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June 19th 2008
Published: June 25th 2008
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Well I´m back in mi linda Cuenca after almost a year. I was woken this morning (rather annoyingly) by peals of bells at quarter to seven - I would be greatly indebted to any Catholics out there who could inform me just what is so special about 6.45am on a Thursday morning...and 7.05.....and fact the bells continued at frequent intervals until eight so I just gave up on trying to readjust my body clock after two days of straight travelling (I officially hate airports after having had an eleven hour delay in Madrid) and decided to have breakfast. Now who can find fault with a giant bowl of fruit salad, yoghurt and museli in the morning for less than $3?! Well, in tue English style I can and I will say that the tea here is as bad as I remembered - thank goodness I brough my own supply of teabags for two months.

I had a very lazy day just wandering around the city - it honestly seems like nothing has changed after a year but feels so strange to be back. I was treated to gorgeous sunny weather very unlike the terrential downpours that marked the majority of my last visit. So good weather is something to add to my list of things I love about Ecuador. The list of things that I have missed this year (and in my opinion should be transported to England too) are as follows:¨

• buses that have wolf whistles as horns
• Ecuadorian car alarms (it truly has to be heard to be believed)
• bottles of rum that cost $3
• pretty much all Ecuadorian food with the exception of anything that includes liver or bull´s testicles
• taxis that will take you halfway across the city for $1
• no judgement if you decide to have a drink at 10 in the morning (in fact it´s weird if you don´t often!)
• parks on literally every corner of the city
• ice cream parlours on every other corner
• the fact that anything no matter how crazy or random will be treated as totally normal and only greeted with a shrug and smiling Es Ecuador!!!

And that pretty much sums up everything about this country, totally random, crazy and beautiful where anything goes because Es Ecuador!!

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Pilsener advert: Old and newPilsener advert: Old and new
Pilsener advert: Old and new

Slight difference in the advertising techniques in 1936 and 2008!!!

25th June 2008

And she's off again......!!!
Well glad to see you survived the messy transfer flight and are enjoying yourself. It's nice to see this blog updated after so long. Have fun revisiting your babies!!

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