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First time traveller needs help PLEASE !!!!

My first ever post and im just looking at some ideas, help anyone ??
13 years ago, July 3rd 2006 No: 1 Msg: #6492  
Hi, i am a 20 year old male and i have always wanted to go to the USA.

I live in Leeds in the UK and i am taking a year out hopfully to save up enough money so i can spend around 1 month or more in the USA and surrounding areas if people have suggestions of where to go please help me. I will have approx 5500 USD's (£3k)

As i said above this is my very first post but i am really excited about this trip. At the moment i am traveling alone but hopefully i may convince a friend to come to share the adventure with me.

So the first questions is what do i like ??

I love love to see gorgeous secenry ! I would love to see the grand canyon first thing in the mornin. I would love to see Niagra falls. I would love to visit miami. The list just goes on.

I hope like many travel blogs i have read to find myself on this trip. Jus take time to absorb some of the world because i dont want to wake up 50 in Leeds wishing when my knees were good i had walked in San Fransico. Or had coffee in Manhatton.

I love Nightlife. I have heard Miami has really good nightlife too.

So as i have said above i want to see some fantastic things but i also want to go to a couple of lively places so i can soak up some USA fun. I will be 21 when i travel so its all good.

Anyway can i have a few ideas. Maybe from people who have traveled the USA. Who knows i may stay and work for a month too.

Thanks for your time guys !!!
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13 years ago, July 5th 2006 No: 2 Msg: #6517  

If you're coming over to the states and want to get the most bang for your buck (and hit all the major cities you mentioned), you may want to look at Amtrak's USA Rail Pass for international travelers. It's cheap and will leave you with plenty of money to rent an automobile to drive and see the grand canyon and other national parks. If you want to see scenary than there is no better cost vs. time choice than the train. I recommend making Chicago your base of operations as it tends to be the major rail hub here in the US (and it's an awesome city on the edge of lake Michigan).

If you don't like sleeping second class (in a chair) you can always upgrade to a sleeping car. I also recommend purchasing groceries outside of the train (it's VERY expensive to eat on the train). Also statistically the trains here in the US run late about 50%!o(MISSING)f the time, since Amtrak is the lowest ranking rail service on the totem pole and has to pull over for anyone else on the rail. Trains that I recommend are The Empire Builder (from Seattle to Chicago), the Southwest Chief (from Chicago to LA), The Coast Starlight (LA to Seattle), Sunset Limited (LA to Orlando, Florida), and Silver Serice (from NY to Miami, FL).

Happy travels. Reply to this

13 years ago, July 5th 2006 No: 3 Msg: #6538  
There are plenty of good places to see in America, but I think you should decide first what major cities you would like to see. If you are planning to run from one city to another, than it would be better if you could rent a car. It is a good solution in order to see what you think is interesting for you. As for finding a car rental company, you should try www.infocarrental.com. It has many rent a car companies from all over America and what is more important, their contact information... And another site that might be helpful for you is www.infofastfood.com. It is good to know which are the best fast food restaurants in the cities you will visit.

It would be better if you could convince your friend to go with you because like that it would be a real adventure!!!
Have a nice trip!!!!
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13 years ago, July 6th 2006 No: 4 Msg: #6545  
I would fly into New York City (JFK) explore New York, take a bus up to Niagra Falls if youd like for a day or two (there isnt much to do there besides see the falls and go to some casinos). Definately look into the chinatown busses: http://www.chinatown-bus.org/ they're super cheap and pretty reliable. You can go to Boston for 15 USD for NYC!

Take bus to Boston, explore historic sites
Take bus or find cheap flight to Washington DC (you definately have to go here!) tour nation's capital and sites.
Go to Miami, great weather (might be a little hot in the summer) and clubs.

Unless you and a friend are driving or taking a train together I'd recommend flying across the country, trains can be expensive and thats a very long car ride (3 days if you drive straight through). If you fly to Los Angelos it will be the cheapest. Explore west cost sites, look into chinatown bus.

Then you should go to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon from there. Fry home from where ever you last destination is, but it will obviously be cheaper from major international airports (Los Angelos, Boston, NYC).

Good Luck!

Check out realadventures.com for more travel ideas, tours and places to stay.

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13 years ago, July 6th 2006 No: 5 Msg: #6546  
Thanks guys its time to start plannin i thing. Going to keep posting. Gonna hit the hay becuase i have a early night, any more suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks so much guys ! Reply to this

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