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October 1st 2009
Published: October 1st 2009
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So The week that mum left was emotional for me..I felt like I was going to be left and so the homesickness and the hating of the hospital grew! There wasn’t much remarkable about Monday but Tuesday was our trip to the hot Springs...
I was apprehensive because I thought it was going to involve a hard hike at altitude a bit like Chimborazo. I was worried mum wouldn’t make it but actually it turned out to be lovely. It was about 2 and a half hours from Quito. Lovely drive in yet another landscape. Green but not forest.
Mountains everywhere you looked, When we reached the mountain where the Spring was it made us both was a kind of moorland, which felt very familiar, with soft air. Then there was flowers for mum to look at, and mountains and crevasses for me to look at. Very beautiful. When the truck stopped we started the walk which was probably about 40 minutes..lots of stops needed but again lovely landscape to walk through..moist greness with thickets of paper trees..the bark peels off like silky tissue paper,
As one nears the Spring one can see the steam rising , but it doesn’t prepare you fro the magical sight that awaits on arrival. Its really like a Disney set. Bright orange in the green surroundings because of the iron breing washed out of the rock, A little Spring coming out of the rock and forming a mini waterfall into the shallow pool below and then another waterfall fromt he edge of the pool and a continuing boulder orange stream with steam rising from it. The water itself wasn’t hot. Lots warmer than a swimming pool but colder then I like my bath..but the surroundings were so perfect. We spent about an hour and a half in the water..trying to givbve ourselves therapy with the iron in the water! If you rub some of the rocks the iron comes off in a paste which you can rub yourself with! Its was wonderful. Getting out was not so wonderful....freezing cold. I was very glad I had brought my extra jumper. And I don’t know why but both of us felt cold and really tired and shaky as if we had been for a long swim...
We ended up having a meal and gojing to bed early!

Wednesdayy was mums last day...We met in the afternoon. She had booked a massage and a facial and I just had a facial. Even though I have never had one before I could tell it was distinctly substandard...A cursory cleansing and a not very nice mask and very little attention besides that! Never mind....Then we went to our favourite Mexican for our good bye meal....I was very sad...
Spent the night at mums hostel watched ice age which was a huge disappointment.

Thursady was a sorting packing shopping day and then we went to a very expensive touristy restaurant reviewed well by the lonely planet guide for goodbye lunch. The juice was delicious the food was awful. nNeither of us finished but I unfortunately did eat my burger.
·That afternoon between feeling sad I was aware of some indigestion...thought nothing of it but Thursday night brough full blown food poisoning with all the joy that holds.
Friday I could hardly get out of bed, had to staggfer to the pharmacy tfor something...almost didn’t make it..i felt SO homesick..mum had just left and THEN I got ill? But I was determined to make the Cotopaxi trip I had booked for the weekend....


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