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November 17th 2007
Published: November 17th 2007
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Clouds in the ForestClouds in the ForestClouds in the Forest

Isn't it magic?
Here in Mindo Cloud forest stands for Forest with clouds. And if you have clouds you can have rain,too. And so, when the weather is foggy or rainy…it isn’t bad. We want to emphatize it in order to avoid that you could be frustrated once you find out it. We would be frustrated too.
One thing for certain: it’s never cold and so the rain and the fog are not the same that you could meet in Milan (the birthplace of the writer) on November. In another point of the site we give You some explanations and links to encourage Your scientifical knowledge of the Cloud forest.

Once You have accepted the above the Forest won’t disappoint You, night and day.
During the day for what you’ll meet walking along the trails, bathing at the Rio Pachijal(that’s the reason of our name), resting in the resting points along the trails and around the hotel.
And the night? The night is…pura y pululante… (pure and swarming) as Pablo Neruda says; he has never been where we are but, for sure, he has been in a very similar place.

On the site we expose some pictures and more we are going
A living treeA living treeA living tree

That's biodiversity!
to expose in the future, perhaps with Your help. The photos have been taken in the very place, to try to transmit You something of this piece of Nature that , if You’ll approach without prejudices and some cognition (Cloudforest, remember…), will not betray You. It has always been there and it will always be, because this is our commitment.

The whole we have built (the rooms, the restaurant, the bathrooms and so on) is in Its honour, because It’s there, without It the rest looses importance.

In other words, the product we have to offer You is the Cloudforest, the services have been implemented to make You more comfortable while enjoying It.

Even if in Its rich biodiversity our Cloudforest lacks one species…the mosquitos. For the lovers of this nice and small animal it will really be very disappointing!

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