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May 8th 2012
Published: May 18th 2012
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Day 3- Well, darn.The good news is the scopolamine patch stopped the nausea. The bad news is I can officially add it to the list of medications I react REALLY badly to. Used it instead of the usual gravol because it's meant to stay on for three days, so don't have to remember about pill taking. Woke up groggy, dizzy, disorientated, with somewhat blurry vision, no appetite whatsoever. Made it out of the top bunk into the bathroom, and promptly had to lie down again. Didn't make it to breakfast, so Kevin came to check up on me, and got me to eat a piece of toast and some herbal tea. At first chalked it up to the sunburn and seasickness, but that didn't seem right, so I looked at the info sheet for my sea sickness patch. Yup, all symptoms listed as side effects, including dilated pupils, which I apparently had too. Removed the patch promptly, and fell back into bed. The morning walk reportedly wasn't superbly exciting, so didn't miss too much. Slept all morning, rallied and ate a bit of lunch. There was pasta with pesto, I'd had to at least have some! Tried to go out on the afternoon walk, but felt dizzy again and had to go back to the boat. Still, what I saw was pretty cool. Sulivan bay in bartolome island. Was a several kilometre stretch of beach with rumoured buried pirate treasure, up to 102 years ago. Now it's a massive lava field, a mixture of ropey lava, or pahoehoe (rope in haiwaiian) and jagged ah ah lava (haiwaiian for hurting). Just beginning to oxidize the iron compounds on exposure to air, it is black, with scattered bits of red and brown. In the distance looms red, stony, treeless hills formed from previous eruptions. Felt like we were on mars or some other foreign planet, with red mountains and barren rock g out for kilometres. A bit of life, though... Some hideously scraggly grey plants beginning to take hold, and almost stepped on a lava lizard on the way back to the boat. He raised his head and tried to look menacing. Didn't work very well. Also a brown pelican fishing on the tiny scrap of beach still remaining. Slept until dinner, and am feeling mostly better now. Vision still blurry. Tried to read and had to take my glasses off to do so. Very weird. Luckily it was the least eventful day of the tour, pretty well. Only missed a bit of snorkeling, and one sea turtle.
Tomorrow ought to be better, though


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