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April 14th 2008
Published: April 14th 2008
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36 hours in Santiago, about 35.5 hours to much. Not impressed. To be fair, they had quite a nice park in the centre, big hill to clamber up (or cheat and take the funicular and cable car) with a zoo and a nice collection of religious statues. Didn´t help that the map I was given didnt have enough roads on it, trusted it to much and spent a lot of time walking round a big smelly city, largely devoid of charm. Few big important looking buildings, but nothing that you don´t get in any hygenic cities. Lots of dogs wandering the streets, though unlike Paris, the streets weren´t covered in shit. Chilian wild dogs are better trained than French pets obviously. I´m sure the rest of Chile is much nicer, and given more time to see the rest of the city with guide and an air conditioned bus, I would have enjoyed it more.

Peru is much nicer. Wild dogs are much cuter, more cats around. All major cities seem packed full of traffic, but Peru hasn´t heard of traffic lights or right of way, so it´s a free for all, most agressive gets the space, cars puching into fast flowing dual carriage ways not caring about the front of their cars. Difficult as a pedestrian as have to run accross every road.
Lima itself was pleasant enough, not see that much of it. Beach inaccessible, but nice for an aimless stare into the ocean.
Pisco was hit by a major earthquake last august, still devastated. The blank space next to our hotel used to be a 6 storey block, only the top 2 floors survived. Very humbling to see a city in ruins, scratching to gradually gets itself back on its feet. Best described to me as imagine what Baghdad looks like, this is it.
Also seen Ballestas islands, lots of cute sealions.
Now in Nazca, flight over the lines in the morning.

Will fill in more details of the area and people as go along, internet not easy to get to, not long tonight. Photo´s may have to wait till I get to Canada.

Loving it so far, culture shock to say the least.


14th April 2008

Nice surprise!
I have to say that I wasn't expecting to hear anything from you for a month or say, so this was a nice surprise! I don't think the phone system is too great out there as my text messages since you got to Santiago have failed. Hopefully I'll get one through at some point :) The earthquake bit sounds quite shocking, I guess most of us have the good fortune never to have to see such things. Good luck with getting across Peru!
14th April 2008

Hi Lizzie I'm loving reading what you have been getting up to, what an adventure!! Sounds like you are having a great time, and i'm glad to hear you are doing ok. Take care, love Lisa xx
14th April 2008

Just checking in - looked at my calendar today and couldn't believe you were due to fly out to S. America - doesn't time fly!! I will do a bit of research on N. American travel and report back asap.... Take care and keep in touch as often as poss. Lol Samantha xx
17th April 2008

Grandma has the itinerary and is studying the map to see where you are. It's providing a lot of interest and envy since she really wanted to go to Peru. Hope you are enjoying it alot. Love Mum
19th April 2008

You can have no idea how jealous I am!
I know I should not be . You would be perfectly justified in saying "What's stopping you Grandma?" One day when you come home you will tell me how wonderful it is and maybe that will be as good as going myself. Looking forward to hearing about the lines. If popocatapetal does shine bring me a postcard please. In the mean time try to stay on the one side of the road.
20th April 2008

Phone Signal
Not had connection on phone since got here. No access to network so wait till June to send texts.

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