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March 24th 2006
Published: March 25th 2006
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Just a quickie, and don't we love 'em?..things moving fast and a 6am flight mañana to Galapagos...too good to pass up and I'll be away for 8 days...or longer if the boat sinks, hurricanes, passionate affairs, pissed and fall over or all of the above.....
and Peru was saved at the last, on the last night in Mancora I met a couple of people who could count past 10 without taking off their sandals...
Kia at the Fluid Bar was hospitable, friendly, put in extra chile and gave me hope that Peru has promise!.....
And Mancora was a pretty nice place to hang out.
Then off to Ecuador, last run thru' the cop gauntlet, successful!, then the usual confused, confusing, sign-less battery of officials, customs, immigrasi etc...then good roads, friendly people, a noticeable improvement on the national IQ rating, lots of trucks and buses, road to Quito closed due to demos, hung out in Guyaquil on the alternate route, a shitty dump, on to the hills, unbelievable rain...sheltered in Santo Domingo, watched 45 movies on cable in a shitty hostal room, next morning early, before the rain, up into the singing mountains, back to 3,000 odd metres, fog and mist, millions of trucks, have to pass some on the inside, lovely road in other circs but shlippery as all get down, the bent bar holding up and the brakes OK.
So, down into Quito, monstrous maze, millions of cops ready for the anti TLC riots, (thats the free trade agreement , not tender loving care!), found the BMW dealer but they can't do much for either of us!!, find a nice cheap hotel, have a shower and feel a huge rumbling, windows shaking, faarrkk, then this huge jumbo jet floats past the window, crikey, about twenty feet from me, I could almost touch it!...now I know why the place is so cheap...however, I live on a railway line, well, just beside it, and you get used to this sort of thing...and I think the flights stopped about 2am, or at least the bottle of Havana Club soothed them out...
Anyway, it makes it easier getting to the hairport at 6am mañana for the Galapagos....more next week when I might be back...and with pix I hope!


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