon January 3rd 2007

After 19 hours on a plane (Total), I've landed. Korea is very easy to get around, everything is in Engrish and everyone wants to practive their engrish. And the people are obnoxiously, By the time I left the airport I had two offers to give me ride to my hotel. I'm used to people telling me to keep my bags firmly by my side and 'if a gypsy throws a baby at you, swat it to the ground,' so it has been an adjustment when people grab my bags and carry them for because I looked weighed down. My hotel picked me up at the airport and walked me to my room. It was awesome!!! It looked like a prison cell from the outside my opened up to a quaint minimulist style apartment, including TV, which ... read more
The Room
Health Feet!
Italian Eatery for Breakfast

Asia » South Korea » Incheon November 24th 2006

This is not my first time in Korea,i fly there like 20 times,but everytime just stay for one nigth only so its a little bit difficult to go out and enjoy!This trip i found many good colleaqes who love to travel,so we hanged out together.Normally most of crews dont have much time for adventure coz we have to use lots of energy on board,lack of sleep for all night long or whatever so all they wanna do is sleeping as much as they can do or just a little shopping is great enough.But thats not me,i cant sleep for all day and night long even i feel tired i would just take a nap and once my energy come back then i have to go out! My parents or some of my friends even ask ... read more
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