Jan B. Hansen

Jan B Hansen

Jan B. Hansen

Raised in a close, Minnesota farm family who took travel adventures all over the U.S. and Canada, I was introduced to community and global causes. I maintained a global focus with my husband and as a professor who helped build learning centers around the world. I resigned my university position and am President/CEO of a Minnesota-based nonprofit building KARUCO-Karagwe University College- in Tanzania. Our partners too are globally minded and intent on bettering their lives and economic condition. This blog will help tell the story.

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Africa » Tanzania » North » Bukoba December 3rd 2013

With great need comes great opportunity. Instead of feeling sorry for people and offering pity that does no one any good - ETI sees the problems in Karagwe as "Great Opportunity". Catch this video and see for yourself why so many want to be part of this amazing story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8QDoDb_1yI... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Bukoba December 3rd 2013

The purpose of this blog entry is to let folks know about the connection to the Educate Tanzania website at http://educatetanzania.org We want to be sure that everyone knows they can access the Travelblog site: http://educatetanzania.org Don't miss the latest goings-on and be sure to keep up with the latest in construction, program development, faculty recruitment and development, student recruitment, admission and retention; and of course - evaluation and assessment. Life is exciting with the crew of volunteers we are proud to have as part of the ETI family. Join us as we forge head. Be part of the story.... read more
KARUCO Campus Site
KARUCO Groundbreaking - Oct 2012
World as 100 People

Why Establish a University in Karagwe? KARUCO – Karagwe University College The aim of establishing KARUCO is to prepare young people from Tanzania to build entrepreneurial Agri-business committed to sustainability and social justice – - That will bring social and economic transformation to Karagwe and surrounding areas. Why Entrepreneurial Agri-business? Agriculture is the backbone of the Tanzanian economy. More than 90% of people in Karagwe are small-scale farmers and more than 80% of all Tanzanians rely on agriculture to live from day to day. Most farm for subsistence. These people face overwhelming challenges including depleted soils, poor seeds, lack of clean water, lack of access to meaningful markets, and confining roles especially for women who toil, fetch water and supplies but are removed from ... read more
ELCT Management Team
Typical Crops
Girls Work the Land

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis April 14th 2013

HOW TO HELP EDUCATE TANZANIA Tell three friends to visit our website and learn about the project. http://educatetanzania.org Examine your resources and expertise. See a match within the KARUCO plan? Let us know. Educatetanzania@gmail.com Do you have $39.00? (Equivalent of the average yearly income in Karagwe). Hit the yellow donate button. Have more than $39. Don't be shy. We will put it to good use. Connect: sign up for our 1x month newsletter. ETI never shares contact info. Attend one of our events. Help us spread the word and invest in KARUCO. Events are posted on our website. Http://educatetanzania.org 2013 Event: May 31st / Auction / Dinner / Fundraiser / Hazeltine National Golf Course MN Fund a building ($100K) or water delivery system ($250K) or landmark tower ($30K) or technology plan (TBD) :-) Ot... read more
Kojo Benjamin Taylor, CEO Microclinics International
Mary Schott
Dr. Jay Bell, Assoc Dean

Africa » Tanzania » West March 13th 2013

The focus of this final photo journal entry for the "Karagwe Unplugged Trip" is "Building KARUCO". Building KARUCO means many things - building the campus; developing the program; establishing the infrastructure needed; building financial capacity through ETI - to name a few. This entry however focuses on the actual bricks and mortar. Speaking of which, take a good look at the rock foundation. All hand- cut rock- I can still hear the hammer. It looks beautiful. This set of blog entries - Karagwe Unplugged- is Educate Tanzania's attempt to provide a virtual tour of Karagwe using the beautiful images of Ashley Miller of AshMill Photography. Http:/... read more
ETI Helps Build KARUCO Classroom
KARUCO Students Learn in Hands-On Ways
From Classroom to College Farm Plots

Africa » Tanzania » West March 12th 2013

The focus of this photo journal entry is "The KARUCO Site". These images show where the Karagwe University College - KARUCO - will be. Visit our Tanzanian partners' website to learn more about the beautiful location, see a site map, and read "Why a University in Karagwe?". http://www.karagwe-diocese.org/EN/karagwe-university/why-a-university-in-karagwe.html If you haven't done so already, feel free to take a few minutes to check out previous blogs for particulars of how the project started (2008) and how Educate Tanzania was established (2010). KARUCO is being built for the purpose of introducing students and subsistence farmers to new ways to go about crop production, crop conservation, and harvest-to-market techniques. The "Groundbreaking" blog shows the excitement ... read more
Leaders Gather at Tower Point
Overlooking KARUCO's 1000 Acres
Educate Tanzania

Africa » Tanzania » West March 11th 2013

The focus of this photo journal entry is "People Posing (3)". There are few things as beautiful as Tanzanians going about life as they do, and therefore few things as lovely as capturing their candid moments. Having said that there are some wonderful opportunities to line up, gather people together, and memorialize events, meetings, and gatherings by taking an organized photo of the group. Ashley was asked repeatedly to do this conventional task although her real strengths seemed to lie with her less conventional keen eye for detail, design, and capturing Tanzanian life close-up and personal. When I looked at the group photos all together - as one- I was struck with the amount of work Drs. Bagonza and Katabaro put into organizing so many groups to meet with the Educate Tanzania team, and struck with ... read more
True Partners
Dr. Brighton Katabaro, Mlimu Katabaro and Jan
Curriculum Team

Africa » Tanzania » West March 10th 2013

The focus of this photo journal entry is "People of KARASECO". Karagwe Secondary School is one of the best academic schools in Tanzania and is adjacent to the land for KARUCO. KARASECO will be a 'feeder' to the university. You can visit the ELCT, Karagwe Diocese website to get more information on KARASECO. http://www.karagwe-diocese.org/EN/institutions/karagwe-secondary-school.html This set of entries makes up "Karagwe Unplugged". We show in images and captions the grassroots effort of the ELCT (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania) and ETI (Educate Tanzania, Inc) to build KARUCO (Karagwe University College). Educate Tanzania invites you on this photo tour of Karagwe using the beautiful images of Ashley Miller of AshMill Photography in Nashvil... read more
KARASECO Secondary Students Share
"I Want KARUCO for Others"
Listening - Focus Group

Africa » Tanzania » West March 10th 2013

The focus of this photo journal entry is "The People". What could possibly be more interesting than people? We start with a compelling photo of a young girl transporting a small bag on her head. The caption asks you to imagine your life activities and then replace 75% of them with the one activity of transporting things from Point A to Point B. Walking. Mostly this activity 'belongs' to the girls we know who walk between 4-7 miles per day to fetch water. One upside is the galvanized friendships forged on the walk. The downsides are too numerous to mention in this blog but two biggies are 1) not being able to attend school and 2) roadside dangers some of which result in pregnancy. On a lighter note, don't miss the faces of the child-onlookers who ... read more
Dr. Katabaro with His Father
Drs. Bagonza and Katabaro

Africa » Tanzania » West March 9th 2013

The focus of this photo journal entry is "SOILS". The sure way to keep Dr. Jay Bell happy is to let him play in the dirt. Perhaps "play" is a stretch of the word for this Associate Dean of Faculty Affiairs at the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) at the University of Minnesota. But then again perhaps not. Jay looks out at the landscape and sees soils. He digs and examines the life below the ground. His hand often holds soil. He is sure to tell all within earshot that it will be the soils that bring this Ag project - KARUCO- to life. Africa's soils are fragile. Abusing them is not an option if we truly will bring about social and economic transformation through KARUCO - the district's first university. Karagwe ... read more
Dig It!
Dr. Pedro Bidegaray
What Will Grow Here?

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