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Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou October 4th 2010

Hi All, So I'm on holiday for a week for the national day celebrations. We went out for a ride on our bikes on Friday and Saturday and here are the photos Enjoy! Jah Bless... read more
Ladies drumming band 02-10-10
Ladies drumming band 02-10-10 (1)
Ladies drumming band 02-10-10 (2)

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou October 4th 2010

Hi All, Well the weather here at the minute is incredible mid 20s and none of that horrible humidity. It feels like spring not autumn. So we decided to go to Nanjie Cun which is the last Maoist collective in China. What a strange place, so clean, so free from people trying to sell you things, so organised. The usual chaos one finds in Chinese towns and cities seemed to have evaporated. There was piped music interspersed with messages in Chinese being played over the loud speakers all over the collective. We found a petting zoo for children with some deer, some camels and a couple of osteriches. There was even a mosque, how bizzare! There's not all that much to see there. I suppose the main attraction are the paintings of Uncle Joe Stalin and ... read more
Nanjie Cun 04-10-10 (82)
Nanjie Cun 04-10-10 (7)
Nanjie Cun 04-10-10 (33)

Asia » China » Henan » Song Shan September 24th 2010

Greetings one and all, So yesterday we went to the Shaolin Temple. Now the day didn't quite go as I had planned, we ended up on a tour of other scenic spots around the Shaolin Temple and didn't arrive there until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, bearing in mind that we left home at around 7.30 am and the temple is only 80 kms away. We had to change buses 3 times. I wanted to visit the pagoda forest and go up into the mountains but unfortunatly due to lack of time, the last bus leaves Shaolin at 6.00 pm, we only got to see the temple itself oh and the obligitory kung-fu show. The temple itself is small and all fairly new. The temple itself was burned down in 1923 and most of the halls ... read more
mount songshan scenic area (23)
mount songshan scenic area (1)
mount songshan scenic area

Asia » China » Henan » Anyang September 20th 2010

Hello All! Sorry this post got out a little later than normal. Better late than never though! Yesterday was defined by our trip to the orphanage and it went well as far as these trips are concerned. We traveled about 3 hours by van with a driver and guide to Anyang City. Once there, we went straight to the orphanage, known in government parlance as the Anyang City Social Welfare Institute. We were fortunate to meet Julia’s nannies and see her crib as well as see the room her crib had been in. The nannies were clearly very devoted to the many babies present but there were so many babies and so few resources. In reading typical accounts of other adoptive parents visiting their child’s orphanage, a few predictable impressions emerge. First, most parents describe an ... read more
The Gate to the Orphanage
Our family in the orphanage courtyard with the orphanage director.
Walking up a ramp in the Orphanage

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou September 20th 2010

Greetings! As our first unprogrammed day of the entire trip so far, yesterday was filled with thankfully lighter fare than the day prior when we visited Julia’s orphanage. Many of the babies in our group seemed to have a night of fitful sleeping following trips to their respective orphanages. I suspect it was an equally emotional visit for babies and adoptive families alike. Baby Julia enjoyed trips to a little playroom here in the hotel and to the pool as well. See attached pictures of this. Emma and Joshua continue to do well with her and my parents continue to be a source of tremendous assistance at every level of the process. We are grateful for their involvement. Additionally, we were fortunate to connect with Shannon's parents again by skyping so they could see the Baby ... read more
Julia makes progress in motor skills each and every day at this point.
Baby Julia having fun in a toddler tunnel.
Joshua had fun in the playroom!


Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou September 18th 2010

Greetings All! Yesterday we traveled a couple hours by bus with our adoptive travel group to visit the Shaolin Temple. It was definitely more commercialized than we expected but still a fascinating place. Sweet baby Julia continues to be an amazingly well regulated and content baby. She cries only briefly when she is hungry or upset about being left for a moment but quickly returns to her even-tempered happy disposition. The trip yesterday was exhausting for all the families by the end of the long day and Julia was the one baby still plugging happily along. She continues to bond well, smiling even more often and enjoying our comforting in a variety of situations ranging from stressful to relaxed. She is particularly happy and playful as I write this post this morning. Thanks for everyone well-wishes. ... read more
Baby Julia in the back pack.
Sleeping with Mama on the bus.
Emma feeding Baby J at breakfast.

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou September 17th 2010

Greetings All! We are starting our 3rd day with baby Julia and, in short, it all continues to unfold like a wonderful dream. The little inevitable hurdles which come up in every day are nothing compared to how happy we are to be with Baby Julia! I write to you at 3:30 am local time during Julia’s single night feed. She is a good sleeper and seems to wake up just once a night for feeding. Yesterday we completed her adoption in the eyes of the Chinese Government by signing countless papers written completely in Chinese characters. (One of the most important legal documents we’ve ever signed but we can’t even read the large print much less the fine print. One more example of how much Trust is involved in the adoptive process.) Although we don’t ... read more
Playful Julia.
Julia docked with Mama
Julia gazing at Mama on the bus home from signing the adoptive paperwork.

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou September 16th 2010

We are overjoyed to announce the uniting of Baby Julia Rose An Campbell with her Forever Family! The past 18 hours have been a whirlwind of joy and excitement. We are so happy to let everyone know that “Gotcha Day” went perfect! Baby Julia is a sweet and beautiful little babygirl! The day was filled with intense anticipation and focused connection. It’s all Good! At the government building where we met her, we signed paperwork attesting to be her legal guardians for the coming days while awaiting confirmation next week of her formal adoption into our family. Then we finally got to take her back to the hotel! She is doing well despite a mild fever, ear infection, and an orphanage rash. (These are all typical and expected issues.) She fed vigorously immediately upon receiving her ... read more
Shannon with baby Julia.
PIcture of a picture.
Emma with Julia on the bus to the hotel.

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou September 15th 2010

The Big Day is finally upon us and unfolding before us! In just a few hours we will leave the hotel together here in Zhengzhou and travel to a local government building to unite with Baby Julia. There is nervous excitement and happy anticipation among all the families including ours. Everyone is holding up well though. It is a truly momentous occasion! We’re staying in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Zhengzhou and it is quite nice, the finest hotel in the city it would seem. The agency chose it because it has non-smoking rooms (often difficult to find in China) and because the rooms are larger than most (better to accommodate the baby's crib). Our travel to Zhengzhou was uneventful. As we left Beijing, the baseline air pollution was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed short of ... read more
Beijing Traffic and Thick Air.
The aircraft control tower from the runway at Beijing International Airport.
The runway at Beijing International Airport

Asia » China » Henan » Zhengzhou August 16th 2010

Hi All, Just a few photos of this weekend. We had it italian style, we found a restaraunt that does foreign food on Saturday and it's only a short bike ride from our flat. Yesterday we went to the park and had a picnic. Enjoy Jah Bless... read more
Me and Spaghetti
Ferragosto Zhengzhou 2010
Ferragosto Zhengzhou 2010 (4)

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