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April 21st 2012
Published: June 16th 2012
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I am not known for my attnetion to detail. As my former bosses will tell you. Which means I don´t bother reading anything beyond the first two lines of everything. Which means if you are reading beyond this point you are a bigger man (sic) than me. It also means sometimes i end up in whole new countries i didn´t even know I was visiting. And thus it was with Uruguay.

To break up the journey and try and avoid another night bus and the entire group mutinying we do an overnight stop over in Salto in the north of Uruguay.

We stop in Termas which is an area made famous and dominated by its Thermal Springs. Its a small place with a spa that offers therapeutic spring water. We all decide to book treatments. Alfresco eyes Sabrina and I warily and in an unprecedented attempt - actually tries tomanage our expectations - as this spa treatment ain't exactly going to be Champneys.

Its very basic - rustic one might say....

"Dear God..." mutters Sabrina under her breath....

Well it is isn't The Sanctuary but nonetheless its very relaxing and i have a lovely day hopping in and out of little pools followed by a rather half hearted mud treatment which seems to involved being slapped by a hefty woman and wrapped in paper. Some of the pools are being used to provide hydrotherapy for disabled children and the grounds are very relaxing with lots of loungers and willow trees to provide shade. I stay longer than the rest of the group just lying and snoozing. A speciality of mine.

On my way back I discover a man who is offering reiki so I stop and have a session. I am attuned to Level 2. He is a short Uruguyan with a little goatee and sparkling eyes, and somehow he manages to stop my head from whirring around... for just a moment anyway.

Later Sabrina and I decide to take a little walk around,

"Shall we take a Circuitous Route?" she asks.

"Yes ...lets take a Circuitous route...why not ..." i say unable not to take the piss.

Actally its nice to meet someone who sounds posher than me. I can't help myself!

Lots of old people come to Salto , no doubt for the healing properties of the hot springs and it seems to be the done thing to leave one´s accommodation in nothing but a dressing gown for a stroll around town. And so it is that as Sabrina and I walk through town we are met with the slightly disconcerting sight of geriatric couples wandering around in their billowing (sometimes leoard print) terry toweling bathrobes gently flapping open. I can´t help but feel we have inadvertently wandered into a scene from Cocoon!

Afterwards we go back and do some Yoga together. Sabrina has just completed part of a teaching course in Costa Rica. I feel virtous. Then I undo all the good work by eating pizza and beer and staying up late laughing at ugly facebook fucks with Sarah...oh well. little by little. Its all about balance...


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