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June 1st 2006
Published: June 5th 2006
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The Famous Machu PichuThe Famous Machu PichuThe Famous Machu Pichu

Great place, even better with sunrise, all the steps to get up there were sure worth it
I thought I was glad to finaly leave Bolivia, after all the problems there and then I woke up after a night bus in Cuzco......looked in my bag......and camera and mp3 gone!!!!
Nice start...

But Peru is too beatiful to talk about those things all the time.
After A day in Cusco we wanted to do a hike to Machu Pichu. Since the oficial inca trail is fully booked in the highseason, we opted for the longer Salkantay trek. A great 5 day hike over some high mountain passes brought us the 3th day at a thermal pool where we could relax a bit. On the trail the (local) people were really friendly and I think this was even better than the crowded "real inca trail".
The 4th day we had to cross this other pass, but the though climb was worth it....from a distance we could see Machu Pichu and even though we saw it so many times on pictures it was great to see it finally with our own eyes..
The 5th day we climbed up the stairs to Machu Pichu to watch the sunrise, amazing ofcourse and inside there waited even more stairs for us to be
Hiking the SalkantayHiking the SalkantayHiking the Salkantay

Nice with your backpack to climb 700 meters up....and then you see at a distance (at another pass) all other we made a detour
climbed.....but they where well worth to be climbed. Great ruins, buildings and views of the surrounding mountains......

Back in Cusco did finally the thing every backpacker a bungy jump!!! Was awesome ofcourse but the sensation is to short too be realy worth it, ist's more to say that I've done it now and finally can give my opinion about it it this standard backpacker conversation..

Wat I liked better were the next 3 days, where we went on a kayak trip. Learn some new skills, practise the old and end up swimming anyways in this freezing water. Good fun a lot of action and even the camping in this non touristy town was nice
Well check out some action photo's

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Chill time in the hotspringsChill time in the hotsprings
Chill time in the hotsprings

after walking 2 days even in the dark we wanted to take it a bit more relaxed!! so relaxed that we ended up walking in the dark this day aswell
Colonial (touristy) town of CuscoColonial (touristy) town of Cusco
Colonial (touristy) town of Cusco

good food, grab a movie and some nice bars in this touristy town
3 days of kayaking on the Urubamba3 days of kayaking on the Urubamba
3 days of kayaking on the Urubamba

For the 2 of us they hired a driver, a kayakguide, an assistant and a cook. Luckily all young people so we had a good time
In the wild UrubambaIn the wild Urubamba
In the wild Urubamba

First I went for a swim, beccause unless I practised the eskimo roll, the freezing water was numming my mind...but the second time I made it!! and avoided the swimming
Playing chess next to the firePlaying chess next to the fire
Playing chess next to the fire

After spending a saturday night in a local place...our sunday was more tranquilo

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