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Happy Birthday Greetings to: Opa - 93 years (August 23) Pops - 59 years (August 29) Panic - 1 year (August 29) The Parika Ferry Stelling was crowded with people and vehicles and fruits. Built with massive greenheart (one of the most durable hardwoods and a native of Guyana's forests) piles, logs and slabs, the dock was the major 'terminal' for transport up or down the Essequibo River. Big motor ferries, like the MV Barima, transported vehicles, produce and people to destinations accessible only by boat. The more adventurous or those with a need for speed, could always ride the waves in any of the many speedboats. Parika itself, which lies some 50 km from Georgetown, is a thriving little village on the east bank of the Essequibo River. Most of the banks and a ... read more
Happy bday Opa!!!!
Happy bday POPS!!!
Happy bday Panic!!!

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