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South America » Guyana November 17th 2017

18-11-17 Arriving in Georgetown originally known as Stabroek, we learnt Georgetown and Guyana were rich in timber, bauxite, gold and diamonds. The land was supported by vast sugar cane plantations and as a result, the Spanish, Dutch, French and English all fought to possess it. On our city tour of Georgetown we were surprised to see canals, three-lined avenues and quaint Dutch colonial and Victorian architecture, stemming from its days as Dutch and English colonies. We were staying in Cara Lodge which was originally built in the 1840s, one of the highlights of the day was feeding manates in a nearby park and visiting the Bourda Oval which is one of the oldest grounds in the Carribean and the only one in the world below sea level. Dinner was outdoors in the botanical gardens where we ... read more
Sunset Iwokrama River Lodge
The Red House Georgetown

South America » Guyana May 29th 2017

June 2011. It was time to wander. A month before, I had been reading about Columbia, thinking I wanted to go back to South America. Late one night, I was playing around with ideas in that part of the world. For some reason, I started reading about the capitol of Guyana, Georgetown. I thought for a minute. What did I know about this country? The answer was almost nothing. I did know a little. Most people have heard of the Jamestown cult murders in the 1970s. My father knows antique bottle dealers in a few places in the Caribbean, one guy he knows lives in Guyana. The bottles my father has bought from him come wrapped in the local Guyana newspaper, the headlines are not the greatest, painting a picture of a country that can be ... read more

South America » Guyana February 23rd 2017

It's time to celebrate Mashramani! First of all, soundtrack to this post can be found here. Open another tab and have a listen! Mashramani - 'the celebration after hard work' - quite literally the 'work hard - play hard' festival. It is Guyana's Republic day, and much like other countries in central and South America, it is celebrated with parades, floats, dancing, costume and calypso competitions which end with the crowning of a king or queen for a year. And so I've been listening to Guyanese music, which has been really cool. My favourite is the like above - which just sings about the beauty of Guyana... and makes me really want to visit. Guyana you have been added to the list - there isn't a top of the list, but if there were, you'd ... read more

South America » Guyana August 6th 2015

Geo: 4.86042, -58.9302I dag har vi opplevd en av verdens vakreste fossefall - nå har vi alle verdens 5 mest berømte fosser på CV'n - denne er verdens høyeste frittfallende foss med sine 270 meter rett ned Et fantastisk flott skue. Enjoy the pictures !... read more
H og foss

South America » Guyana » Georgetown August 4th 2015

Geo: 6.80461, -58.1548Etter å ha forlatt vårt lille paradis i Tobago og en cirka 3 timers reise ankom vi Guyana, kom til hotellet før midnatt. Man blir alltid litt sliten etter å forflytte seg - så det var rett i seng. Litt spesielt og spennende å sovne på et sted man bare har sett i mørket. Hva våkner man til neste morgen ? Vi skulle bli hentet av agent kl 0830 for omvisning i denne lille rare byen vi har havnet i. Georgetown. Ting ser alltid litt mer hyggelig ut i dagslys. Det gjelder også her. Etter frokost hadde vi guidet tur med museumsbesøk og en tur i byens zoo. Lunsj på en av byens bedre restaurant og kl 1230 ble vi plukket opp igjen for å besøke en av verdens beste rom-produsent. El dorado. Smaksprøver ... read more
På rom destilleriet
Studerer hvordan edle dråper lages
Tid for smak !

South America » Guyana » Georgetown July 22nd 2015

Guyana Chuyen di Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Grenada, St Vincent va St Lucia. Toi du dinh di den vung Guyana tu lau vi day la vung dat con lai o South America ma toi chua dat chan den. Khong co chuyen bay di tu My den vung nay co le vi it nguoi di nen toi phai di tu My den Trinidad roi tu day di den Guyana. Di den day rat kho va dac. Trong sach ho chi de di den day phai di tu Brazil roi tu Brazil di den day. Toi tim ra duong di re hon duong di do la di tu Trinidad. Di den day dac ma vung nay cung dac do khong kem. Ve may bay di tu Trinidad den Guyana bang tien may bay bay tu My den ... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown November 22nd 2014

Our transfer to the airport is due in about three hours, then we start our long journey home, we will be back home about 19 hours after our pick up, with a 4 hour wait between flights in Trinidad. Think it will be a bit of a shock going from 30 degrees Celsius to whatever it is in the UK now. This hotel cara lodge is odd, the service can be described as slow at best, and so different from the lodges in the interior where the Amerindian people have been brilliant, here you ask for something and all you get back is a blank look and a long wait. That's the difference between the west Indian (African) attitude and the Amerindian way. I know where I prefer to be 😀... read more

South America » Guyana » Georgetown November 21st 2014

Well what a great trip, all the lodges in the interior were basic but we'll run, food was simple but we'll cooked and always plenty to eat. Wildlife was interesting, shame we didn't see any of their big cats, but the cayman we saw in the last location was really great, such a fantastic wildlife experience. So one night to go, no frogs or bats or other wildlife in our room, just a bed and a telly and air con, very strange, think I will miss the jungle noises tonight. ... read more

South America » Guyana » North Rupununi November 21st 2014

Last two nights we have been in karanambu where Diane mcturk lives she has been rehabilitating giant river otter for years, was a real privilege to meet her and see her with the current otter. Tonight we have been out on the river catching black cayman with the people here studying the population of cayman, it was amazing we got an 11 FOOT ONE FIRST it was one of the biggest they have caught here, but they dogrow up to 15 foot, the second one a mere 6 feet we got to hold. Wow what a night. ... read more

South America » Guyana » Annai November 17th 2014

Just photos will do update from cayman lodge later. ... read more

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