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April 28th 2007
Published: April 28th 2007
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Smart IncasSmart IncasSmart Incas

Experimental farm for determining the best crops for the best temperature.
Well well well,

This last week we have been marvelling at the amazing work of the Inca Empire. It is seriously nothing short of astounding!

Cusco is definately the most touristy place we have been to so far in South America, but for a damn good reason! The Inca Culture must have been one crazy, bloodthirsty and devoted group of people to accomplish what they did in such little time! The rise and fall of the Inca Empire was only between 1200 -1500 AD (300 years) and were they ever busy! Master builders using carved stone, some is so elaborate that it is hard to believe they weren´t doing it just to show off! They have about a million temples and ruins spread all over the Cusco Province, so many in fact that it is near impossible to see them all without getting ´ruined out´ like what happened to us.

With Ben not being completely up snuff in the health department, we just decided to go ruin hopping on day trips and ended up taking the train to Macchu Pichu. Despite all the visitors to the sight, it truely is a magical place and trust us, photos
Traditional IncaTraditional IncaTraditional Inca

Rockin out on his flute.
do not do that area ANY justice. It is well worth the pilgrimige to see this place for yourself sometime in your life!

Oh and for those of you who wanted to know about how Ben´s leg is doing, he just finished up his round of antibiotics and went to check with a doctor to confirm the infection is gone. After a quick inspection by a kind ol´ 70 year old doc who had a examination room straight out of the 1950´s, the infection is gone FINALLY. Seriously, don´t underestimate those sea mammals...

So see how long it takes you to get tired of looking at ruins. If it happens fast, think about this race of people 600 years ago that had no machines, no modern tools and how much blood, sweat and manpower went into building these incredible sites. Its sometimes hard to believe it myself.

Additional photos below
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Machu Picchu - My OffereningMachu Picchu - My Offerening
Machu Picchu - My Offerening

It was believed that in these recesses were for placing offerings...
Cusco - Big Rocks!Cusco - Big Rocks!
Cusco - Big Rocks!

Now the Inca´s are just showing off!
Sacsayhuaman RuinsSacsayhuaman Ruins
Sacsayhuaman Ruins

Say the name of these ruins fast 5 times....
Reparing the RuinsReparing the Ruins
Reparing the Ruins

Most ruins you see have been restored. These guys are making the mortor using their rubber boots! Each stone is individualy marked and will be placed in the exact same spot!
Incan Salt MinesIncan Salt Mines
Incan Salt Mines

Crafty Incas making their own salt and all!
Salt MinesSalt Mines
Salt Mines

The locals still farm salt from here today.
Fort/Temple of OllantaytamboFort/Temple of Ollantaytambo
Fort/Temple of Ollantaytambo

Start of Inca Trail
Ben Modeling a Big StoneBen Modeling a Big Stone
Ben Modeling a Big Stone

It is crazy to think the Inca´s carved these out of the rock (with out metal) then moved them 6 km down the valley in the background, then UP the hill!!
Ben and Nastassia looking out the ¨window¨Ben and Nastassia looking out the ¨window¨
Ben and Nastassia looking out the ¨window¨

In the background is where they keeped there food, is it really nessisary to build it so high up on a steep mt. side?
Face in the Mountain SideFace in the Mountain Side
Face in the Mountain Side

¿Can you find it?
Rock QuarryRock Quarry
Rock Quarry

Evidence of Quarrying Site
Ruin Rock ClimbingRuin Rock Climbing
Ruin Rock Climbing

Going for the 5.12d overhang nub move...
Machu PicchuMachu Picchu
Machu Picchu

and all its Machu Picchuness...

29th April 2007

Wow to all the great photos, to you for taking them and sending them to us, and to you for sending honest-to-goodness postcards. Spent the day looking at swans--Swan Haven and at the Tagish Bridge. That is pretty awsome, too. We all have our wondrous places to enjoy. But I am still envious of you two, partly because it was below freezing here again this morning. Love and Yukon hugs, Missy (and Foxy)

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