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October 23rd 2009
Published: October 23rd 2009
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Today we visited Santa Fe Island.

Left the hotel at 7:45 for the walk to the pier. Small boat (called panga) from the pier to the Sea Finch Yacht. Very nice yacht, 2 levels. The main level has cushioned seats and tables. The top is open to the air in the back and covered in the front and also has cushioned seats. On the bow of the yacht is a nice long cushioned bench and some chaise lounge like seats. Criuse to the island took about 1 and 3/4 hour. Sea was a bit choppy going out, but not terrible. Slightly annoyingly, we had to take our shoes off on the yacht, and I hadn't thought to bring flip flops. We had was is known as a "wet landing" meaning that we got off the yacht into another small dinghy and motored up near the beach and had to get out into the water. It was only about knee deep, and warm, so no harm done. The beach was inhabited by sea lions and they just let us wander around them and take pictures. We also saw a couple of Galapagos hawks and some mockingbirds on the beach. After looking around there for a while, we took a hike to another beach full of sea lions and pelicans. We saw a newborn baby sealion! And I have got to tell you, there is nothing like standing on a beach full of sea lions and having a frigate bird fly 10 feet over your head! It was quite interesting. We also saw a couple of adult pelicans feeding their young (but they didn't look all that young, got to tell you), and watched a young one trying to swallow a fish that was too big for its throat. Poor thing never did manage to get its lunch.

After that we hiked along a rocky path and saw some land iguanas. They just ignored us. Hiked back to the beach and back on to the dinghy to return to the yacht. On the way back we saw some blue footed boobies and marina iguanas. Back on the yacht, we had some snacks and juice at that point and then those who wanted to went snorkeling or swimming. I wasn't feeling 100 percent, so I just stayed on the boat with the non-snorkelers. Once everyone was back on the yacht, we had lunch (a very nice mini-buffet) then headed back to near our hotel. The ride back was calmer, so I actually sat outside and enjoyed the sun.

I know you've heard of swimming with the dolphins, but I got to swim with the ducks in the pool today. The ducks and a blue heron that hangs out here seem to think that the pool is theirs and they are just letting the people borrow it.

I didn't feel too bad on the boat today, but right now it feels like the room is rocking. Sleeping might be difficult tonight.

Well, it's time for dinner, so more tomorrow.


23rd October 2009

How fun to be so near the sea lions and to see a baby one! How big were the iguanas that you saw?
23rd October 2009

...but what about the tortoises?
23rd October 2009

Read day one, Ron, that's where the tortoises were.
23rd October 2009

The big ones we saw were a good three feet long. There were also a bunch of smaller ones, and we saw a whole family of black iguanas on the walk back to the hotel.
26th October 2009

I'm disappointed you didn't snorkel.

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