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Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam December 18th 2011

PUSH had their Christmas Party over at the George and The Dragon. Shots were had. Jello shots. Thankfully, after a long week of 12+ hour days, we stayed long enough to grab a bite, a few pints and head off home. On a business positive note, made the acquaintance of the managing director of PUSH mobile, who has a keen interest in social networks and social media. We agreed to talk later this week. Saturday, tried to sleep in, but just couldn’t do it. Had a lovely breakfast at BlackTomato, directly across from the apartment. Internet was intermittent, along with the power outages, so getting a decent signal was a problem. Decided to head up north to do some sightseeing. A little historical tourism. What the map showed to be some 30km north of Dar, ended ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam December 17th 2011

Starsucks. The word is graffiti’d beside the pictures of English football stars in the wall of the alcove where the coffee guys prepare their wares for the day’s selling. It’s a strident reply to the world domination of a certain brand of cuppa they will never be able to afford. But once you drink their hard-earned brew, who would ever want to. My friends know I’m not normally a coffee-drinker, and I didn’t think I would especially like this which had been boiled in the pot over a tiny charcoal burner for an hour! But it was smooth! Barbe just hopes I won’t be this wired all day! One of the young men busied himself with roasting the beans as we arrived, also in a small pot without a handle over charcoal. The wooden spoon fit ... read more
Bajaji Tour

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam December 15th 2011

Today feels very long.. not only was there a party in the apartments behind my window, but sometime in the middle of the night, a couple of cats got very amorous and loud. Waking up before 4am two days running doesn’t agree with me. Good thing I bought coffee for the office (everyone else is a tea drinker.) Had dinner last night on the shores of the Indian Ocean.. I’d have pictures, but by the time we were seated, it was dark enough so that the camera on the droid was useless shooting towards the horizon. Trust me, it was a sight.. I’ll be back there soon enough with the SLR in hand…I’ve gotten a few requests for pictures, and will post them… but the gig comes first. Good news is that according to my project ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam December 14th 2011

Habari ya asubuhi! A bit hotter today than the last two days, but at least most of the power problems appeared fixed. For now. Work coming along slowly – lots of thinking on how to best apply the existing tools in a new more efficient and effective process. Project plan is complete along with usual breathing room. No extensions on this gig — plane ticket is bought and change fees are extraordinary. No worries though, I’ll figure it out. I have had pints in Irish or English pubs all over the US, in London proper, in Beijing, Metuchen (Hailey’s!), Shanghai and Bogota. Add Dar es Salaam to that list. Went to the local ex-pat watering hole last night, the url= and Dragon. I’m sure to be back p... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam December 12th 2011

12 December 2011 Heartbreaking goodbye at JFK Sunday morning. Nicholas was sobbing as I walked into the security area. It affected me in a manner I was not expecting. These last three months with him have been incredible. Window seat, and the plane ended up being full – when I checked in online on Saturday there was no one next, in front or behind me… this morning, all seats were filled. Settled in, took a nap, red, watched movies, catnapped some more. Twelve plus hours go by rather quick when you’re having fun. Dawn came out of nowhere, somewhere over the Arab peninsula. Cloudy, foggy. Following the Tigris river, something about the cradle of civilization. Oil fires can be seen from 35,000 feet. At least that is what I think they are. Catching up on some ... read more


Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam October 17th 2011

Translation: I'm here! For the past six days I've been cramming swahili and tomorrow I leave for my homestay where I will find out what I have actually retained. For the next nine weeks I'll be learning to live like a true Tanzanian. What I've learned so far: Tanzanians have an incredible sense of humor and my most valuable skill to master over the next two years will be my ability to laugh at myself. Should be a blast! Miss you all! Love, Kim... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam October 10th 2011

This past weekend was one of the best (and most exhausting) I’ve had in Tanzania. I spent the weekend with local friends, being driven (and driving the car myself, yikes!) around Dar to meet new people, visit friends, relax by the beach, and enjoy the party scene. I met the family of one of my friends. They did not know I was coming but immediately they brought out ugali, beans, and goat meat. I found out later they were debating in the kitchen whether I would eat ugali, a traditional Tanzanian maize-based staple. But like a Tanzanian, I dug right in, refusing utensils and eating with my fingers. His mother was especially thrilled. His father and I talked economics and financial crises. And his mother showed me photos from when she visited Washington, DC. I went ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East September 13th 2011

Day One: The BA flight was good, very quiet so we could spread out across lots of seats and try to get some sleep. Getting our Visas was an experience - Anton struggled with the VERY laid back African systems...i.e. you just give a guy $50 each and your passport and wait for him to (hopefully) return at some point! The private charter flight was amazing thanks to George the pilot, the views were stunning, although the weather was very mixed today. We felt pretty special having our own plane and pilots with our cases just thrown on the back seat as if we were in a taxi! It was raining during the flight and the plane had no windscreen wipers so seeing the pilots hanging out the window to get their directions was rather amusing ... read more
Our Room
Ahhh relax!
The handsome hubby!

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 24th 2011

I have been home from Africa for six weeks. Each day I have sat down to write this blog and I literally sit and stare at a blank page. The longer I sat home the more difficult it became. My intention, of course, was to write a blog like my previous one from Cambodia and Thailand, while traveling. But Africa was such a different kind of trip. First, we had little to no electricity from day to day, with not a computer or any sort of electrical appliance in site. Second, our day started with gongs, chants and drums each morning at 5:45AM with a full tiring day arriving home around 7PM, just in time for dinner and packing supplies for the next day, quiet hours beginning at 10PM. The showers were trickles of cold water, ... read more
Prep Work

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 1st 2011

The view from the train was pretty amazing, rolling hills, forests, villages and farmland. We seemed to stop very often, it was the ordinary train not the express. There were lots of little villages, but since we were at the back of the train all the people selling things on the side of the tracks would run down the train to sell things to passengers. Wehad bought most of our food in Kapiri Mposhi so didn’t need to buy much. We did however occasionally buy a meal from the train restaurant. Because we were in first class, a man would come along for each meal and take orders, then bring them to the room for us. The bar was a few carriages up the train between first and second classes. It was just a few lounges ... read more
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cats are everywhere
hand turned sugar cane juicer

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