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April 11th 2007
Published: April 11th 2007
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Ecuador - PeruBen & Nastassia ¿Quittal Amigos? Well lots has been going on since getting back on the continent... We went directly back up to the highlands where we left off in Ecuador. Next stop was Riobamba where you have to ride the train down the ´Devils Nose´, a steep valley rockcut that apparently looks like a nose... Anyways riding on the roof is not only allowed, it´s encoura... Read Full Entry

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More Elaborate CarvingsMore Elaborate Carvings
More Elaborate Carvings

Moche Culture. They just discovered these and they haven´t a clue what they mean...
Temple of SunTemple of Sun
Temple of Sun

Viewed from the Temple of the Moon. The remnant of these pyramid temples are the largest pre-colonial structures in South America. (oh yeah and its really windy...)
Temple of MoonTemple of Moon
Temple of Moon

Huge wall of carvings - Moche Culture (every generation built a new pyramid over the old one hence the reason for the preserved colours.
Road to the Santa Cruz Trek.Road to the Santa Cruz Trek.
Road to the Santa Cruz Trek.

Check it, its knarly.
Road to the Santa Cruz Trek 2.Road to the Santa Cruz Trek 2.
Road to the Santa Cruz Trek 2.

They really define the word ´switchback´ in the Andes...

Cute kids on the Santa Cruz Trail
We think we´re tough...We think we´re tough...
We think we´re tough...

While we have our 3-ply Goretex jackets and fancy hiking shoes, these guys do it everyday in a poncho and flip-flops. My hat goes off to them.
Rare View of the PeaksRare View of the Peaks
Rare View of the Peaks

Our only ´real´ view of the tops of the mountains in three days. April may not be the best time to be here...
View from HuarezView from Huarez
View from Huarez

From the deck of the Churup Hostel (great place). Mt. Huascaran in the background - 6753m the tallest in Peru. Go figure, the only clear day here has to be our last...

12th April 2007

¨Ben, your so dreamy with your long, flowing curls of yours...¨ Love from Pookey
12th April 2007

Fog and hard pack
Hey ho girls and boys Looks like more and more goodtimes coming from the BN show. I espically like the animal photos of the galapagos. You guys are nailing quite the experience. Brad Luke Kalle and myself drove up the yukon for the haines easter weekend. There must have been at least 1000 people out there. Full size semis 100s of rvs and a few make shift ones. The weather was the pits and it rained on us a few times. Monday was half decent but spring slush and no signs of decent powder. Got a few good photos. Diamond drilling on Sunday. Chow
17th April 2007

We are living vicariously - beautiful pictures guys. The trip looks AMAZING. We really want to get down there some day. (((hugs)))
18th April 2007

Love the photos
Hi Ben and Nastassia - gorgeous pictures again! Auntie Karen, Uncle "C", Auntie Ger and Uncle Jas send their love. Ger is out in Vancouver with the kids and the Grahams are in Toronto visiting their kids. I just got back from Chestervile and Oshawa. Had a good visit with Mom and Dad on Sat. eve from Mexico. THey are home now (Wed 18th). We are all looking forward to seeing them in the summer. We will miss you this year!! Lots of love, Auntie Moe xoxoxoxo

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