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April 30th 2013
Published: December 7th 2013
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Cusco--Lingering in the Navel of the World What a magical swirl of life was Cusco! I stayed four months and never got tired of exploring its cobblestone streets, hiking to ancient ruins in the mountains above the city, and visiting museums in colonial mansions. Though other visitors were breathless climbing the city's hills at its dizzying 3400mt/11,150 ft, I'd been high for months and had no pr... Read Full Entry

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Yanapay--sweet Magic Hostel pupYanapay--sweet Magic Hostel pup
Yanapay--sweet Magic Hostel pup

on a balcony, protecting us from cats on the roof
Pisac women & girls Pisac women & girls
Pisac women & girls

wanting tourist to take their photos for money
I followed a river up this canyonI followed a river up this canyon
I followed a river up this canyon

saw no one else all day
on Plaza Nazarenason Plaza Nazarenas
on Plaza Nazarenas

Inca foundation walls
puma lamp postpuma lamp post
puma lamp post

Cusco was built in the shape of the sacred puma.

8th December 2013

Amazing photos
Hey, Tara, please tell me when you´re delivering a presentation on how to become an excellent photographer, I will definitely enrol, excellent photos, congratulations!
8th December 2013

Fun photos
Glad you liked the photos Frank! I like rambling aimlessly, looking at things from different angles, and wandering around sunset when the light is good. That's what I know about photography.
8th December 2013

4 months in Cusco.....I want your life.
Ok, sitting in Santa Rosa this morning trying to stay warm and reading about your wonderful adventures. Hopefully when we retire we can follow in your footsteps and become slow travelers. "Attention spans of jello" you crack me up! But so true I'm sure. Now aren't you happy you taught at the college level all those years. Sounds like you found a home among your travels. Fantastic photos.
8th December 2013

Heavenly Cusco!
I, too, hope you can enjoy some slow travel though without losing your job as I did. Living here on my savings sure beats looking for work! As for teaching, I never considered anything but college, and Cusco proved me right. And indeed, Cusco was one of a dozen places I could imagine living for a long time. Maybe I'll return!
8th December 2013

Nice blog entry
This brings back som memories from a few years ago when I was there. Thank's for posting it. Ake
8th December 2013

Happy to oblige!
You two certainly do get around!
8th December 2013

Most people who have been high for four months...
have no problems! Another great blog.
8th December 2013

Very funny!
Glad you caught that, Bob, and glad you enjoyed!
8th December 2013
boy and his llama

What a magical swirl of life was Cusco!
What a magical swirl of life has the Cloud! Beautifully written blog and this pic sums it meeting life in a special union.
8th December 2013
boy and his llama

Cloud Swirls
Thanks for your sweet words, David. I feel honored that you, such a creative writer, enjoyed my writing and adventures. Cusco was full of special unions--you caught a good one here.
9th December 2013

the trots... :)
I swear by ginger tea, but have never tried it with cayenne and garlic - will keep that in mind. Hope your tummy is better x
9th December 2013

Kill the beasties!
I love ginger and garlic everything and figured that the raw garlic and cayenne might be as offensive to parasites as it seemed to be to my friends. Tummies fine--we'll see what happens when I return to Bolivia--the real change in this continent!

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