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Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 14th 2009

Ok, so the two don't mix but that was the story of our weekend! There are two very popular things that we hadn't done since we have lived here; Chinese massage and karaoke. This weekend we crossed off the latter. Karaoke houses or bars are huge here and when I say huge, I mean incredibly popular. Apart from going to the dance clubs, it is the thing to do here on a Friday or Saturday night. They are known locally as KTVs and any building that contains one will have KTV in big letters somewhere on the outside of the place. We headed out to one that is close by this weekend with a small group of friends. I had never been but have heard about them since we arrived. When you enter, you are greeted ... read more
One of my times in the spotlight...
And the show continues...
Touched by the music...

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 14th 2009

Here are those photos of my apartment. There are a couple of areas missing including the dining room table, back/front decks, plus a shot of my view. But you get the idea.... read more
Living room
Fridge and second sink

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 13th 2009

Well it's been awhile :) Thanksgiving, Halloween, remembrance day have all slid on by. My time here in Wuhan is flying by faster than when I was in Dalian. - Many of the seasoned teachers warned me about the long haul from October break to the big 5 week in Jan, but I can't believe that we're only a month away from our big holiday. TIME IS FLYING! Christmas is right around the corner, and this was a cause of slight concern back when I was in Canada. Questions of ' What was my first Christmas away from home going to be like? What would it be like without my family and friends - who was going to make Ginger Beer and punch de creme, and would Parang sound the same here in China as it ... read more
Men climbing trees
x-mas tree
night out

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 12th 2009

Well I have been going hard core at work for the past couple of months. Our school had the mandatory BC provincial government inspection last month. The school did well, there were some minor suggestions of improvement but nothing to write home about (haha). I went on a weekend trip a month ago to a hot spring near Lushan mountain in a neighboring province. That was fun as a local friend of ours, Louie, set up the trip and we toured around. The hot springs were nice there were dozens of hot tubs each with their own special healing processes. Two of the hot tubs were interesting, they had fish in the and the fish ate your dead skin on your body. They tickled as dozens of fish swarmed your body. My legs and arms felt ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 5th 2009

Just a little entry about the Amazing Student Show we had this week. Yes, that is what it is called! A two hour (at least) stage show, organanized, hosted and performed by the Grade 11s each year in our school theatre. Not the most interesting entry for everybody but it allows me to keep all my pics in one easily accessible blog! Also gives all you folks in Canada and elsewhere a chance to see the latest teen fashions in Wuhan! ... read more
Photo 20
Photo 2
Photo 5


Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan November 21st 2009

Pour nos vacances de Toussaint, nous avions la joie et l'immense privilège d'accueillir Cédric et Cristelle, deux intrépides voyageurs prêts à tout pour découvrir la Chine! Une semaine à Wuhan alors que nous étions encore en cours où ils ont découvert, avec et sans nous et même plutôt sans nous les petites ruelles... Nous les emmenions au concert de Cui Jian, star du rock chinois, interdit de scène jusque 2005, car très critique de la société chinoise actuelle... Le public, contrairement à nos expériences de spectacles en Chine, se levait, gueulait avant le début du concert, essayait de monter sur scène, chantait et dansait, dans la toute nouvelle salle de spectacle de Wuhan, sous les yeux ébahis des agents de sécurité-soldats présents en nombre dans la salle ... read more
Halloween en boite.
Mais que fait-il?
Concert au Vox.

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan November 8th 2009

Just a short entry to show pics from the school Halloween party and Nancy's new trike. She is doing great with the shifting and is finally getting more comfortable in the traffic, which there is lots of around here! Weather here is still great! Today it reached a high of 27 but supposedly cooling down a bit later this week. The fact that we are still riding our bikes to school says it all. Later this month I am off to a Math conference in Shanghai with Nancy coming along for the ride. Should be fun...... read more
Photo 6
Photo 7

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan November 4th 2009

Well I got back onto a blog. The last blog website the gov denied access too. This website is fine though and many teachers here have been posting on the site for a while so it shouldn't be denied. Well since my last entry I have gone and traveled to Shanghai with a friend and fellow teacher Steve. We saw the sights and sounds of a huge city in the 4 days I was there. Then lots of great teachings and lots of planing too. I decided to move the week before last. The campus life was getting a little too close for comfort as some of the quarantined H1N1er students were taken out of the student dorms and into the teacher residence apartment buildings. So that was the final straw for me and another teacher ... read more
the burge district
streets of shanghai
staff photo

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan October 24th 2009

Profitons de cette belle fin de dimanche pour partir avec Xavier à vélo apprécier le soleil de fin de journée sur les petits villages de la campagne wuhanaise. Au cours de cette escapade nos regards curieux aiguisent la curiosité des villageois, et nous sommes même invités à entrer chez une petite dame qui veut nous montrer l'intérieur de sa maison. Trop fort! Au hasard des chemins, nous croisons des scènes très pittoresques et picturales... ... read more
Bain 1.
Bain 2.

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan October 24th 2009

Après une promenade à vélo dans la brume et dans des paysages nouvellement en construction, la journée peut commencer... Petite virée ce samedi au fameux musée d'art contemporain pour une chouette expo sur Wuhan vu par des artistes locaux. Des tableaux plus ou moins intéressants mais dans l'ensemble de très bonne facture. Et puis c'est toujours plus agréable de reconnaître les endroits représentés! Nous y reconnaissons même le stade dont nous sommes voisins... Exemples! Le soir, pour nous remettre de ces émotions, nous inaugurons le 'Toucan', tout nouveau pub irlandais wuhanais où la Guinness n'est pas mauvaise du tout. ... read more
Brume du matin...
Brume du matin...
C'est ici!

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