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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 31st 2010

So what has been happening since the last blog? Well...while I have been missing Kate, I really haven't had much time to feel sorry for myself! Over the past month I have been very bust taking various kids to the dentist, the hospital, visiting four school open days and a school sports day as well as making sure that all birthdays in the house (there are about 30 including all the staff), are celebrated with cake and singing! Although I am not a mother I am getting a taste of what it must be like...just didn't think I would be getting that exposure with 24 children!! The kids are very excited and studying hard for end of term exams at the moment as school holidays start next week of school left! It is hard to ... read more
Patrick and Paul.
Abdul's open day.
Butros and Jacqui.

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 29th 2010

Hello All, It has been a while since you have heard from us through this site. Part of the reason is that I started a new blog back in January, called Wild Thoughts from Uganda (, that is focused on social and environmental issues in Uganda rather than just our family travels and travails. I haven't been writing for the last few weeks since we were in the U.S., but I generally try to post about 3 times per week. You can dig down in the archives for the posts of the last six months. I am taking the liberty of adding your e-mail to that blog instead of this one. The first e-mail you receive from Wordpress should give you instructions on how to unsubscribe if you wish to do so. My apologies to those ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 29th 2010

OK - so I spoke too soon, and you got lucky. It turns out that I can't subscribe other people to my own blog, which I suppose is the way it should be. So, if you would like, you can go to and subscribe yourself, or you can just drop by on occasion when you are trying to avoid the work you are supposed to be doing. Take care! Mark... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 29th 2010

As I sit in the office on my last day of work, I ponder the question, "How many times can one person re-write their resume?" Seriously though, I can't even count the hours that I have spent moving things around, adding a word here or there, bolding, un-bolding and then re-bolding successively. What a nightmare. As some of you may know, today is my birthday! Wooo. One year older and most likely none the wiser. Birthdays are always a good time to stare out the window glassy-eyed and reflect on one's life and the experiences that have comprised it to this point. And so, as I stare out into the mid-day torrential down pour that is 100% going to have to stop before my outdoor party tonight, I bring you my reflections on Uganda (and by ... read more
Fresh Cuts!
The Tummy Trimmer

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 21st 2010

I've decided to just try and wrap up two weeks into one blog entry. I just continually get behind on this. I'm still alive though. After my Kenya trip it was back to work. I did a session that day. I continued teaching how to do word. I was now doing sessions at 3 different universities so I was pretty busy. Also we were going out most nights since many of the inters were coming to the end of their stays. I just got into a normal routine of planning the sessions and lecturing so there wasn't too much to write about until I got to the internet. They are very insistent that I teach people how to use the internet. To me the internet wasn't something that you needed to teach people. It was just ... read more
Kyambogo College Computer Lab with Students


Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 16th 2010

It was Sunday night since the bombings had occurred. There is still lots of traffic downtown and it looks as though people have continued on with their lives. Although now new security measures have definitely been taken into action. At one of the grocery stores that I go to they now search every car entering the parking lot and everyone who enters the store gets screened. Most buildings have at least a security guard standing outside now. It's a bit of a pain sometimes because you have to wait a bit longer. It also changed the mentality of the area. One of the bombs on Sunday was in a popular Ethiopian restaurant. We went out for dinner on Monday night to an Italian restaurant near our hostel. I have to admit that I felt pretty uncomfortable ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 14th 2010

I'm sure you will all be happy to hear that I have become a hermit and spent the last two nights at home watching E!. I now know more about their many reality TV stars than I ever thought I would. For example, did you know that Bordy Jenner is Kim Kardashian's step-brother? Well now you do! I also straightened my hair for the first time since I felt I had to look presentable at the ICC Review Conference in early June. And I painted my nails. Although I don't actually go out every night and have been known to stay at home and watch Kendra (I know, horrible) there is something about the self-imposed restriction of movement that is making me very restless and resentful. I did, however, go to the country club to go ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 14th 2010

(these photos have nothing to do with the post, but photos are always good so I have attached them. Here are some photos of the best signs and ads I've come across in Uganda) It's been a week since the bombings but they largely remain the centre of the media attention here. The front page of today's newspaper had the photographs of two of the suspected dead bombers (bloody faces and all) as well as computer imaging mock-ups of what they probably looked like before the blast. Apparently the FBI has a number of operatives here who are working with the Ugandan police force to find the bombers. As of Friday, the reported death toll was: 62 Ugandans 11 Ethiopians/Eritreans 1 Irish 1 US 1 Sri Lankan 1 Indian 1 Kenyan Museveni has responded to the ... read more
God CAN photocopy
Get off that sexual network!
Hell, always on my mind

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 13th 2010

The last week of my trip was wonderful. They threw a goodbye lunch for me at work, and then the family I'm staying with also had a lunch for me on Sunday right before I left. I was, of course, sad to go, but knew that I would be happy to see everyone at home. I left for the airport with the entire family with me. They all came to see me off, and it was Jane and Michelle's first times to see the airport. Saying goodbye to everyone was hard, and I gave everyone hugs, which may not have been culturally appropriate, but seemed necessary to me. I then went through security, etc, and called my mom before I boarded the plane. Later, on the plane from the Netherlands to Detriot, I was sitting by ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 12th 2010

Due to recent events I'm going to have to rush through the week to last nights events. I wasn't sure if it would make news but this morning when I woke up the first headline that I saw on CNN was "Death toll rises in Uganda bomb attacks". I'll start by saying that last weekend I went to the Uganda v. Kenya rugby game. It seems that rugby games are more of a social activity than sporting event. After the match the rugby pitch turns into a giant night club. We were too tired that day to check it out but it's apparently a very popular spot to go to. On Sunday we all went on a "safari" which really ended up being 6 hours each way on a bus only to find no animals. It ... read more

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