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Excursions in Moscow

If you want to have guided tour covering historical heritage of Moscow, Moscow Guide Service agency is for you.
26 weeks ago, April 24th 2019 No: 1 Msg: #206934  
Moscow… the heart of Russia, so lure and attractive. Annually the capital of Russia is visited by 21 million tourists. Russians and representatives of other countries are rushing into it to feel the hectic rhythm of business city, to relish the view of architectural heritage of Moscow center, to walk along the Red Square and listen to the chime of the bells.
If you want to dive into Russian history, to get acquainted with Russian customs and traditions Moscow Guide Service agency is the best choice for you. You will be having a personal tour guide, which will show you most visited sights: streets, museums, Cathedrals etc. Cost of 8 hour tour with a guide is 686 $. Car rental is included.
Either you can order a shopping tour and look in on a junk market at Arbat street, Gum trade center, Okhotniy ryad mall. You will be able to buy everything from babushka dolls to expensive Rolex watches.
Transfer from/to airport costs 150 $. With group tours you can save money. The more interested persons you will find, the cheaper tour you will have.
Enjoy your trip to Moscow with Moscow Guide Service.
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