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April 10th 2012
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So it finally worked out and I left for the Galapagos the Friday before spring break! During the plane ride I was so excited to see the Islands I have heard so much about. I got there around noon to the smallest airport I have ever seen on a very small Island- the runway takes up most of the length of the Island. Then my guide, Walter picked me up and we took a boat the Island I would be staying on. The water in the Galapagos is absolutely beautiful with dark turquoise tones. We then rode about 30 minutes to the town where I would be staying. I did not realize how big some of the Islands are in the Galapagos and how there are mountians and grasslands in the interior. After checking into the hotel I went to lunch and right across was the harbour where the fisherman brought in their catches. The sea liones. pelicanes, and other birds were all around waiting for the fisherman to through them something. You could so close the animals it was so weird. If you check out of pictures I have a lot from there. Afterwards we went to the Charles Darwin Reasearch facility and got to see giant turtles. The turtles are huge! This is also where Lonely George lives. Apprantely he is very mean to the females he lives with and does not let them near his house- maybe there is a reason he is the last one in his species. At the facility there were also Iguanas in bright colors and a beach filled with the Iguanas that swim. The next day I went to a beach called toruga bay on the Island. It was 1 mile hike so along the way I got to see a lot of the finches that Darwin studied. The beach was gorogeous and hidden away. That afternoon I was so tired that I caught up on my sleep and did some shopping. The next day was probably my favorite on Isabella Island. It took about 2 hours to get to the Island by boat and was well worth it. When we got there we went to a lake to see Flamingos which were beautiful, and then made out way to a turtle center where they raise turles until they are ready to be in the wild. The place was intersting and we saw turtles mating where they make this horrible sound. Then we went to the beach which was again gorgeous, no picture can do justice. Then we headed out the barrier Islands were we walked on lava rock and then snorkled and along the way saw blue footed boobies, sea turtles, and penguins! Snorkeling came next where we saw beatiful fish and the sea lions swam right with us. The next day I stayed on Santa Cruz again and we hiked to a pound which was gorgeous. We also went snorkeling again and it was better than the day before with a lot more fish. We saw plenty more of boobies and sea lions too! That afternoon we went to the highlands and walked throught lava tunnels, saw a giant turtle in the wild, and saw beautiful views. The final day we went to the Island of Floreana. The first settlers lived on the Island and their are a lot of good stories about their lives. We saw the first housed they had carved out of a stone. We also went snorkeling again and saw a penguin and even more beautiful fish.. The last day it rained nearly all day which was a little bothersome. On Wednesday I did not want to leave. The Galapagos are so beautiful and relaxing. I am so grateful that I got to go and see the Islands. The Galapagos are really what they cracked up to be and if ever have the chance go!


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