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Anyone want to go for a ride?

Looking for another traveler to accompany my friend and I on a road trip from Bozeman, MT to the southwest US and back in a week. Itinerary and details inside!
12 years ago, March 6th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #11630  

If there is anyone in the Northwestern part of the United States (read Montana/Wyoming/Idaho) who would be interested in going on a road trip this Sunday March 11th from Bozeman, MT to Great Basin National Park to Death Valley to Mount Whitney to Las Angeles to Joshua Tree National Park to the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas and back to Bozeman with a stop in Butte, Montana on St. Patties day. My friend and I are looking for one more travel companion. The itenerary is as follows (Oh yes, and we will be back in time for the Modest Mouse concert on Saturday in Bozeman):

If you are interested leave me a comment and keep your eyes peeled for the post of this crazy trip in the next couple of weeks.
*** 6:00am - Depart Bozeman, MT
7:04am - Entering WYOMING
7:10am - Entering MONTANA
7:32am - Entering IDAHO
10:42am - Entering UTAH
3:15pm - Entering NEVADA (Pacific time)
*** 2:36pm - Arrive Great Basin NP
(estimate 3 hours in park)
*** 5:36pm - Depart Great Basin NP
*** 9:00pm - Stop for the night near Tonopah, NV

*** 8:00am - Begin near Tonopah, NV
*** 9:53am - Arrive Rhyolite, NV
(estimate 2 hours in Rhyolite)
*** 11:53am - Depart Rhyolite, NV
12:07pm - Entering CALIFORNIA
*** 12:37pm - Arrive Death Valley NP
(estimate 3 hours stopped in Death Valley)
*** 3:37pm - Depart Death Valley NP
*** 5:34pm - Arrive Lone Pine, CA (near Mt. Whitney)
(estimate 1 hour around Lone Pine)
*** 6:34pm - Depart Lone Pine, CA
*** 9:51pm - Arrive Los Angeles, CA

Spent in and around LA

*** 8:00am - Depart Los Angeles, CA
*** 10:17am - Arrive Joshua Tree NP
(estimate 3 hours stopped in Joshua Tree)
*** 1:17pm - Depart Joshua Tree NP
4:14pm - Entering ARIZONA (
*** 7:20pm - Arrive Grand Canyon NP

*** 2:00pm - Depart Grand Canyon NP
*** 5:33pm - Arrive Hoover Dam
(estimate 1 hour at Hoover Dam)
*** 6:33pm - Depart Hoover Dam
6:33pm - Entering NEVADA
*** 7:05pm - Arrive Las Vegas, NV
11:30pm - Pick up Luke's brothers at the airport

*** 8:00am - Depart Las Vegas, NV
9:09am - Entering ARIZONA
9:32am - Entering UTAH (Mountain time)
*** 11:24am - Arrive Zion NP
(estimate 2 hours in Zion)
*** 1:24pm - Depart Zion NP
6:55pm - Entering IDAHO
10:03pm - Entering MONTANA
10:25pm - Entering WYOMING
10:31pm - Entering MONTANA
*** 11:35pm - Arrive Bozeman, MT

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