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Africa » Rwanda November 20th 2013

What are the food customs in Rwanda, Africa? In the article "Culture of Rwanda", it reveals a variety of customs that the country does. It also talks about the Rwanda's religion, beliefs, social classes, trade, the food they eat, and their government. There are examples of what cultural traditions they do and the way they eat there meals or they way they eat on special occasions compare to other countries. Moreover, the article states facts from the gender roles in families to the different and limited foods the Rwandan people eat on a daily basis. Some customs in Rwanda are very unusual compared to American customs. In Rwanda for special occasions they have a ceremonial consumption of alcohol and food. F... read more

Africa » Rwanda August 23rd 2013

"At my signal, unleash Hell" On April 6 1994 Rwandan president Juvénal Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira were assassinated when the plane they flew in was shot down while approaching Kigali Airport. That event was the signal that started the Rwandan Genocide. Over a period of only 100 days, from April 6 to mid July, between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Rwandans, mostly of the "ethnic group" Tutsis, were systematically murdered. In recent years the Rwandans have started to call the genocide "the Genocide Against the Tutsis". This change of name clearly points out the Tutsis as the victims and consequently the Hutus accept the responsibility for the mass murder. The reason we write "ethnic group" in quotation marks is that Hutus and Tutsis aren't separate ethnic groups at all. It was the colonial rulers in the ... read more
The Nyanza Genocide Memorial in Kigali
The Nyanza Genocide Memorial in Kigali
The Nyanza Genocide Memorial in Kigali

Zebras must be fake In the east of Rwanda, near the border of Tanzania, is the Akagera National Park. The main attraction in Akagera is to go on a safari to the parts of the national park covered with savannah. We have never been to a safari before. This was a first for us and we absolutely loved it. In the national park we drove around in a car. If someone reading this has plans on going to Akagera National Park we would like to give a piece of information on the choice of car. A 4WD car is must or else you will not be able to visit much at all. We also recommend that you take a car that has AC. Then you can drive around with the car windows up and you will ... read more
"Why are you looking...?"

We bet Sigourney Weaver never fell on her butt when she checked out gorillas Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda is the home of the country's claim of fame, the mountain gorillas. The Volcanoes National Park covers a mountainous area where there are several volcanoes. The rugged slopes of these mountains, slopes covered with dense vegetation, is the environment the gorillas like to call home. They move around in large family groups spending most of the time eating it seemed like to us. The gorillas have no natural enemies so they can devout all their time to eating and relaxing. We suppose they could consider taking up a hobby or do sports as well but we haven't heard that any gorillas have done that yet. From what we understand they eat and then they eat more ... read more
Mountain gorilla
Young gorilla

Africa » Rwanda August 3rd 2013

“Surely you’re joking” If you recognise the headline we first would like to make it clear that Richard Feynman has nothing to do with this blog entry. We only borrowed the title from him to have as a headline at the top. We thought the title was pretty good because it gives you an idea of how we thought when we picked the photos for this this blog entry. They are some leftovers that we couldn’t fit in elsewhere but still wish to publish. Some are a bit funny, hence the headline, one or two you might find interesting and there might be some cute children somewhere as well. It’s a bit of this and that and there is no real theme going on. But we hope you enjoy looking at this anyway. Next we would ... read more
Carry on the head
Carry on the head


Africa » Rwanda August 2nd 2013

Lake Kivu – Beautiful and Lethal Rwanda must be one of the must underrated countries in the world. It is a very beautiful country, one of the safest countries in all of Africa, the people of Rwanda are very friendly and it is very easy to travel around. Rwanda also has some spectacular tourist attractions such as gorilla spotting and wildlife safari. Those attractions we have decided to write about in separate blog entries. In this blog entry and the next we will try to show some other sides of Rwanda instead of the mainstream touristy. Lake Kivu is one destination visitors in Rwanda are likely to end up at. The cities Rubavu, or rather the satellite town Rubona, and Karongi can both be called resort towns. Since Rwanda doesn’t have a great influx of foreign ... read more
Fishing boats on Lake Kivu
View over Lake Kivu
Lake Kivu

Africa » Rwanda July 5th 2013

It’s not often that you can live out one of your childhood dreams. When I was a child, I loved the movie “Gorillas in the Mist: The Dian Fossey Story.” The film details the story of an American scientist who goes to Rwanda to live among the gorillas. Her conservation efforts are credited with being the major contributor to the gorillas’ preservation today. In the movie, Dian Fossey gets close to the gorillas. She sits, crossed legged, on the ground face to face with the gorillas. She mimics them. She shares their world. As a child, I dreamed that I too would come that close to the gorilla. The appeal was magnetic and inexplicable. Fast forward to July 2013. I’m an adult and traveling in Rwanda. The image of Dian Fossey among the gorillas has stuck ... read more
gorilla feet
curious young gorilla

Day 3 When we awoke in the morning, it was cold and still dark. We gathered up all our things and headed for breakfast, not that we could face much at 6am. On our way to the meeting point, we passed a large field that had a stage being built in it. Our guide explained that this was for a visit by the president on Saturday, when they would be naming the newly born gorillas that had been born in the park, and local people dressed in gorilla outfits. At the meeting place and there was tea and coffee if we wanted it, and the guide took our passports to get the permits. We would be joining a group of upto 8 people for the trek. Whilst we were waiting for the permits to be issued, ... read more
Meeting place for the mornings activities
This is the group we are told we are about to trek to including a pair of twins!
First prep talk on the foot of the mountain

Day 1/2 After an 8 hour flight into Nairobi, where they are 2 hours ahead, we caught a flight to Kigali which briefly landed in Burundi for passengers! The time difference in Rwanda is only 1 hour ahead of home. We collected our bags, we were met by Joe our Driver to take us to the Volcanoes National Park, which was a further 2 1/2 hour drive. The country is actual very mountainous, so to get there, we went up some quite steep roads, which aren't easy when you are behind a truck carrying bricks. We passed through lots of villages, and you know you are in Africa because: 1. Women balance their shopping on their heads, or chairs or anything really 2. 50% of people don't wear shoes 3. The children always smile and wave ... read more
What better way to transport your goods to market, than on your head
Local taking his goats for a walk
Taxi Rwanda style

Africa » Rwanda June 1st 2013

Rwanda - we have come up with one word to explain this beautiful country: Complicated. Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills, the land of endangered mountain gorillas, the land of endangered chimpanzees, the land of 12 million people sustenance farming on a land mass less than half the size of Nova Scotia, the land of a genocide that killed a million people in 90 days, exactly 19 years ago. Where were you in April, May and June of 1994? Rwanda is the land of government intervention - new roads, medical clinics and schools mostly built from foreign aid dropped here out of guilt for international omission to help during the genocide. The air feels heavy here - heavy with such tragedy in the communal soul of a country, heavy with such rapid change, heavy ... read more
big boss
baby catching a lift
faster momma faster!

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