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Looking for cheap flights and hotels?

My brand new website offering great prices on flights and hotels.
3 years ago, October 21st 2016 No: 1 Msg: #198444  
So are you looking for somewhere to book super cheap hotels or flights?

If the answer is yes, then i have to page for you! www.costcuttravel.com is a new site have found offering flights, car rental, cruises and up to 80% savings on over 1 million hotels worldwide! the sleek, easy to use site is a great tool for the intrepid traveller. On a recent trip to Malta which i stayed for 10 nights i saved £240 compared to other booking sites, which claim to have the 'best deals'.

so check www.costcuttravel.com - see how much you can save. comment on this thread with your findings! i'd love to see people loving the site as much as i do. Reply to this

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