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Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest July 30th 2011

Oh beloved Africa! There's a new surprise waiting for us every day. This morning my alarm was Emile, one of the employees we met the night before. He was calling at 8am to ask about our plans. Really?! 8am on a saturday? Geez! After just laying around til 10 o'clock we finally decided to get up. One of the employees got us some tea and samosas. We talked to Jaqueline the manager of the motel and she told us every last saturday of the month Rwandans got together and volunteered. They then gathered to build new streets, fix houses etc. That's a pretty cool idea, but I don't think it would work out in a western country, cause people there are always busy. The stores opened at 2pm and Nellie and decided to go for a ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest July 29th 2011

We thought we were able to escape from all the noises in the morning in Uganda, but no.. Rwanda has a lot to offer, too. It started to rain during the night and because all the roofs were made of coorugated steel the rain got the opportunity to be even louder than necessary. I was awake since 5am... At 8am a girl brought us some warm water as promised since we didn't have any in our room. She brought two jerrycans, but didn't understand we needed some kind of cup so we could do a bucket shower. Well, necessity is the mother of invention: We used an empty Fanta bottle. After our showers the next surprise was waiting: We got African tea from a thermos jug and two dry rolls. Woohoo! Everything I need for the ... read more
This is the owner of the house we helped building. Her name is Dafroze.
The house again
On the left you see Dafroze's daughter and some other kids

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest July 28th 2011

As a start we were woken up at 3: 30 am by some people returning to the hotel and not seeing the point of being quiet for the other guests. We got up at 7am since Yves wanted to pick us up at 8am. We forgot there was a time change, so were standing in front of the hotel already at 7am rwandan time. And since something got in Yves way he picked us up at quarter to 9. We spent the first morning in Rwanda in front of a hotel, awesome! We then went to some other bank to see if Nellie could get some money. On our way we met Anita for the first time who then went to Muhanga, the place where the project is. While Nellie was spending an eternity at the ... read more
The view out the window
view out the window
risky job!

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali July 27th 2011

We said goodbye to all the people at the farm, hugged each other and took some pictures. Then we left to go to Masaka where Nellie and I would be picked up by the bus from Kampala and go to Kigali. While waiting at the gas station I spotted a banner advertising a bus company. It said: "Kampala Coach: Kampala- South Africa- A once in a lifetime experience." Oh yeah, I believe that. I mean who is stupid enough to do that trip twice? When we got on the bus we tried to reach Anita in Kigali to tell her what time we would arrive. Unfortunately it seemed like she wasn't understanding what we were saying and we couldn't reach the other guy, Yves. So we called Peter asking him to talk to someone telling them ... read more

Africa » Rwanda July 19th 2011

After 10 whirlwind days in Rwanda (meetings and excursions sometimes beginning 5AM until 9PM+), it was time to come home. The trip was all I wanted and much, much, much more. Among the highlights: We were hosted by an incredible woman (Rose Kabuye) who was a lieutenant colonel for the guerrillas fighting against the genocide, wife and mother, mayor of the capital, Kigali, member of parliament and the cabinet, and just a beautiful person. We were in a posh hotel (uniformed doorman) and had access to leaders and shakers that could never have happened individually. Our visits were to elite sites (several hundred dollars admission for biggies, plus transportation and lodging) so I had an experience I could not have had otherwise. We visited the memorial for the nearly 1 million people who died in the ... read more
Rose kibuye & me
Doorman at Kigali Serena hotel
Truck to photo safari


Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali July 18th 2011

Eg spasserte over den trafikkerte vegen, myste litt mot sola og rusla vidare på fortauet. Ein mann kom op til meg haldt meg roleg rundt handleddet, og peikte på skoen. Eg kjende så ei hand på brystlomma mi, og instinktivt slo eg den hardt vekk. Eg sett auga i dei begge, dei så olmt på meg og trakk seg unna. Ikkje brått, ikkje som om dei flykta, men sakte medand dei såg på meg. Eg kokte. Eg raste. Eg freste. Eg prøvde å ta dei av dage med blikket mitt. Rundt gjekk folk forbi som vanleg. Dei to mennen forsvann utanfor synsrekkjevidda mi. Eg såg føre meg fleire scenarier, ein der eg kaldkvelde mannen, ein annan der eg spende han ned og ein tredje der eg vrei armen hans og haldt han i ro. Men eg ... read more

Africa » Rwanda July 7th 2011

July 7th I am on my way to Rwanda in Central Africa (see map for travel route). This 10 day trip is sponsored by the SEVEN Fund: Social Equity VENture Fund, which was founded to seek solutions to poverty. As ambitious as that may seem, this organization is really in the vanguard to help reach this. As part of the preparation for travel we were sent articles, books, and had several conference calls. My participation is the result of a competition to select 5 teachers to look at efforts-- and major successes-- of Rwanda. While the genocide of 1994 comes to mind quickly for the country, its achievements since then really explain what it is about. To get ready I did considerable reading and internet surfing. Sources present a consistent picture, tracing the roots of ethnic ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Est June 10th 2011

When we first arrived, the guides welcomed us and directed us to the wonderful Rwandan tea and coffee. That was welcome on a chilly morning. We had the opportunity to do some shopping and I found great souvenirs for Andrew and the boys. In the first photo, the guides meet to discuss where the family groups are, then they divide the visitors into groups based on how far they want to hike. Because my hip and leg are still bothering me a lot, I asked for the closest group. I was assigned to the Hirwa group with 7 Australians. Hirwa means lucky, which I took for a good omen. My driver, Banner, then got into a convoy to drive to the starting point of the trail. At the base of the trail, we met a group ... read more
Small boy in one of the fields
2 of 5 volcano peaks
Military escort

Africa » Rwanda » Province du Sud June 4th 2011

Yesterday, I did the most amazing thing: I went tracking the wild mountain gorillas at the Volcanoes National Park. It was unbelievable. First, I had to get up at 4:00 am for the drive down to the main office. I planned to sleep through the trip but found myself too excited to sleep. Once the sun started rising, the views were gorgeous. This post includes those photos. There will be another post soon.... read more
2011-6-4 Gorilla Trek 010
2011-6-4 Gorilla Trek 029
2011-6-4 Gorilla Trek 035

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali May 24th 2011

I guess I'm supposed to make this blog to be really deep, inspirational and meaningful. I'll try, but my main purpose is to keep in touch with friends and family, and share photos and experiences. Already, I'm amazed by this city and the people. The language barrier makes it so hard to communicate but they are such a beautiful, friendly people. Although English is now the official language, the main languages are Kinyarwanda and French, neither of which I know. I've had a few days in Rwanda and think I'm settling in well. I've been staying with my wonderful hostess/supervisor, Ginny Baresch. Tonight we got home early enough for me to take a short walk around the neighborhood and take some photos. I hope you enjoy some of the scenes from Ginny’s neighborhood. ... read more
Flora 2
Flora 3
Scenery 1

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