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Kipu Falls by Lihu'e

Car thief photo from the near side of the falls, unfortunately we were on the far side. Witnesses saw this guy leaving our smashed window car with our stuff.
10 years ago, October 7th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #88644  
We brought in 70 people to Kauai and probably spent over a quarter million dollars to enjoy ourselves with the local people. We used half a dozen caterers, hotels, tours and more for 10+ days. It's too bad the Bride and groom were ripped off, without cell phone and holding onto a picture of the thief for 3 days. The police just ignored me. All my guests and some of your locals are extremely upset. Especially since we made some new friends due to the kind of people we all are. I feel the KPD's job is to ask local teachers, security, fliers with this picture below and such. This case does not look good in the local uncorrupt eyes or the family and friends of all my guests.


Cash award if someone can identify him.
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