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Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shinjuku March 1st 2006

We got into Tokyo yesterday and checked in to our deluxe accomodations. The place actually is not too bad and hard to beat for the price. The one thing about Tokyo is that it isn t cheap. The prices are similar to the US but when you are ballin' on a budget it seems a bit steep. Either way, we turned in early last night after our 14 hour journey and woke up bright and early at 5am in order to catch the action at the Tsukiji Fish Market. It is a huge warehouse that supplies 90% of the fish to restaurants, stores, etc. in Tokyo. Fish comes in from all over the world and ends up here. It is pretty amazing. We will hopefully have some pictures posted before too long because it is something ... read more
Big ol' fish
Fish art
Mom what are these?...Prawns?

Asia » Japan » Tokyo March 1st 2006

Sorry everyone, but now my hiatus is over. I finally have internet at home, so no more expensive internet cafes. Where should I begin. Well, I experienced my first earthquake a few weeks ago and it was so exciting. Apparently they happen all the time, but I guess they were so small that I never felt them. This one I definitely felt. I was sitting on my bed and my entire apartment started vibrating. Took a while to register it was an earthquake. It lasted all but 10 seconds, but it was still an exciting experience, woowee. Got hit by a car while on my bike about 3 weeks ago. I was told that it happens quite often, cause the drivers never look out for pedestrians and cyclists. It was a small hit, nothing major. I ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo March 1st 2006

We made it to Japan, but our bags didnt!!!! for some reason our bags ended up on the wrong flight, they are supposed to me us in Bangkok. looks like ill be sleeping in my jeans tonight. Our flight from LA to Japan was amazing! we each got a whole row of seats to ourselves plus our own tvs and 2 meals!!! and for the meals they gave you a menu and you got to pick. we took a train then walked to our hostel tonight, got a little lost along the way but made it. thats all for now, ill write more later. bye ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo February 25th 2006

Having woken earlier than planned is decided to head out to the Tsujiki Fish Market. The fish market is a phenominal place which assaults all of the senses. Lorrys drive in and out, motorised carts scoot around with little or no regard for the safety of anyone nearby. The inner market is stall upon stall of fish and seafood - dead, alive, whole, filleted, fresh, frozen or preserved. The floor is wet with water, ice and blood. The central market is surrounded by a peripheral market which sells vegetables, knives, teas, condiments and so on, and is far less hectic. I took the time to sample some green tea with a couple of Japanese. The conversation was slow to say the least, and can be summed up with "Ingrish?Weeeverpool?Bweeeetles!Boom boom!". Having left the beatles fanatics I ... read more
Shinjuku by night

Asia » Japan » Tokyo February 23rd 2006

The weather was rainy and cold while we were there, but it was a great experience! We loved the place, although it was nearly impossible to communicate with the locals (except for the last night at the Ricon Flamenco, a bar full of locals that spoke Spanish) as they only speak Japanese. Finding directions in Tokyo was an enormously difficult mission, as there are no street names...... read more
Our first sushi experience
Flamme D´Or  by Philippe Starck - Ueno Station
Benzaiten Temple in Ueno


Asia » Japan » Tokyo February 22nd 2006

Because today was such a nice day, we decided to go to Disney Sea. The park is beautiful as you can see from the pictures and every time you walk through a different part of the park, it feels as if you were transported to that part of the world. We saw Venice, New York, The Temples of Indiana Jones, the Arabian dwellings of Sinbad, and of course, Ariel's Mermaid Lagoon. We spent most of the day just walking around the park and watching the wonderful shows. We saw a show in "New York" that was reminiscent of Broadway and a show called 'Mystic Rythms' which is a tribal-rainforest theatrical show. We also saw a great show in the Mermaid Lagoon Theatre called 'Under the Sea'. This is the show that Melanie will debut in on ... read more
Relaxing on Mickey's Monorail
A walk through Venice
walking through the streets of N.Y.

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Harajuku February 22nd 2006

Hi! Sorry, between travelling and jet lag I've gotten behind on my postings. These are pictures from February 19 in Tokyo with my mom. I'm actually back in Takizawa Japan. I will try to post blogs on San Francisco and life in Japan soon. Thanks to Colin's parents, we now have a reliable computer at home so we'll be able to stay in contact with everyone :) Although, I can't guarantee too much because I start work tomorrow. I'm anticipating a bit of an adjustment period, since I haven't worked full time in six months and am still recovering from jet lag. Here it is, the blog many of you have been waiting for! I hope you find them as fascinating as I do. Gwen Stefani (sorry for the pop culture reference) had not fully prepared ... read more

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akasaka February 17th 2006

Hi Everyone, I'm finally getting to see more of Japan! My mom arrived last week and it started snowing an hour after we picked her up and didn't stop snowing until the day we left Morioka! It snowed a foot the night she arrived! Travelling with her is definitely a different experience, the main difference is everywhere we go people offer us special treats, help and sake! We shared a boat trip through Geibikei gorge with a tour group who insisted that we eat most of their elaborate lunch and drink sake and beer. It was 11am so of course they were loaded. One of the men sat beside my mom and kept calling her 'mama san' (Mrs. Mom) and when we had to walk through part of the gorge he took her arm to walk ... read more
Geibikei Gorge

Asia » Japan » Tokyo February 17th 2006

Sure, I could have gone with the oft-neglected gimmick I was employing of naming entries after songs, but I don't particularly care much for Alice Cooper. And everyone always sings that damn song when school ends. It's annoying. Today was my final day of teaching at Koigakubo Junior High School #1. March is the end of the school year. It was a sad day, the kids were really nice, and I always enjoyed the work. It was the best job I've ever had, and I probably won't ever have a better one. I think I have to consider becoming a teacher. But perhaps I would just end up becoming cynical and dwell too much on the negatives that would assuredly come with a more legitimate teaching position. I took some pictures of the school and the ... read more
Path to school
Far view of school

Asia » Japan » Tokyo February 16th 2006

Well here it is, a month after I last updated and over 5 weeks since I arrived here! Some dedicated readers of this blog have been chomping at the bit for an update so I figured I had better get on it. The last month has been crazy at times and uneventful at times because I have somewhat settled into a routine (shudder). I am up every day before 7 for breakfast with the family. (I think I am making progress on training myself to become a morning person). Of course I go to class four nights a week and on those days I also normally head to the gym, do some studying, eat lunch with friends, and run any errands I need to take care of. On the weekends all bets are off and I ... read more
our building the first day it snowed
entrance to market in Ueno

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