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May 15th 2014
Published: May 15th 2014
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On my return from Puno I managed to get some sort of flu bug. The result being that I totally lost my voice and nearly a week later it still isn't right. I can only imagine how ticked off you all are that this didn't happen while I was at work and at home LOL! I did need the doctor though for antibiotics and a puffa so I would stop coughing all night, but nothing was going to stop me from doing Ma... Read Full Entry

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15th May 2014

OMG Kaz!!! this is the greatest. I have had a slow day at work and your blog has kept me entertained and longing to be in another, far more exciting and beautiful part of the world. You look like you are having the greatest adventure, I cannot wait to get home and read it all to Ryno, he will be just as enthralled and excited as I am. We are both well, just putting the finishing touches on the wedding invitations, and trying to wrap our heads around it only being 4.5 months away. Can we organise another Skype? We thoroughly enjoyed seeing your tired and freshly woken face :). All of my love, Al
15th May 2014

So lovely to hear from you !!
So glad you are enjoying the blog Ali! I have had a very exhausting week as I lost my voice, got an ear infection, but still managed to see the wonders of this world. Had my last day with the little ones so pretty sad. Last day with the bigger kids tomorrow and I have been busy making playdough for them all plus trying to help them in other ways with toys, etc. I will be putting a blog up on the work I have been doing in the next few days but I will be travelling to Lima-Quito-Galapagos over the next 4 days. Off to salsa tomorrow night to party my last night in Cusco. Not sure when I will have access to wifi to Skype but will monitor the times I can access & see if I can catch you too. Been following everyone on FB. Missing you terribly but OMG! are the pictures awesome??! Really can't believe I was there. Luv you & please give Ryno a big hug for me. A wedding?? really??? must have slipped my mind hahahahaha! Hey have you got the shirts yet??
15th May 2014

Oh dear, I hope you are feeling tip top in no time at all. But I am very glad to hear you haven't let it slow you down. Yes, the shirts arrived today and boy did you deliver. I LOVE THEM!!!! I knew you would come through with the goods. Thank you thank you thank you!! We cannot wait for the next instalments of the adventures of Karen, stay safe. Love you x

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