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South America » Guyana » Georgetown July 22nd 2007

WARNING: THIS IS GIANT BLOG WITH NUMEROUS PICTURES. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!! North of the equator but still in the tropics, Guyana is bordered to the east by Suriname, to the south and southwest by Brazil and to the west by Venezuela. Its vast 83,000 square-mile (214,000 km square) mass is dissected by numerous rivers, creeks and waterfalls. The main economic activities are agriculture (producing rice and Demerara sugar), bauxite mining, gold mining, timber, shrimp and minerals. Sugar is the largest export. Despite its massive and myriad resources, Guyana remains one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere but certainly one of the most beautiful. And it was this beauty that we had come to explore and share. We will attempt, on this visit, to see the majesty of Kaieteur Falls (the world's highest single-drop falls) ... read more
Market fruit and vegetable selections
Guyana Zoo
Ready to go

South America » Guyana » Georgetown July 16th 2007

Anyone out there that has traveled to Guyana, please tell me what it was like. We are thinking about a week long vacation there sometime this winter (2008). For example, where did you stay? what did you do there? what were the people like?... read more

South America » Guyana July 5th 2007

We arrived in Guyana close on midnight. It was easy to get a taxi. US$22. It was a 45 minute ride and we arrived in 30 minutes. Our driver sped like a mad bugger. We were grateful it was late and there was nobody much to get in his way. Arriving at the Sleepin Guest House on George St we noticed the driver also received additional payment from the desk. The hotel was very new. The room was nice and had a good size bathroom. This hotel and others had been built for the March Cricket World Cup. It was US$41 per night with breakfast, not bad. After a little sleep in (get the pun?) we enjoyed a fab breaky that included peanut butter! This set us up for our first day walking around Georgetown. The ... read more

South America » Guyana » Corentyne July 4th 2007

Stats and Thanks We've been on the road for a little over a month-and-a-half and most of you have been right there with us. We appreciate it. We've had steady comments from Joan in Trinidad, Shana from Mexico, Tyrone from England, Sacha from Aruba, -G- from Curacao, Nadia from Antigua, Annelies from Holland and Robert from Guyana. Remember we thrive on comments, so keep them coming! Again, we can't individually respond to and thank everybody so please accept this mass 'thanks'. Five destinations and 19 blogs later, here are some stats of your visits to our site: - Total Viewers: 7265 Most read Blog: Guyana: So much to do, So little time - overtook Aruba Dushi Terra Thank You / Masha Danki / Dank Je Wel / Muchas Gracias There was a banging on the door. ... read more

South America » Guyana July 1st 2007

'This road is called Abortion Road', Chico said. Chico was our guide. He was a funny man in the humorous sense of the word. We laughed. We had just come from the city, up the East Bank road and were now, fifteen of us, on the bumpy, red-sand road which circumnavigated the Timehri airport. A boy in army fatigues with a gun half his height flung the gate open and, just like that, without any security check or verification we entered the headquarters of the Guyana Army Air Corp. It was Robert's 33rd birthday and so the 'fossil' and his wife, Petra, came along. Shanni wouldn't miss it for all the gold in Fort Knox. On the tarmac in front the army hangar and in the pouring rain sat our airplane - a turbo prop Harbin ... read more
Potaro River
The plane
The passengers

South America » Guyana » Linden June 19th 2007

We must have been flying over Guyana's massive land mass for quite some time but we didn't know a thing. You see, it was about 7pm and almost dark and, to make matters worse, we were sandwiched between two layers of clouds. When the doors of LIAT opened we gladly accepted our 'Welcome to Guyana' from an ancient lightbox just in front of the entrance to immigration. Customs allowed us to pass check-free with nine pieces of overweight luggage and Vibert Sr. (Pops) was patiently waiting for us. After hugs and greetings and in an overloaded car with an open-and-tied-down trunk, we started the two-hour drive from Timehri to Melanie - Vibert's hometown. Pops soon reached his top speed of 60km; his hands gripped the wheel in the textbook ten-to-two position and he horned at EVERYTHING ... read more
Welcome to Guyana
Moblissa Hill

South America » Guyana » Georgetown May 24th 2007

5-24 Hotel: Sleep Inn International, Georgetown, Guyana, $65 The next morning Dean and I were going on the Kaieteur trip, Scott would wait around the hotel with nothing to do! They were supposed to pick us up between 9 and 9:30, but it was after 10 before they showed up. Caribbean time! We drove to the local airport (Ogle), and had to get weighed in. The other tourists were already there, all of them were Guyanese living in Canada. The plane was 100lbs overweight, so we had to eat/drink our snacks right then (how that helped the weight? it's still inside us). The plane was a 10-seater, quite cramped. We took off and got a good view out over Georgetown which was completely surrounded by sugarcane fields. The fields soon gave way to rainforest and meandering ... read more
Sugarcane fields
Kaieteur falls
Our plane

South America » Guyana » Georgetown May 23rd 2007

5-22 Hotel: Sleep Inn International, Georgetown, Guyana, $65 Flight: Trinidad (POS) to Georgetown (GEO), Caribbean Airlines Woke up at 5 am, our flight wasn't until 7:45 but we wanted to be there a bit before (Our other Caribbean flights had actually been leaving early). There was noone in checkin line, and we went to have a breakfast of a muffin and juice. They started calling our flight, with nearly 2 hrs before departure! We went upstairs where there was a long line to pay departure tax. My passport had been stamped 'transit', so I didn't need to pay it! Still we were in the departure gate over an hour and a half before departure, yet they were already announcing boarding! We all boarded, then proceeded to sit on the ground for an hour! The plane ... read more
Fish market
Banks beer, the local brew
St Georges Cathedral

South America » Guyana » Lethem April 7th 2007

As I'm cruising at 28,000 ft, I thought I'd indulge in some light reading on Georgetown (the capital of Guyana) before I landed. The first paragraph of the Lonely Planet reads: "Georgetown is dangerous. Period. Street crime, often violent, is common. Never go anywhere alone..... Never go out after dark...". Marvellous. These things tend to be overblown, just to cover their own backs, but its a bit unfair of Lonely Planet to be so extreme. Georgetown is no Greendale, but neither it is any worse than any other city in this area. When I arrived it was too late at night, even for me, to take the public bus to town. I stuck closely to a rich-looking English bloke in the queue for a cab and shared a ride with him. He paid. Marvellous. Guyana was ... read more
Norwich or Winchester?
Turtle Mountain
Another wicket

South America » Guyana March 21st 2007

My trip to Guyana was an incredible experience that I will not soon forget. I experienced a way of life that before, I had only seen on the TV or in movies. It was like getting in a time machine on the 1st, setting it to the early 1900s, and then setting the return date as the 17th. I went back in time but everything in the present just kept on going. My physics professor described the feeling as surreal. That seems to sum it up pretty well. The first day back in class had me wanting to drop out and move to Guyana. The second day I was just considering dropping Differential Equations. Today I am just doing my best to catch up on the world that moved on without me. My schedule permitting, ... read more
Riding the 4 Runner
I Want it!
My Favorite Puppies - Rock View

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