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February 16th 2008
Published: February 16th 2008
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I went to the town of Filadelfia. I could probably end my blog entry with that.

This is a town in the Chaco region which was formed by Mennonite Germans in northern Paraguay. Canadian Germans and others later were allowed to live there to escape religious persecution (and war crimes from WW2) because the land was inhabitable. Now it produces most of the country┬┤s dairy. Its mostly German speaking and strange to see the bright white people among the dark indigenous. Its known for very dry cookie cutter streets, dairy, and germans. It was the second two, but the first one was wrong. At least for me. I went during the 1-2 month period that it rains. It was as muddy as muddy comes. You could not cross certain streets because of the lakes that formed. Its a very strange town. A bit of racism. Little beer because of the religion. Nothing to do. I read and slept before gettin out of there back to Asuncion to my Paraguayan family.


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