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January 5th 2007
Published: January 5th 2007
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Elena resting in JFK with our gear.Elena resting in JFK with our gear.Elena resting in JFK with our gear.

If you look closely, you can see the flashcards on the right...maybe.
We made it! We´re currently sitting in an internet cafe, reveling in the beautiful, sunny weather and heat. Cuzco is fantastic, the scenery is incredible! Rafo´s wife, Monica, picked us up at the Cuzco airport and brought us to their house, which is awesome. There is also a Russian man staying there, and this weekend a girl our age and an older man are coming (we think). So, the part you´ve all been waiting for, a detailed analysis of our flight. We caught our Portland flight in plenty of time, but not before Elena had her grapefruit seed extract confiscated, along with her hand sanitizer and chapstick (My lips are quite chapped). Next, we had six hour layover in JFK airport, where we spent half the time sitting in a corner doing Spanish flashcards and the other half debating the merits of onions and tomatoes. Our flight from JFK to Lima was seven hours, but Elena filled the time vomiting. First, she projected a wave of vomited that swept over Tom and Rafo´s laptop case. Then, she puked mid-aisle rushing to the bathroom. Good times. We think it was the altitude pills, as Tom felt ill too. Scor is Elena: 3,
Elena resting in JFK with our gear II.Elena resting in JFK with our gear II.Elena resting in JFK with our gear II.

In case you didn´t get enough the first time.
Tom: 0 in the race, Tom needs to catch up. Anyway, we made it to Lima at 6:00 in the morning, and spent the next three hours before our flight just hanging out. Finally, we got on our hour long flight to Cuzco, and here we are! Huzzah! Now some pics...

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Elena´s not as organized as she pretends.Elena´s not as organized as she pretends.
Elena´s not as organized as she pretends.

Pictures speak louder than words.
Cuzco I.Cuzco I.
Cuzco I.

A view from Rafo´s apartment.
Cuzco II.Cuzco II.
Cuzco II.

From Rafo´s.
Cuzco III.Cuzco III.
Cuzco III.

From our room.
Cuzco IV.Cuzco IV.
Cuzco IV.

From our room
Cuzco V.Cuzco V.
Cuzco V.

If you look closely, you can see a badge engraved onto the hill.
Cuzco VI.Cuzco VI.
Cuzco VI.

More Cuzco from our room

5th January 2007

Looks Great
Hi Elena and Tom! Glad to see you all arrived safely. How is the altitude effecting you? regards, fletcher
6th January 2007

7th January 2007

please keep the puke scores updated and let me know when you see an orange throated tanager
7th January 2007

Wow! You guys are sitting under different stars! Southern Cross instead of the Big Dipper. That's so COOL! Glad you made it safely. Elena, so sorry to hear about the projectile vomitting mid-flight. Keep laughing, you guys!
8th January 2007

Hi Tom from your Aunt Jen! Hi Elana whom I've never met from Tom's aunt Jen-- congrats on making it this far-- the pictures are great. I look forward to hearing more, Jen
8th January 2007

Great to hear you are there and over the barfing, Elena. Jealous of your weather and environs. What a beautiful and full view. We miss you already. You got a letter from Wells College - you got a schlarship there as well, so congratulations again. Same old here as we had cloudy and rain all day. Tom's blog was great reading. Keep em coming. Have you been to the market yet? Love, Dad
9th January 2007

This is wonderful! I sent a private note to Elena but am not sure it really went. It will be great to learn how things go from day to day. We will write when we get to New Zealand, also marveling at the Southern Cross. When we were last there I tried to see if the toilet flushed in the opposite direction but Couldn't really tell. Tom, I feel I almost know you, so "hi" and don't waste too much time checking the water flow! Bill says love, as do I.
9th January 2007

How hot is it? Love the views and we've created a contest "find the mountain badge" Score here is zero. Clues anyone?! What's your 'tude about the altitude? Tell us more!!

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