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Voluntourism= Volunteer+Travel+Indian Yoga and Ayurveda

The world's Largest Mangroove Forest is in India, and a Unique Travel style camping, jungle safari, Yoga session, Ayurveda Massage, Village homestay and Meditation.
4 years ago, April 20th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #134263  
Hi all,

Ohhh!!!...SundarBan,nothing is sufficient to describe it till you are experiencing it.Starting with a bit geographical info,it is the largest Mangrove forest in the world and it forms the biggest deltas of the world,as well,situated in the southern most part of West Bengal,India and the remaining part lies in Bangladesh also.

Sundarban had become inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997, but while the Bangladeshi and Indian portions constitute the same continuous ecotope, they are separately listed in the UNESCO world heritage list as the Sundarbans and Sundarbans National Park, respectively.

We went on a camping jungle tour of the Tiger land with a NGO a non profit organization who are well recognized in various volounteers organization in india, they are Crazy Wanderers India. The tour went like this for 2 exciting day and 1 night.

We started from kolkata at 6.30 in the morning by car.three and half hours and we reached a place
called GODKHALI, the last point of Road, slowly getting away from all sources of technology and
communication….awee amazing i said to myself...

delicious breakfast was served on the way. Then we took a boat to the island of Pakhiralaya, which has
no electricity and no cars. At around 10 AM, we reached our the Eco-Cottage, which is situated in the
village of the honey collectors and fishermen, beside the Vidya river.

At around 11’o clock we started visiting the remote village of the fisherman and honey collectors, we
went to the families in the village, meet tiger victims.. also enjoyed in a Tent till afternoon and finish our
grand lunch with sea fishes and veg cuisines .

Then we took a country boat (non-engine), for three hours , exclusively for BIRD WATCHING.

Since there were no sound of engine we had a good chance of seeing a lot of bird species around 248
varieties. At 5 PM we came back to our cottage.

Then we had the local musicians who played the Baul music (famous Bengal folk form of music) for us till
7.30 with bonfire. At that time we serve you complimentry drinks with fried prawns followed by dinner.

At night the sky was full of stars,since this place does not have electricity or cars, so you can watch
stars and fire flies. we slept off the night in the guest house with proper bed, mosquito nets and
attached washrooms...

Day 2.

At 6.30 AM ..we boarded our personal engine boat,and headed off to the jungle for a cruise which will lasted
till 4.30 to 5pm.

Breakfast and lunch was served on the boat, during this time we visited 3 world
famous Watch towers set up by the jungle authorities to watch the animals.

Although most of the sightings were from the boat.we managed to see *kingfisher birds, storks, cranes,**wild boars, civet cats, monitor lizards, crocodiles and Irrawaddy DOLPHINS.*

At 5pm we came back in the village.and we started back for kolkata and reach kolkata by 9.30pm.

Some of the travelers had amazing time having Indian oil massage and Yoga by our Travel expert, and some tried meditation on the boat in River Ganga. We also enjoyed a wonderful time in Calcutts walking tour visiting the 300 years old city and knwoing more about Indian Ayurveda and Voluneeting for street dogs and cats welfair.

In other words this was the best Tour in Asia we had for 6 long days and we learnt so many things about local culture, Indian classical music, pottery making, Indian cooking classes, Yoga and Meditation, doing community service for homless kids, staying with an Indian family. Thanks to Crazy Wanderers Kolkata, they are doing a great job by supporting local village and poor community people through tours and volunteerism.Anyone who is getting cheated can contact this center for help or free of cost information, they are not commercial organization however a social work insititution and provides free hoemstays and help to first time travelers in India.

Love and Best wishes

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