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Sipidan - Kapalai??

Who to book with...
4 years ago, February 27th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #130005  
B Posts: 878
Ive been in contact with Kapalai and love the resort (and the reviews on Tblog!) and theres only one tiny little thing thats bothering me before I pay - Almost everywhere ive ever booked anything, I can pay with my cc online or my debit card.......why are Kapali asking for me to fill in a form authorising them to use my cc?? and wanting photocopies of the front of my cc faxed to them....im happy to pay up front, ive just never seen such a convoluted confusing way of doing things before. Im trying to book a 4day 3 night dive package just wondered if anyone had gone through this with Kapalai and should I ring them direct and do a phone payment or ask if there is another payment method?? - OR - look at Mabul W.V?? Reply to this

4 years ago, February 27th 2011 No: 2 Msg: #130007  
Hi Cindy,

Don't panic, this way happens more often than you expect. We stay there back in summer 2009. If you are going with your partner, it's a really romantic place to dive. They have a great diving organization. I loved diving out of Siamese Island for the macro...obviously in Sipadan too. If you can, try the cave dive with the turtles. It's a really fun dive, I was charged 60usd extra for this. Don't believe the people who make a fuss of this dive. It's a great dive, but we did it single tank and it was really relax. Thought this is not an open water dive obviously.

For me Kapalai is the only way to go (obviously if the traveller budget does allow it).

Make sure you fly out with one or two good bottles of aussie wine....it's a great way for your sunset!

Enjoy your diving, going to be great...my next dive is in a few days in Watamu....can't wait! Reply to this

4 years ago, February 28th 2011 No: 3 Msg: #130073  
B Posts: 878
Hey Pierre - your blogs and photos were the deciding factor on Kapalai. I have decided to book but will have my malay friend ring them and confirm that its a no substitute thing (have just heard from a friend here who came back from diving sipidan to find he had been bumped to 'another resort' and wasnt over water. This was a different resort though, just havent done business this way with the authorisation to use my cc...just thought, i will give them my debit card rather than cc....im paranoid!. My partner will be coming....so I will have to dive with him sometimes LOL..but i am getting him his certification here before we leave. Obv with OW he may not dive every dive with me but he will at least have some certification because..without it, he cant dive there. So hopefully he will be a much better dive buddy after diving with others for a few days. Id love to stay longer but have to meet a headhunter up a river for lunch :-)

Its just the 4 days but ive organised flights to get around the no dive times. Im really looking forward to Sipidan..after PNG I should be on my way to covering some rather nice and more exclusive dive spots...I have heard turtle cave is great but if it doesnt happen its not the worlds biggest missed dive opportunity - thanks! Enjoy Watamu! Reply to this

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