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South America » Guyana » Georgetown November 22nd 2014

Our transfer to the airport is due in about three hours, then we start our long journey home, we will be back home about 19 hours after our pick up, with a 4 hour wait between flights in Trinidad. Think it will be a bit of a shock going from 30 degrees Celsius to whatever it is in the UK now. This hotel cara lodge is odd, the service can be described as slow at best, and so different from the lodges in the interior where the Amerindian people have been brilliant, here you ask for something and all you get back is a blank look and a long wait. That's the difference between the west Indian (African) attitude and the Amerindian way. I know where I prefer to be 😀... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown November 21st 2014

Well what a great trip, all the lodges in the interior were basic but we'll run, food was simple but we'll cooked and always plenty to eat. Wildlife was interesting, shame we didn't see any of their big cats, but the cayman we saw in the last location was really great, such a fantastic wildlife experience. So one night to go, no frogs or bats or other wildlife in our room, just a bed and a telly and air con, very strange, think I will miss the jungle noises tonight. ... read more

South America » Guyana » North Rupununi November 21st 2014

Last two nights we have been in karanambu where Diane mcturk lives she has been rehabilitating giant river otter for years, was a real privilege to meet her and see her with the current otter. Tonight we have been out on the river catching black cayman with the people here studying the population of cayman, it was amazing we got an 11 FOOT ONE FIRST it was one of the biggest they have caught here, but they dogrow up to 15 foot, the second one a mere 6 feet we got to hold. Wow what a night. ... read more

South America » Guyana » Annai November 17th 2014

Just photos will do update from cayman lodge later. ... read more

South America » Guyana » Iwokrama November 15th 2014

Good jungle walks today. Still one evening one to go Then no Internet for a while..?..... read more

South America » Guyana » Iwokrama November 14th 2014

Back to basic living again but the location is great it looks like it's been built in a small clearing in the forest surrounded by big trees and just 15 mins walk away there is a canopy walkway 100 feet above the forest, so we were up there with the parrots and the macaws. Most amazing thing is we have Internet, and a bathroom open to the stars. Today we have been on 2 walks before lunch seen spider monkeys and red howler monkeys. And more birds. ... read more

South America » Guyana November 13th 2014

Up and out at 6 am, for an early morning trip on the river. No relaxing here ☺. Saw some birds and some birds. Not really great but was a nice boat ride. Oops nearly forgot we went out last night on the boat, got some great frog pics and we saw a big cayman. No wonder they have a no swimming sign here. Back to today. After breakfast we set off for a walk up turtle mountain. It was about 1 hour 30 to get to the top, and we all got pretty sweaty, 35 degrees Celsius and near 100% humidity. We saw howler monkies on the way. Off to atta lodge lodge in the morning, just an hour or so down the road, they have a 30m high canopy walkway there so looking forward ... read more

South America » Guyana » Iwokrama November 12th 2014

Two nights in the surama eco lodge. Quite basic but clean, must be because the frogs and cockroaches liked our room as well. First night i squashed a few second night i didn't bother. Some good walks and visited a school. The transport was simple but effective, big old rusty Bedford Truck with seating in the back. Trip to iwokarama, we stopped to see a harpy eagle nest, it was 45 mins walk from the road, and after a while staring up this big tree the chick returned, woowzas as fadia said loads. We are now at iwokarama river lodge, this is luxury after the eco lodge. Just finished a birding walk. After dinner we are out on the river with our touches looking for beasties, seems there should are some big black cayman in here. ... read more

South America » Guyana » Kaiteur Falls November 9th 2014

Just an amazing day. Up there with some of the best we have had in our travels, and we have had a few amazing days. The plane took off from ogle airport and within 10 min we were flying over pristine rain forest. The flight to kaiteur was about an hour and fifteen mins. A little bumpy at times in clouds but some great views. When we reached the falls the pilot circled the falls and put the plane on its side so we all got a great view. As you can see in the picks we got some great views. We saw loads of birds and saw the golden kaiteur frog, he lives in a bromilliad plant. After the walk it was back to the airstrip and some lunch, then back on the plane for ... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown November 8th 2014

In the cara lodge hotel Georgetown, beautiful old building staff really nice. First impressions of George town on the drive through last night is, it's not really the sort of place that you would go out walking about at night. But the location of the hotel is good and we had a good night's sleep. Breakfast was good loads of fruit for my holiday monster. We have met some of the rest of the group one German man and an older English couple, seems okay. Doing a city tour today meet with guide at high noon. ... read more

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