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May 1st 2014
Published: May 1st 2014
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Once again Tuesday is the best day of the week. We went back to our ruins and I cut down one and a half big trees, as well as clearing to the ground one entire room. Now we can see the shape of the buildings and the spaces between them, it's not just forest and rock. The transformation seems quite miraculous. When we first came it seemed that we would never be able to uncover this mysterious place and now I can see how the dig will be able to work. It's too bad that the rains have continued and there is no hope for me to be part of the excavation. It makes me want to come back in July when the dig will be in full swing. The walk up is getting easier, although Zenobio climbs twice as fast as Jhon. And walking down takes almost no effort any more.

Wednesday we had to go to Huyro school and do the fluoride treatment to one half of the school. Their teeth are much better than the last school where every mouth was full of brown. They have been doing the program here, for much longer. And then in the afternoon we went back to work on the pool. This time we were digging up the last bit of soft dirt before the clay layer. Then we put the plugs in the cement wall and filled with swirling dirty mud up to our chins. It was all out war in water fights. Everyone one was pulled under thrown in and splashed. It was a crazy cooling mess. Pure joy.

Thursday, we went back to the school to do the rest of the teeth. I find it quite fun. We are being more than useful and I like mucking around with mouths of kids. It does make me long for my own class again and the crazy relationships that kids bring. I guess I am getting ready to come home, regardless of how difficult Peru will be to leave. I ducked spending more time with kids in the afternoon at the library and opted to stay at El Establo to clean the place. We have been losing a volunteer a day to the end of their stays and so we are fewer to do all the tasks which makes it easier in some ways. Sweeping and mopping this crazy building is a part of meditation for me. I think I must be delusional, but every part of my day makes me feel full with satisfaction and sometimes wonder.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams


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