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February 9th 2010
Published: February 19th 2010
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Yesterday we were allowed out past our curfew with our families. This was due to the 10 year celebrations of Patacutec taking place. I didn’t realize these slums had been here for such a short period of time, they´ve really grown!!

The party involved lots of live music and for once a Cerveza or 2 (beer) it was a good laugh, my temporary dad got quite drunk and we didn’t get back until one in the morning, he had to be up at 5 so he´ll be on the coffee today.

The crescendo of the event involved......well how can I explain it? A reasonably tall guy, with a large frame on his shoulders, the kind of frame you sometimes see on people who have had a neck operation, its much larger though. On this frame was a giant paper Mache cow with a spinning frame on both of its sides and one on top sitting horizontally. All the spinning wheels were set alight and burned like intensely bright Catherine wheels, he then proceeded to run through the crowd frightening the life out of me and many others, I was half cut so as you can imagine my reactions were slow to say the least.

NB: when drinking with Peruvian friends it’s done in a circle with a glass, you pour a half glass for yourself drink it, then with a quick flick get rid of the remnants, once this is done you pass it on................As simple as this is it took me a while to realise that you can´t sit there drinking the whole thing. Good times 😊.

That week carried on as usual, we then went to Lima on Saturday morning. This involved a trip to the recent history museum, this is ran by the truth and reconciliation commission of Peru, you may recall that there are other such commissions around the world such as Cambodia or Rwanda. Since quite cataclysmic events happened in these countries it gives you an idea of what happened here.

I´ve decided to donate a whole blog space to this.......

Asta Luago.


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