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July 16th 2008
Published: July 16th 2008
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Today, typical of my character, I am frustrated. Part of it is culture shock, part is my company, part is my indefinite plans, and then just a little bit of everything else thrown in. So, some things that I had found interesting and may miss later, but for now they are just irritating:

Thanks CSI who preparing me for the culture shock. I should have listened. At least I am aware of it!

On the other hand, I was told by Eduardo and David (2 friends of Fito, who is Veronica´s boyfriend here) that my Spanish is very very good. That made me feel good. I can get my point across to people who have no idea of English, even when I need to use some Spanglish.

My pictures that I printed came out really nice. I was planning on using them for postcards but now I am thinking I will just face reality and say I am probably just going to hand people the postcards when I get home. Sorrry. It makes me happy that I have lots of e-mails from people (mommy, daddy and sister) and I need to write back to everyone. There is sooo much to explain for each day.

We are going to Baños this weekend, the one in Ambato. We have 2 or 3 Ecuadorians coming with us so we won´t be totally clueless, but it´s dudes and I will be all lonely because I am the only one without someone besides Liz who has no problem finding new people. Maybe that will be best though, so long as Baños is actually small. I just want to go horseback riding and see the volcanoes and waterfalls. We are leaving our morning class early (around 10) and skipping the second one (with permission), taking the bus 7 hours up the mountain, and hopefully arriving by 7. We stay at 2 different hotels (I don´t want to put which ones online until we have gotten back, for safety, y´know). Mom, they are safe, I won´t get killed. We have all of Saturday and then are leaving on Sunday by 2 so we can get back to Guayaquil before dark. I am really nervous about taking a bus all the way.

So I just typed a short novel and I am stopping now. Comment for me!!


19th July 2008

Haha your going to Banos this weekend? Does this mean you are going to the bathrooms? Sounds like fun. I kid.

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