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March 14th 2007
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Every morning in Guyana seems to be basically the same. Get up early, eat breakfast, and head to the clinic. We saw around 30 patients today with nothing too exciting happening. There were busy times, when David brought in patients from distant villages, and slow times when he was out picking up more patients. During one of the breaks Dad and I roamed around town for a bit looking at a store and searching for a telephone. Along the way I made a friend and he followed us back to the hospital. I saw him roaming the halls so I had to send him back outside. I got back to work and Dad started the long walk to Rock View to pick up our lunches.

While Dad and I were eating lunch the team who was in the Pakaraimas, Dr. Becky, Nicole, and Paul, showed up out of the blue. They helped us redo some things that were done incorrectly with our specimens and then they headed for Georgetown because Becky had a meeting to get to. For the most part, the rest of my day was spent stapling more results. Bill and Christine wanted to make some phone calls while we were in town so David drove Dad and I back to the lodge. We hung around the room for a little while trying to cool off and then went to the bar to look for the doctors. We found them already drinking without us. I grabbed the cards and taught them how to play BS. That seems to be a good game for intoxicated minds.

At dinner we met 2 German guys who had just checked in. They were in Guyana because they have been to all the South American countries except for the Guyanas. As we talked at dinner they proved to be quite the world travelers including the US, most Africa, Italy, and basically every country we could name. After dinner we played more BS and Dad tried to help out a group of frogs by placing his flashlight on the ground to attract the bugs for dinner. There were about 6 frogs around, which we all found pretty amusing. We had a lot of good laughs and went to bed a little earlier since we were all tired.

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